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  1.  Nonexistent 3D, otherwise OK-ish movie


    We were totally surprised how bad the 3D was. We actually checked from the disc menu that the 3D version was chosen, because we were so uncertain... Eventually we let the bluray player convert the film to 3D! Not the worst 3D ever, because it wasn't 3D at all! Otherwise the movie was a typical offbeat Asian action film with lots of everything ;)

  2.  Absolutely brilliant 3D


    I got this boxset yesterday and I'm able to rate it even with cursory checking . It was that great !!! In my opinion the best 3D was in "Tahiti", with some superfine 3D graphics and superb scenery.Additionally, you actually can LEARN about the dynamics of waves . The othjer two were excellent also,like the opening sequence of "Grand Canyon" with it's title graphics. Naturallly it doesn't end there, but you get the usual IMAX -style flyovers that are like being there ...
    "Legends of flight" was of the same good quality with "in your face" - 3D visuals. If you want to show off your 3D equipment, you cannot go wrong with this boxset!

  3.  Supercoool shirt!


    The shirt looks and feels better "live" than in the Play's photos. It's made of sturdy material, so it's a good buy. Please note that it's a bit smaller than usual, like a "slim fit" shirt tends to be.

  4.  Best movie ever and super-funny!


    In my book Fargo is THE BEST movie ever made, because it is such a enjoyment from start to finish with dazzling dialogue and colourful characters. Not a dull moment in the film and I can't understand anyone who doesn't like it... There are other excellent films in the world, but Fargo is the one I can watch over and over again and still get a total kick out of it every time. The soundtrack with the somber violin-based theme is also spot-on.

  5.  A technical review


    The film itself is what you'd expect from most current horror films; quick and nasty deaths and the obligatory sex scene... It is entertaining to a certain degree;actually pretty OK as long as you accept it as entertainment and not as an art film! Well what about the technical-side of the movie; the sound rumbles nicely in uncompressed HD sound and the 3D works very well with only minimal "ghosting" in a couple of scenes. What was amazing was the incredibly normal-looking color-palette, because most often that is one of the problems of home cinema 3D. Usually you almost get sick by watching 3D movies due to the crazy colors.
    We own most of the available 3D BD's available in region B, and I have to say this is technically the best one!

  6.  Excellent transfer


    Initially I was a bit sceptical about the colorised version, but it was surprisingly natural in it's colour palette. The picture did have astonishing sharpness considering it's age; you could see the tiniest details of clothing. The info for sound options was interesting; Dolby Digital mono 2.0!!! The sound was clear anyway...

  7.  The Who at 70% rated thrust


    Technically this disc is good,but especially during the first few tracks the band doesn't sound to be in a good groove,as testified in the enclosed booklet. It is always a pleasure to see Keiths crazy grimaces and overall it's worth to buy,just don't expect anything like "Live at Leeds"!

  8.  Fantastic,mindblowing,excellent!


    Absolutely superb footage of our Earth and "how it works". It really clarifies how eg. volcanoes affect the weather and the CGI graphics look really good. BBC did it again :) Just buy it, if you're into quality documentaries. I guarantee you won't regret it one bit!
    The picture quality is 1080 almost all the time,with a few short exceptions.

  9.  Must for chopper-fans


    It has great handling once you get used to it. The graphics are not up to current standards,but the choice of different views and camera angles is excellent. I would've given it 4 stars if the visual side had been better...

  10.  Absolutely top-notch


    The technical quality is flawless and Baraka in itself is a feast for eyes. It also gives food for thought on a global scale; you realize that there are other cultures with extra-ordinary achievements. The "Making of" is an entertaining extra also!