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  1.  great game ruined by no longevity


    i was a big fan of marvel vs capcom 2 and couldn't wait for this to come out. its stayed true to the series (ott special moves, intense combat and stunning graphics). the arcade mode is pretty short but the edition of online multiplayer is welcomed. i only gave it 3 stars because there's not a lot to do in the game unless you want to play online constantly. there's literally just arcade, online and misson mode which gives u challenges to perform certain combos with characters which got dull quickly. i was expecting some kind of survival mode just to mix things up slightly but alas nothing. the other major gripe i have is the lack of characters. you start out with all but 4 characters unlocked. i unlocked the other 4 within a few hours. in MVC2 there was a host of characters to unlock as well as alternate costumes which you had to purchase using points gained from winning battles etc which gave it a lot of replay value. all this has been removed.

    With a bit more content this could have been a classic like MvC2 but it's just far to lacking in replay value

  2.  fantastic value


    really enjoyable RPG, takes things back to the basic turn based combat strategy which i love. great value for the money, 3 disks and the 1st alone took me about 15hrs to finish. I see people complaining about a slow start, most rpg's are though bkos its all about levelling up your party so if you like old school final fantsay this ones for you. 4 stars for the game the 5th is for the price...3 disks for under a tenner, gotta be worth it!!

  3.  2 steps forward 1 step back


    there's a lot i like about this game for example the vastly improved combat (especially in the Amazing levels) the visuals are pleasing and it works well that each dimension has its own look & feel to it. however this can also work in its disadvantage as it does draw away from the momentum of the game switching between dimensions all the time and some people are going to favour some over others. the other disapointment in this game is the lack of free roaming, the gameplay and levels are very linear and there isn't really much webswinging/wallcrawling involved its generally just tapping LT to web zip to locations which are highlighted on your hud. that being said i did find it a lot of fun to play but with no online there isn't much replay value.

    I give the game 4 stars, 3 for the game and 1 for the price so if you're bored of your current games and want to kill a few days worth of gaming pick this up

  4.  total let down


    i don't usually write a review on a game until i've finished it but i'm making an exception for this, so far the levels have been a mixed bag some good, some awful. a few of the unforgivable problems i've encountered so far...the graphics (apart from those of sam fisher) are pretty poor definatley not using the console's potential at all, i remember playing the original splinter cell on the xbox & thinking the graphics were amazing...doesn't look like they're changed much even though this is a next gen console. the game has froze on me once; i've been swimming and swam too far and got stuck on nothing! having to restart the mission; every time you pan the camera around everything clips/slides graphically (except sam). all this was encounterd by the 3rd level which really put me off playing the rest, the tanker level inparticular has terrible snow effect, it's just not accpetable on a next gen console especially with the standards so good now. i was going to give this 2 stars BUT i haven't finished the game so i can't give a full account but judging by what i've experienced so far i can't see it improving that much. saving grace is the price, 2nd hand for under a fiver...not bad if you're stuck in for a weekend & bored of your existing games collection

  5.  best 360 yet by far!


    I bought this as an upgrade from my premium which i've had for about 4 years. Best feature for me is the built in wireless as i wasn't willing to fork out 50 for a wireless adapter when my PS3 is wireless already. Since getting this i hardly play my PS3 now and it's great to be back on xboxlive. The 250GB hd is excellent can't see myself ever filling all that space. Also it's really quiet but does get louder when loading etc but if you want to eliminate that just install the game, again the 250gb hd comes in great use there. Using the transfer cable (not included) it's quick and easy to transfer all your data across from your old console. only gripe i had was that it doesn't come with a hdmi cable, but they start at about 10 so it's no great expense to pick one up.

