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  1.  very good dvd


    I bought this dvd about a year ago, and havent stop watching it since, its packed out with so much on the movie that its something you will want to treasure forever. Its not as close to the blue ray boxset, but this price the dvd boxset selling at is awesome. Definitly recommend this if you are a fan of either the movie or sci fi.

  2.  dont look up.............


    i went to see this movie in the cinema, and thought nothing of it, just another alien invasion movie which turned out to be really cool and exciting. The special effects realy blew me away and the storyline wasnt bad either - its too bad that human civilisation had come to an end. This is one of mnay alien invasion movies that have had a very strong influence of many past alien movies such as independence day which is very similar to this movie. Really recommend this movie if you have not seen this, i will order my copy of it on blu ray !

  3.  pandorum


    i recently got hold of this movie and finally got to see it on a friday night. The starting of the movie was ok and things popped up from no where, the script i thought hasnt been well thought of, and it seemed like it was another space movie with elements of event horizon and aliens. After going through the movie after half an hour, i lost interest but had to watch the ending, overal very disappointing, the title alone made me think it was a worth actually renting, if you really like the film, then buy it.

  4.  sarah connor chronicles


    i have seen the first episode and was really impressed with it . i hope the future episodes are as exciting and really looking forward to the series on dvd.

  5.  nightmare


    ulitmate edition this is a fantastic dvd that goes beyond all the movie. If you have the region1 version, its almost the same but region2 version is slightly better. i ove these movies, however, they should do s.e for the rest of them. buy it!"!

  6.  not bad


    i watched this movie last weekend on sky movies, and its almost like the first movie. storyline is the same, but with more suspense as to who designed the cube and the participants who are all linked together for the design of the cube. wasnt bad, some places were really weird and got kinda lost, but good movie, worth the watch as the third movie is kinda like a remake of this one. not bad!!!

  7.  mel gibson movie


    we watched this movie while we were emailing customers. my friend brought this movie in and i thought wow, this is a good movie and well worth from starting to finish. Passion of the christ still scares me though.......
    excellent movie, recommend watching this!!!!!!!!