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  1.  Jack is most certainly back!


    Finally Pirates has sailed back in the right direction! Ignore the 2nd and 3rd film (.....especially the 3rd). This film has brought it right back to how Pirates started and how it should have stayed!

  2.  Great T shirt, great price!


    This is a fantastic T shirt, the eyes on the print really show up. It's an offical T shirt, with a proper print on the front, not like one of those iron-on looking ones! I'm now considering buying another, especially for that price!

    Just so everyone knows about the sizes as it was complete luck I managed to choose the right size!!....

    I'm generally a size 12, and don't like anything really tight fitting, I went for the large as I heard these T shirts run in slightly smaller sizes, so I'd say if you usually go for a medium (like I usually do) go for a large in this T shirt! The large fits me perfectly. Not sure how different the medium would be, but I definitely wouldn't risk trying a smaller size!

    Small: Probably for a size 10 or under!

    Medium: Probably a size 10 - and may be quite tight fitted on a size 12

    Large: Size 12 - would be suitable but quite tight fitted on a size 14, but not suitable for any sizes above 14

    Anyway, hope this helps!

  3.  Dissapointing especially compared to the previous 2!!


    1st film - absolutely brilliant, light hearted, fun, great story
    2nd film - great, bit more action, fun, not as good as the 1st though

    3rd film - I feel like I went in the cinema having too much of a high expectation of this film, having seen the 1st 2 and loving them! The mood of the third of the trilogy completely changed from the start with people (even kids) being killed! I knew from that moment the film wasn't going to be as fun and light hearted as the others!

    It appears obvious that the director and writers of this movie were very rushed and seemed to quickly slap random story lines together hoping they will all fit together at the end and make sense.... but sadly they didn't. A lot parts didn't seem to make sense or carry on from the previous films.

    There seemed to be more talking between the characters about what they were going to do, than going out and doing it! Which became quite boring in parts. The story (in my opinion) seemed to focus towards all of the pirate lords joining forces together to fight an epic battle at the end (which would have been amazing if they had stuck with it!). But instead it was steered in many different directions along the way, the main one being the relationship between Davy Jones and Calypso.

    The points that mainly dissapointed me with the movie (without trying to give too much away!) was the ending that Will and Elizabeth had, Calypso randomly dissapears after turning evil!... there was way too much talking and different stories going on, and not enough action, the pirate lords being called to fight for no reason, it was a lot more serious, not as light hearted/fun, and nearly everyone dies!!!

    But once again through all of this, Johnny Depp still gives a flawless performance and, in my opinion, manages to carry the film through single handedly! The only negative I can say about him is that he should have been in the film more!!

    I am going to buy this DVD anyway as I would still like to have the complete trilogy. I just wish they would either go back and remake the 3rd movie, or make a 4th and correct all the mistakes from the 3rd!!