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Top 100 Books Reviewer
99 (72% helpful)

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  1.  Elizabethan Swashbuckling At It€s Best


    A triumphant debut novel for Dan Abnett outside his regular Games Workshop and Comic surroundings, for those who know Dan he writes with wit and a laugh but can also make you think and care in the same sentence, a rare commodity in writing, he also writes the best darn action sequences out there, so if you like comedy at its wittiest with some A+ fight sequences thrown in then this is a must buy.

  2.  Dresden returns, but not as we may think


    A Dresden novel is always something to rejoice for, but in the last novel disaster struck Harry and we thought he may not be back at all, never fear though as he returns, but not as we may have imagined, Harry has to take a back seat initially until he can get to grips with his new situation and discover who is after him and his city, a solid novel which develops the character of Dresden and makes him take a new perspective on his previous actions, an old adversary returns and Dresdens band of friends and acquaintances need to pick up where Harry left off.

  3.  Little Snippets Of Dresden


    Some excellent short stories from the city of Chicago, Harry Dresden stars and supports with some of these stories coming from other favourite characters in the series, some fine battle scenes and character pieces which expand the series which is in my mind the finest Urban Fantasy written or being written, the last of these stories follows on from Changes and is a must read for any true Dresden fan even though he is not in it.

  4.  A Merry Dance, But Not A Storm


    By the standards of almost all other fantasy writers this novel would be a triumph as it borders in a five star, but George Martin has set the bar high with this series, and this novel falls into the weaker half of the series with A Feast For Crows, Martin sets off slowly bringing us back to some of our favourite characters which we havent seen in too long a time (Jon Snow, Daenerys and Tyrion) as well as some other familiar faces from previous novels, until their is a reveal about a third of the way into the novel in regards to a new challenger for the throne not a lot happens, the pace starts to rise as we combine timelines with those characters from Crows and much more happens in the final 3rd than the other 600/700 pages combined, the novel however finishes on many a cliffhanger and the next novel in the series probably has the best setup of any of them so far so expect greatness in the hopefully not too distant future.

  5.  Downtime For The Ghosts, Or So They Thought


    The ghosts are waiting for their next deployment, trouble wont wait for them though, a prisoner has grasped there notice and also the notice of the people he has betrayed who are coming for him, Gaunt and his ghosts must stop them from retrieving them at all costs, the crusade may depend on it, plenty of action and character pieces to keep everyone ticking along, not the best of the series but a good breather before the next story arc happens, also with a real heart wrencher at the end, a favourite character is due to pass on soon.

  6.  Musings Of A Bygone Age


    Stevens is the butler of Darlington Hall, the residence of Mr Farraday and previously Lord Darlington, one day he decides to take a journey to meet with a former member of staff who may be able to assist him in returning the house to its former splendour, on route he tells us of his history and that of the house and lord he served and we come to see what this house and times has made of him and which qualities he know has and has developed, the story shows us his many attributes as well as the abilities he lacks and tells us what a man must do to become the servant he wishes, and whether he should have done this at all, poignant.

  7.  Excellent And Atmospheric Police Drama


    A brilliant police drama series, this follows the life of Kurt Wallander (brilliantly cast with Kenneth Branagh) and his cases and their personal implications on his life, each of these episodes are 5 star with some excellent twists near the end which make the stories more personal to Wallander himself, a must watch.

  8.  Mesmerising, Historical Battle Lovers Handbook


    An exceptional collection detailing all of mans conflicts and all of the large scale battles as well as some of the small battles which have taken place throughout time, if you are a battle enthusiast and are looking for a guidebook to end all others then this is the one for you, this gives you details of the actual battles, troop numbers, the why and wherefores of the battles and campaigns and lots of details on how throughout time in different areas of the world how war changed.

  9.  Original Look At The Little Continents


    An excellent read for all cartography fans, this takes you through most of the smallest and remote islands in the world and gives you a story about them individually alongside the facts, lovely presentation and well rendered maps make this a good read, only thing is that at 25.00 pounds its a little expensive, 10-15 pounds and this is a winner.

  10.  Not As Good As Phoenix Nights, But Close


    An excellent programme to watch if you are a fan of Peter Kays laid back style of comedy, this programme takes you on from Phoenix Nights (which I would watch before watching this) with the two doormen with a simple outlook on life, the fitness dvd (power of two) is also a laugh a plenty film which surprisingly really works, excellent fun.