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  1.  Too long and too boring!


    I never saw this at the cinema so ordered it on bluray. picture and sound are superb (that's why it gets a star) ... after that the rest is downhill.. bad script, bad acting, too many over bloated sub plots, too long and very very boring.. I found myself looking at the clock wondering... will this ever end? however, it seems to have struck a chord with most reviewers on here... but for me (and I suspect many others) it was a painful experience of re-hashed and un-original rubbish that 'quite frankly' insults the viewers intelligence

  2.  Better the 2nd time around!


    warning: do not be fooled by the inclusion of 'alternate beginning and ending' on the bluray version. they are not!!!!! they are only extended scenes and do not offer any more insight into the story at all..... anyway, on the plus side. excellent transfer, stunning picture and sound. this it def the way to show off your home cinema and much better in 2d IMO. the film falls a little short of the mark as far as the story goes but still a must have bluray!

  3.  terrible and boring!


    first off, I've not read the books so my review is based on the movie only! This is an awful film with bad acting and a plot so full of holes you just want to laugh out loud! the first hour drags and drags I almost turned it off but stuck with it! the actual battle was pathetic, the action was predictable and average at best! the story was predictable ... I did not care one bit about the characters as the predictable end was finaly in sight.... in three words..... typical hollywood rubbish!

  4.  Not quite as good as season 1 but still addictive!"


    I agree with many reviewers from the standard DVD review section. Season 1 was simply brilliant and season 2 did not live up to it predecessor. Having said that it was still gripping stuff with some superb episodes and some great (and not so great) acting. However, I found myself getting very annoyed at the poor plot lines involving Rick's wife and child and was hoping they would end up as zombie food... but I will not give that away! There was also some pretty boring episodes which seemed to be in there to string out the series and focused too much (IMO) on love triangles and relationships... Yes we need those in the story but it was way way too much! Some of the script was flawed (probably due to lazy writing) for example Rick wife never seems to be keeping a proper eye her son and he (conveniently for the script) ended up wandering around without her knowledge encountering zombies... just not believable and not the way a mother would behave in a zombie infested world. I'm hoping season 3 will be better with more zombie orientated episodes and less lovee dovee stuff! I took off one star for the one episode that was really really boring! Bluray transfer 8/10!

  5.  Complete and utter rubbish!


    I knew when I purchased this movie it was not going to be a classic so my expectations were not high to begin with. However, I did expect something along the lines of 'starship troopers', a good well acted 'B' movie yet entertaining yarn.. well can can I say? bad script, bad acting, bad story, bad jokes, infact bad everything! Where as 'starship troopers' has become a cult classic this film will drop off the radar like a led zepplin. There is nothing good I can think of to say about this movie. the first review had it spot on. the trailer lead me to expect something completely different.. after 10min I found myself getting bored and frustrated and angry that I spent money on this drivel! Avoid at all costs or prepere to be dissapointed!

  6.  Better than most newer zombie flix!


    This is good zombie movie. not the best but certianly not the worst. nice locations. acting is a little poor in places, mainly from the main character (minus one star for that). however I never got bored even when the pace slowed down in the middle. If your a zombie fan you should give this a whirl. I love how they went for the slow, lumbering type zombie.. the way it should be!

  7.  Good but not great!


    A very, very, very good movie which is oddly mesmerising and addictive. However, it was not the 'classic' I was expecting. personally for me it left too many parts of the story unexplained. Even given this I would still highly recommend it and don't let the subtitles put you off. My main gripe was the bluray transfer. it is average at best and seemed to be slightly out of focus and general looked flat and lacked the depth a good bluray transfer can convey!

  8.  pointless and stupid


    title sums it up... waste of 1.45 hours of my life. such a silly, pointless and stupid movie.. sold it the next day! utter rubbish!

  9.  1 in 10 people will like this movie IMO


    pointless film, really boring.... misleading cover art and trailer... maybe if it had been advertised correctly I would have given it another star? however... I feel I was lured into the cinema by bad promotion... it's a well made movie but not my bag... and I do like some slow movies, but not this one!

  10.  OMG!!! is this really Blu-Ray?


    This DVD is the worst Blu-ray disc I have ever seen. The whole DVD is grainy from start to finish.. and some parts are as bad as the old VHS format... I kid you not! If you are expecting high quality you WILL be disappointed... don't waste your money! I feel like I have been ripped off..a very bad advert from Blu-Ray!

    EDIT: I have to agree with a later review about the sound. It is better than the DVD version, however I still don't think that makes up for the terrible bluray transfer!