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  1.  An interesting epic


    Those who have followed Scorsese's career know that this particular movie has been a source of great stress to the director both artistically and in box office as well. Unfortunately, this is technically a poor product; it seems that nothing has been re-mastered but the dvd has been transferred to avc as such, regrettably. Even sound, although transferred to DTS-MA, is of low quality. This film would have deserved a thorough re-mastering.

  2.  An enduring classic


    I agree with Retalato from Norway, that (quote) this might be the greatest movie of all time. There is just not a single more perfect movie in existence as of today, "Born to raise hell" is a cinematic achievement of astronomically epic proportions. This gritty, modern classic is most definitely a truly worthy winner of just about every Academy award this year, "Best animated movie" possibly being the sole exception.

    Steven Seagal, toughest guy since Bruce Lee's DNA was spliced with that of Mike Tyson, characterizes the deeply tormented soul of Interpol-veteran Bobby with a sheer brilliance that makes de Niro in Taxi Driver look like Forest Whitaker in Battlefield Earth. Seagal portrays the inner demons his characters are struggling with in such a subtle and ingenious way that it baffles the mind how such a performance could go unnoticed.

    With absolute classic gold dialogue like: "You're not supposed to hit a guy when im holding him" "You know, trust is not one of my more spectacular attributes" "You should be chasing terrorists over in Afghanistan, not here." "Already done that, now im over here having fun" "You see why I hate eating out?" Also, the Russian guy: "Midgets are a little short. Money should never be" The only remaining question is, will the Academy be able to ignore this accomplishment and pinnacle of human evolution? In good conscience, how could they? Will they take the easy route as usual, and go along with some unwarranted hype? This is a movie for the ages, and in the year 2050 we will look back at this revolutionary film in the same way we today look back at Citizen Kane - and that's a certainty (unquote).

  3.  A vicious circle


    Harvey Keitel makes probably the best and most intensive performance in his career in this dark, mean, vicous, hard-hitting story of a crooked and addicted NYC lieutenant who tries to finance his habits in one way or another, no questions asked. Wonderful that this masterpiece has at last been restored into HD! The things you see in this film can remain in your thoughts for years. It is much more raw and disillusioned than the 2009 remake by Werner Herzog, starring Nicholas Cage.

  4.  A romantic masterpiece


    The film is considered one of the most romantic of all time. Cary Grant is probably giving his best and deepest performance on screen ever. The film's theme song, "An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)", composed by Harry Warren and with lyrics by Leo McCarey and Harold Adamson is absolutely one of the most beautiful love songs in the world. Deborah Kerr, playing a role of a singer-turned-music teacher, is at her most beautiful and full of magic. The chemistry between Kerr and Grant is unbelievable. The film is funny, too.

  5.  A wonderful comedy from the Coen factory


    This is a very funny and thrilling film of the power of love over money and success. From one of the best directors of the present days, and with a wonderful skill and chemistry of the actors, the team has succeeded in creating one of the best romantic comedies ever.

  6.  This is a great romantic comedy


    This is a wonderful and very funny film. A very nice plot, good dialogue, brilliant actors, many levels of story down into the very essence of love and the dilemma of decision. Superb!

  7.  A wonderful masterpiece


    This is one of the greatest Allen's gangland comedies. With an exceptional plot, wonderful dialogue and a great great crew of top actors and others he creates a mixture of suspence and humour that can be enjoyed all over again.

  8.  The start of a fantasy


    This is a real masterpiece with many immortal rock performances, e.g. I Saw Her Standing There, Boys and Twist and Shout. The band really put their soul into these songs; just listen to Ringo screaming "Boooyyys!!!", or John giving everything in Twist and Shout. The remastered sound is crisp and clear, wonderful job done.