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  1.  Amazing


    I really dont need to say much more, amazing for in the car to really get you in the spirit over xmas shopping!!

  2.  Fabulous


    I am a big fan of Torey Hayden, and as soon as i found out she was releasing a novel i had to buy it. I wanted to see whether it would be as good as her true to life books, and in a nut shell, it absolutley is.
    I really didnt know what to expect, and was not at all disappointed in what i read. The story line is most definatley unusual and interesting. Also, Torey Hayden managed to save the best until last, and the whole story unravels in the last chapter to allow the whole story to make sense.
    Overall, an excellent read that will not let you put it down until you have finished it. Also, if you are not a fan of Torey Hayden normally, i would still suggest you give this book a go. You really do see a whole other side to her.
    My advice: well worth reading.

  3.  Another 5 Star Rating


    There are so many reviews about this game already, and this review will probably say no different. However, i feel i need to review it so people can see really how good this game is.
    Maro Kart is an all round excellent game for the Wii. It has great controls, great games and great characters. It provides hours and hours of fun, and you just do not get bored of it at all. It is suitable for all ages and all people.
    Overall, as you can probably see, an excellent game, and possibly the best game out for the Wii.
    My advice: you must get this if you own a Wii.

  4.  Great Read


    This is a wonderful tale of how a young girl was able to survive a pretty horrific childhood. I really couldn't put it down, and read it in no time, even though it is a pretty big book.
    The way in which this book is written and the language used really sets the scene, and makes you feel that much closer to the story. I thought this was a great touch, and pretty unique to this book.
    I cannot wait to read the sequal.
    My advice: read this book.

  5.  Excellent


    I really enjoyed this movie. It boasts a great story line, with an incredibly clever twist at the end. There is some great acting from all, which makes this movie extra special.
    Overall, it is a great psychological thriller. I haven't revealed too much in this review as i wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone, but i can tell you it is incredible.
    My advice: a must see.

  6.  A Great Family Film


    This film is great for a family night in, and i think that it suits people of all ages. The film has quite a good story to it, with the cute doggy hero and the nasty baddy we really love to hate. It has some good humour in it, and really is entertaining. Also, unlike your typical dog film, this is one for boys as well as girls.
    This film definatley kept me amused, and gets my vote. It is garunteed to generate a few giggles, and is thouroughly enjoyable throughout.
    My advice: buy it.

  7. Juno



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     Not Bad


    I thought this film was ok. It was funny throughout and made me laugh. The story line was also unusual and well written, which made this film refreshing to watch. I also liked the characters.
    The aspect i liked most about this film was that it actually reflects real life for a typical teenager. Ok, so not every teenager gets pregnant like Juno, but she does face many other everyday dilemas. This film highlights these in a tasteful and humourous manner.
    The reson i only gave it 4 stars was because of the 'weird' relationship between Juno and the future father of her baby. It seemed at some points that something was going to happen between them and it never. It was almost as though the writers were going to do that and then changed their mind, or just forgot. I no that not everyone agrees with me on this, but i thought i would put it in.
    My advice: worth a place in the dvd collection.

  8.  Good Film


    I really liked this film actually, but i am really into history so this is not suprising. It has a good story to it and good characters. Although, i do wonder how they were followed so well ... i mean the others knew exactly where to look for them; so some bits are a little far fetched, but it didn't put me off.
    My partner was also a little disappointed with the lack of fighting scenes. I think he wanted a little bit more blood shed. But it has to be remembered that this is a family film, so it does it's job well.
    My advice: Well worth it.

  9.  Out Of This World


    This film is just awesome for all, and once again Pixar excelled with their five star animation. The film is funny and really, really enjoyable.
    Having made this on blu-ray has just put the cherry on the cake, and is must have if a Disney - Pixar fan. It really does add the finishing touches to this film, and makes the quality superb. I just keep on watching it.
    I cannot wait for the other Pixar films to be released on blu-ray now, and i really hope it is sooner rather than later.
    My advice: swap the dvd for blu-ray!

  10.  Not Bad


    I really didn't think this film was that bad, and quite enjoyed watching. Ok, so i haven't seen the original, but this was alright for me.
    The story line was quite good, but a little weird. I really wasn't expecting this ending to happen the way it did, and was slightly disappointed by the way it ended so suddenly.
    There was only really one major star in this film (Nicholas Cage), and even his acting was slightly poor in some places. However, i am not a huge fan of his anyway.
    But taking into everything into account, it was alright, but i don't think i will watch it again. It appears to be the genuine consensus that those who have seen the original are mighty disappointed, and those who haven't find it fairly enjoyable. Therefore it seems that if it wasn't compared so much to an original, it would be ok.
    My advice: watch this film with an open mind.