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  1.  Stunning albums.


    I thought Tobias Sammet (Edguy) would never do better than the previous Scarecrow album which is truly excellent....boy was i wrong.....these as the previous review says are masterpieces of hardrock/metal.From out and out rockers to beautiful ballad type songs every track on these 2 albums is great.The album has numerous vocalists "guesting" on each album....the amazing Jorn Lande..Bob Catley (Magnum)..Michael Kiske (ex Helloween)...Jon Oliva (Savatage)...Klaus Meine (Scorpions) amongst others.All credit to Tobias Sammet for writing and composing this though....could'nt describe him as anything less than a genius......Highly Recommended.

  2.  Great wee gadget


    Really good reader.....lets me use SDHC cards on my older pc that could not read them photos/music etc....also allows me to use SDHC cards for music on my car stereo with usb socket.At 1.76 from FlashMemory delivered is unbelievable.....just ordered another two.

  3.  Excellent!!!!!!!!


    80s melodic rockers FM reformed and on top form.This is a great album,not a bad track on it.The band are out on tour in May in the UK.

  4.  Great......must have extra


    Great remote......does everything you would expect.As for volume control.....you CAN control this by pressing the triangle button during playback for the playback menu and adjust the volume via the PS 3 console....no need for the tv remote.

  5.  Pretty Good


    This IS a good show.....BUT this is the second tour that Q+PR had done together.If you want a cracking show with a great audience get "The Return Of The Champions" dvd,filmed in Sheffield 2005.The band were on top form, i think because it was a new and exciting project at the time......this second tour looks like they were getting a bit fed up and the studio album was not as well recieved as expected(although quite good)....Paul Rodgers has since quit the band.

  6.  Great stuff


    This is the best movie I have watched in the past year.Laim Neeson is brilliant in this,its not too long and full of great action scenes.Well worth watching......you won't be disappointed.

  7.  Great stuff.


    Took a chance and bought this at a fiver,never heard them before.What a buy,great power metal album,not a bad track on it....as said ,buy it !!!!!

  8.  Not as good as previous models.


    This IS a great mp3 player at at great price BUT compared to previous models it is not as good...battery life is poor..12 hours compared to 30hrs on an Sony NW E005(2gb which was the same price) i have as well.Charging time 2hrs compared to 15mins...and lastly it does not support Sony's own Atrac format which i am surprised at as you can get double tracks without losing sound quality compared to MP3/WMA .Its still a great player,but it could have been better.

  9.  Great Camera


    I just recieved this camera this morning(super quick delivery)and i am very pleased with it.I am using it as a second camera and i am very impressed with the pictures i have taken to try it out.The camera has a real quality feel to it and you would not hear the zoom lens moving.Some might say its only 6 mega pixels but to be honest with the quality Leica lens its plenty .You may find a cheaper camera with more mega pixels but i don't think it willl be up to the quality of this model.I found it simple and easy to use and in my opinion this camera is an excellent buy at a great price.

  10.  Great


    Great hard rockin' album in the style of fellow aussies (early) AC/DC and Rose Tattoo,well worth £8.