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  1. Portal 2

    Portal 2


    8 New from  £16.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.94

     brilliant game


    like most reviews here, the reason to get this game is due to the fact of getting a pc version free and you can do cross platform play with steam players. i think this is great as i have a lot of games and friends on steam, it works very well. as for the game itself its very lengthy and has some new great features and the voice actors are excellent and funny. the co op is also a nice length, perfect when playing with voice chat and a friend. big step up from portal

  2.  fantastic.


    Its very poor of people who review games based on demos, the full game offers so much for a portable title, would seriously be amazing if it was a ps3 game too. there so much you can do. you have your main mission based stuff, side ops, micro management of your base which is really fun, these include putting soldiers into the right staff unit, outer ops which you can send a group of infantry on a world mission to help other countries, which rewards you. you have a research team to develop new kit and also your building your own metal gear! ;) the co op side is really good, your encouraged to use the co op element as it really helps on the many boss battles and side ops. if you have a ps3 take advantage of the adhoc party feature or if your friends have the game/psp.

  3. MAG



    7 New from  £4.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     addictive and something new!


    when i first played the closed beta i was very confused with the game modes and wondered if the whole 256 player mode was a gimmick. decided to give the game another try in the open beta and totally glad i did. i found it extremely addicitive and the new features are ace. its a shame i only started playing the open beta a few days ago becuase its closed now (10/1/10) i was hoping to rank up to 15 and become a squad leader, i love the idea of receiving leadership bonuses while close to your squad leader, i think im definetly gonna buy this. its a nice change from all the call of duty ive played for many years.

  4.  worth the wait.


    I played uncharted 1 only last march and since then i couldnt wait for this game. Firstly i managed to get my hands on the early online beta, and its such an addictive blast, but to the main point. The storyline, so far im up to around chapter 20, you enter shambala and meet with the new guys ;p almost every chapter has been a blast, totally loved the train chapter. Its an excelent time to own a ps3 now, this is one reason to buy one, and make sure you buy uncharted1 too ;)

  5.  excellent for the price


    After checking all the reviews i decided to get one of these. What was there to lose? Nothing! Im extremely impressed with this mouse, as soon as i got hold of it , it felt so natural like id been using it for years. The build quality is perfect also. Extra buttons are in a good spot, rubber gripping on the side which makes it very comfy. The guy who said his mouse responds funny must have a dodgy one , thats all i can say. This can easily match a top end mouse. I know cos ive tried.

  6.  perfect for certain games


    well basically if you want the advantage in footy games, beijing, car games, and dont want to have sore wrists and trying to find keys then this is for you. i use mine with pro evo, beijing and gears of war. im glad that more and more games use 360 pads. get more options to play and automatically work without any config

  7.  great fun.


    firstyl im giving this a 5 becuase i already have 2 wireless 360 pads and receiver. i cant imagine how bad it would be with keyboard controls, keyboard just doesnt go with button bashing to be honnest. if you have the pads buy it if not then maybe get the 360 version if you have a 360 too, very fun game overall , especially multiplayer with mates, online is laggy and single player modes are ok for a while. ps im glad that newer pc games are now using 360 pads, especially sports ones. so much better to use and quicker

  8.  very good!


    The only mmo i played before this was guild wars for little over a year. this game is fairly different and on a bigger scale you could say. you get the choice of hobbit, elf ,man or dwarf. if you don't fairly understand how this ties into the main story of lord of the rings let me tell you. basically its your job to defend eriador continent against angmar while frodo does his thing but you get to speak to some of the well known characters along your journey. game play there is a lot of running and the maps are huge, TONS of side quests and an exciting main storyline. you can farm, craft stuff etc depending on what skills you choose, make pipe weed and Forrest wood. my first character was a hobbit hunter and still going im lvl 18 and levelling seems like it will take forever lol. also you can ride a horse buy a house , furniture etc . from what Ive played the subscription is worth it. its a little slow to get started but as you plod on the game gets better and everything will because a lot easier to use. some small quests can be boring because you basically running to find stuff for people and after all the running you get little xp. but don't let that push you away because the rest of the game is brilliant. for the first month Ive had it Ive played about 45 hours and have only touched the games surface, done most of the shire stuff and have only recently entered Bree and I'm only on chapter 1 book 11 of the main quest. tons to do and always expanding

  9.  gutted!


    i was really looking forward to play the new chapter stuff with this game. but.......... there has been many problems and i know alot of other players have the same thing. random crashes, now turned to crashes when i load the game. (i can only play online) also stuttering. epic/microsoft really need to release a super amazing patch to fix this game. dont get me wrong other players have had no problems at all and i just hope the game will get better for the crashers lol . it would get an easy 5 if it worked

  10.  unexpected


    i say unexpected because i didn't really enjoy the beta version on the 360. recently Ive got into a lot of PC gaming and found that this version is really good! single player is awesome with different story lines all tied into one, you get to use special weapons on several missions like bombers and a really cool sniper assassination mission where you have to time your shot with the wind.
    the second part of the game multi player is even better, i can say Ive only had this game a few days and have played many hours with multi player. you can also make custom soldiers and you get ranked and also extra xp for doing certain challenges. compared to the ww2 cod games this one blows them away. i forgot to mention you can call in air strikes and copters when you get a good kill streak. the flaws for me would be that im not exactly an expert with a keyboard lol.