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  1.  not too shabby


    If you like the films then this game isn't too bad at all. The gameplay is pretty easy to get to grips with, AI is ok and the graphics are pretty good. The single player campaigns are a little short for my liking but they are fun, with the predator being the best. The alien is entertaining in terms of stalking the marines etc and the marine gameplay itself I would compare to something like Doom 3 for its atmosphere in the early levels.
    Multiplayer.....does anyone else have continuous problems with finding a game?!? My connection is great at home but the search seems to takes ages, with 10 out of 11 players found...then reverting back to 'searching for games'. Once you get playing, the player matches, not got a problem with. However... the ranked matches, now there's a giant pain in the backside!! When I eventually get to play a match, its all going well until the host either gives up or totally wusses out because they're loosing and this is inconceivably irritating!!! If people are going to do this then for god sake please don't but this game because you are thoroughly annoying! This is the main reason why I've given this game a 3, which is a shame as once the host leaves you loose any points you have clocked up. Just a word of warning. Not a bad game all in all.

  2.  free as a ....mad biological messed up god.


    First off, buy it.
    This has got to be, in my opinion, the best game of 2009 SO FAR. The freedom you have to explore the city is vast and will keep you running over buildings, cars, tanks, infected hives and army bases for hours.
    The ingame missions are very impressive with numerous side missions, including gliding challenges, your classic mayhem kill activities, hitman style huntings, beacon collecting and lots more.
    The game controls take a while to click with, with you left bumper selecting the different upgrades plus when you do, you enter a 'bullet time' stlye slow down for a few seconds to help choosing. This also happens to target an enemy allowing you to plan your moves and the combos are great (each one being an upgrade that you can buy with points earned in the game).
    The combat controls will be spot on for those button bashers as well as planners, using mainly the X, Y, B buttons in combinations.

    When you play the game you'll def notice the (very similar) links to other games like spidermen, hulk, assassins creed, GTA, but thats not a bad thing and you'll see why.

    The graphics took a while to grow on me, the civilians look a little false like but when you're in the heat of combat/running round you realy wont notice it. Plus when you jump into an infected street, shattering the concrete all around the character it looks pretty sweet with the sonic blast effect (not to mention the MASSIVE attack moves which take out every vehicle and person you can see)

    I think the only drawback in the entire game so far is the cut scenes before the mission etc, some are a tad wooden but hey, who cares about the cut scenes right!

    So, to sum it up.
    gameplay ...5/5
    graphics...5/5 once you get used to them.
    freedom...6/5 (no, Im not numerically dyslexic, I did put 6)
    OVERALL...5 star game, its awesome.
    plus, plenty of achievments if you're bothered about that sort of thing.

    You won't regret buying this game. Have fun all!

  3.  one of the best albums ive ever bought


    its very rare that i can say i like every song on an album, ill say that much! In the past ive listened to a few of kid rock's songs ie cowboy, wasting time but never actually bought one of his albums... kinda regrettin that now.
    Rock's lyrics are just awesomely funny with great music to top it off. Theres a total mix of genres, "rock n roll jesus" is a classic song for the start of an album and "All summer long" you've just gotta hear.
    Country, Rock, Chilled all skinned into one. ;)


  4.  huuum


    The tshirt in general is made from a cheap material. Be warned, the logo in the picture is of a descent size, not too big, however, the actually tshirt logo is pretty dam big. Still quite a funky design though.

  5.  Great T


    Dam nice tshirt this. Fruit of the loom tshirt with good quality print on it. If your a fan of QOTSA or even if your not its a good buy. Enough said

  6.  read the reviews below


    Note what all the others are saying and dont buy this.
    The acting is appauling, sorry to sound harsh but it is. The ending is so fast and pathetic it made me wonder what the director was playing at and I swear there was a major problem in the film that the characters had to deal with which just fizzled out and got forgotten about.....or maybe i just fell asleep from the bordom!
    For god sake dont waste ya hard earned cash! You've been warned!