    I'd recommend this if you're looking for your first Xbox or if you have an old one like me that you want to upgrade. Definatley worth the cash

  6.  EPIC!


    Uncharted 2 is such a great game on so many different levels. the graphics are amazing, especially when it's raining. the gameplay is smooth & the controls are really straight forward too. It feels more like you're watching a movie than playing a game at times there are some pretty awesome cinematic gameplay moments. every part of this game works so well, the platforming is fun and stunning graphics make it a joy to scale buildings, temples etc. The puzzles are challenging but not to the point where you'll be stuck for hours, the difficulty is just right. The gunfights are pretty decent but not as polished as the other elelments of the game it can be quite tricky when there are a lot of enemies but again it's not impossible just expect to die a few times. i've just finished the story mode, took me just under 10hours so there's a lot to work though. only played online briefly, it was quite fun but nothing special and certainly not up to the standard of other online games like the CoD series, however it's a nice addition and adds longevity so you can't really knock it. the only gripe i had with this game was that on 2 occations i got stuck in objects in the environment where i tried to climb up something and drake had simply gotten caught in it through a glitch or clipping. the only way out is to reload to the last checkpoint. fortunately the checkpoints are pretty frequent so you probably won't have to replay much to get back to where you were but it's still annoying, however it's not enough to stop this being an amazing adventure game & for the platinum price it's a steal!!

  7.  amazing


    bought this game when it first came out and was blown away really wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. excellent graphics and a great combat system and of course playing as batman is awesome! this has a great mix of elements from brawling with enemies, solving riddles, platforming and you get to use all of batmans gadgets to do it :)

    this game was definatley worth paying full price for when it came out and now at 15quid its a steal! seriously get it

  8.  could have been better


    ok first off the campaign, i haven't played it all the way through yet but it doesnt feel as good as the first game's. you don't really follow a set path around a character but you play episodes from different army's or watever. there's no connection with the characters whatsoever though. it's split into episodes each about 15mins in length with about 4-5 episodes in each chapter. the one annoying thing is that if you die you go back to the start of the chapter NOT the epidsode, which can make it tedious to have to keep replaying the same episodes over and over. Also, you aren't alone you can have up to 3 additional players on your team (either AI controlled or by people online) it does help to have other people fighting with you but the AI isn't that great and if you play with these characters you'll probably end up doing most of the work. The campaign gets 3 stars for me because although it can be frustrating it looks good and the bosses are pretty epic, but i'd recommend playing online rather than the AI.

    On to the online play, i never really played the online from the 1st one but this one seems pretty good. It hasn't really pushed the boat out, just 3 match types available (deathmatch/team deathmatch/capture the flag) but the variation in each match is quite fun and unique. Numerous mech's/VS suits scattered around, shotguns, rocket launchers & also your grappling hook which is great for getting around the maps (which are pretty well designed) i'd give the online 4 stars as it's a nice change from all the fps' & the use of mech's/mobile armour suits/vs' makes it more fun to play.

    Overall i'll give it 4 out of 5 it's a pretty good package but they should have done a more original and involving storyline like the first one and fleshed out the online but it's still fun to play. Also it's not a bad price for 30 quid

  9.  surprising


    had been debating whether to get this for a while, due to all the mixed reviews but for 7.50 i thought i'd take a chance. I was glad i did because what i found wasn't one of the best or most polished games ever but i did really enjoy it. Graphics aren't that amazing but certainly not the worst i've seen on the console, gameplay is fun, swinging around by your grappling arm shooting people with a range of weapons which include SMG's/grenade launchers/shotguns. The game will probably keep you occupied for a about a week in terms of the single player campaign i only tried the mulitplayer once but couldn't find anyone to play against so i'm guessing it's not a very popluar game for online play.

    Overall i'd say if you're in two minds about this game just get it, it's got some good gameplay and plays a lot like Lost Planet. There are minor glitches throughout the game which can be annoying but it's nothing overbearing. 3 stars for the game 1 for the price :)

  10.  highly recommended fps


    Resistance 2 is one of the best fps' i've played on the ps3 so far, although it doesn't bring anything new to the genre it does most things well. Single player campaign is quite lengthy which is great if you're not an online player, if you are you can also take advantage of the massive mulitplayer games supporting up to 60 people on a map! my only gripe with this game is the graphics, they're a bit 'hit and miss'. For example the water effects & most of the envirnoments are really sharp but then some of the weapon fire and even the weapons themselves can look a little pixellated on certain parts, especially if you zoom in for better aim. It seems like they've focussed on one aspect of the graphics at the expense of another. That being said it's easy to overlook the slight faults because this is an awesome fps with some great weapons and boss fights and for the price it's at now it's well worth getting.