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  1.  Nice.


    Works well in my Samsung S3 mini. Been using it for many many months with no issues. Had to XFORMAT it with windows 7 for it to be recognised, may have been able to do it via the phone but never tried. Really good quality card.

  2.  Nice


    I have had my Logitech MX Performance Mouse for a year or so now. I moved from the MX1000 that I liked a lot. The first thing I noticed with the mouse was that the thumb rest/indent gave my hand severe pain because it's quite deep. The Mx1000 and this mouse are very very similar in size and height and that is the only thing I can think of that made my hand hurt so much.

    Anyway, time has long since passed and I have gotten use to it now and I'm looking to get a spare before these disappear like the MX1000 did.

    I play games with this mouse with no issues. Used it on windows XP for a long time now I'm on Windows 7 with it. Played WOW, Fallout 3 GOTY edition, Fallout Vegas, and numerous others with no lag issues. I have the dongle in my monitor so the line of sight is only eighteen inches away. The only other option was in a socket at the back of my case and this did seem to be laggy as the case is on the floor and my desk is also in the way. It did work, but wasn't good enough for gaming. MY PC is about four years old so it's not top of the line by a long stretch.

    At the end of the day, I didn't like the mouse, but now, I'm looking for another, so I guess I am now very happy with it. :)

  3.  Nice


    Good film and great blue ray quality. Nice price, but had to wait a long time for a price drop 25 pounds for months everywhere I went.

  4.  Love it.


    Great film, not a huge improvement to blu-ray, but a decent enough upgrade for not a lot of money. Nice wide screen picture with no issues to shout about.

  5.  Nice..


    Good film with a nice quality blu-ray picture. One to watch again in a few months times.

  6.  Not too bad.


    Not a bad film to be honest. Not too much dialogue that you can't read it, just a reasonable story and a decent pace. Great quality blu-ray. One to watch again in a few months.

  7.  Average.


    Not a great film, but okay. For a blu-ray I thought the picture quality was poor at best. I seriously doubt this is more than a DVD port.

  8.  Excellent


    It's beyond me how anyone can give this film one star. Truly you must have no understanding of Tanrantino or his movies.

    Tarantino makes genre movies and this is another one of his best.

  9.  Poor game


    The most tedious and pointless dross I've seen in a long time. You need a permanent internet connection for no reason other than Blizzard are using it as copy protection. When Battle.net goes down, so does the game as it has done on a few occasions. The game is 100% linear you have no look around move around freedom, everything is done in a straight line, you can not look around nor can you use the keys W.A.S.D. Like most other games let you. The reason being? Well, that's 'cos you only ever move in one line.

    Personally I deleted the game after level 26, I couldn't take any more of it. Maybe if I was expecting something akin to 20 year old game play with nice graphics I'd have been a bit happier. To give this game 5/5 you really have to have low expectations. Maybe alright if you're a young kid not wanting much from a game. Don't be fooled by the hype. It may explain why only 5 people have reviewed it here.

  10.  Nice Quality


    I am not really going to mention the film because if you don't know it then you should buy it and see for yourself. I imagine if you're here, what you really want to know is if the Blu-ray version is worth having.

    I was reluctant to buy this at first having owned it on every format it's ever been on, but when it dropped to five pounds it was a no risk buy really. If you are worried about the quality don't be. This film will never look any better than it does on Blu-ray. The quality is fantastic. I won't say it's 10/10 as there only a few films on Blu-ray that are. I think I'd give this about 8.5/10. Is it worth a DVD upgrade? Too right, it's a huge improvement and you'll be very pleased. I played this movies on my PS3, I had no issues. There's a small amount of grain in the odd place here and there, but it's over and done with really quickly. Grain will not spoil this movie for you. If you like Scar Face, You'll like it even more on this format.

    Very please.