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  1.  Just Cause 2 - Just Go Buy It - Superb Stuff


    I wasn't sure what to expect when i first got this game,100 plus gameplay hours later im hooked, its like a drug i cant put down, just cause 2 is simply awesome, the map is huge huge huge, i have only done a few missions and now i find myself navigating all over the map to discover all locations and complete them first before getting into the story of the game, good choice of weapons and vehicles, the helicopter and a fully upgraded machine gun are essential, i am onto my last 50 or so locations to discover before i actually play the missions, this game even at 36.99 is good value for money. Overall better than gta 4 as more to explore and more to do, graphics are excellent bright and vivid, the most addictive game i have played for a long time, alot of work has gone into this title so well done. I love the fact that you can leap onto any type of vehicle and hijack using your graple hook.

    Overall then an Action Blockbuster that will have you hooked, go and buy it now!

  2.  Deserves much more credit, 2 great games! (dont judge demo)


    I had Riddick escape from butcher bay on xbox in 2004, loved everything about the game and at the time the graphics on that game were the best around.

    When i found out about assault on dark athena i was very excited and very pleased that butcher bay came as a bonus on this game,.

    I played the demo of dark athena and did feel a little let down, it seemed nothing like butcher bay, graphics not as good as expected either.

    How wrong was i, the demo does this game no justice.

    I took the plunge and decided to buy this game as i thought i could at least enjoy butcher bay 2nd time around and see what dark athena really has to offer.

    Boy im glad i took the risk, anyone who has never played butcher bay but only played the demo of dark athena might think this is a bad game.

    My advice to those people is to buy the game, play butcher bay first and complete that (trust me you will love it), by then you will be used to the controls and the feel of the game, you then feel ready for the new challange of dark athena,

    Just completed butcher bay last night and have now started dark athena which im really into, the controls and feel of the game are the same as butcher bay which is good, forget the demo, the game itself is quality, graphics alot better than demo btw

    Buy this game, you wont regret it

  3.  Based on Demo, Superb!!, much better than expected


    At last a real fighting game, forget street fighter 4 or even fight night, this is the business!
    I have been looking forward to playing this game for a while now, after seeing clips of the game it looked very impressive indeed, graphics and motion looked ace, i was half expecting to be disappointed but soon as i started to fight i could feel how smooth the fighting is, graphics are nice and sharp, commentary is good, but when you kick and punch your opponent to the floor it is very satisfying, i have already seen enough to know i will be buying this game, honest its that good!

  4.  Surprisingly poor, a real disappointment !


    Pineapple Express had the makings of a very funny film indeed, I have seen other films with Seth Rogen who I usually find funny, superbad was great, knocked up was good, 40 year old virgin was good, i was expecting more of the same with this,

    Before watching this movie i did read that this film started very slow, so when I started to watch this I wasn't surprised to see that this is true, however in my view the whole film was slow and never really got going, I found it very boring, as I was watching the film I was expecting it to pick up and become more entertaining and funny unfortunately this just didn't happen.

    After the film i was left feeling very disappointed and wondering what all the fuss and hype was about?

    This film only gets 1 star because i didn't find any scenes funny, I didn't laugh once, a big let down, I would advise to rent this film rather than just buy, this film wasn't what I expected, I have watched lots of stoner movies in my time, most of them being funny but Pineapple Express is a complete waste of time.

  5.  Brilliant Discs, Even Better Price !


    I have used over 150 of these discs in the past and have never had any failures,

    For people who have given this product a bad review i think you have had just had bad luck or just dodgy equipment,

    100 Of these discs at a great price, most of you cant go wrong with these! A must buy and tdk are still a decent brand !

  6.  "Nice Job" + MORE FUN THAN GTA


    i cant see why anyone would give saints row 2 a bad review like offical ps mag, 5/10, what planet they on!! (proberly little big planet and not the planet we call earth)

    i loved this game the second i started to play it, graphics not as good as gta and gameplay not as realistic but who cares, the graphics in saints row are still pretty good and the gameplay is more arcade style which is infact a plus point and is why this game is much more fun than GTA,

    I used to own gta but never seemed satisfied playing it, i never got as much enjoyment as expected,

    saints row 2 has got me hooked, the moment you start to build you charactor your already laughing, the cockney voice is brillient "nice job", you can choose your insults and there are far more options than gta, you could create a cockney drag queen!

    all the missions and side missions are all good fun and there is so much to do you'll be ammused for hours on end!

    Overall the fun factor makes this better than gta (sorry rockstar)

  7.  Whats all the fuss about? Dont Believe the Hype !


    I never saw this film at the cinema but i did watch this on dvd recently, my partner did see this at the cinema and on dvd,

    i can imagine that it was a better experiance at the cinema due to the crowd atmosphere, but still the movie itself is still overated,

    please note that you cannot take this movie seriously as it is taking the michael out of musicals, the acting and singing is not ment to good in this film,

    i dont like musicals as a rule but my partner wanted me to watch it to give it a chance, there are some funny moments and watching former 007 bond trying to sing is funny

    this film is not that bad but just not great either,

    in my opinion once you have seen this film its not worth watching again

  8.  Very Good, but not as great as people make out


    If I was writing this review from a child's point of view then i would say this is the best film ever bla bla bla, Wall-E is a very good film with great animation, kids will love it (which is the main point), my son loves Wall-E to bits. Get This DVD for your kids as im sure they are already pestering you for it lol.

    Watching this film from my point of view (being an adult) i would again say a good film in its own right but is not the best offering i have seen from disney / pixar, it doesn't come anywhere near to being as good as the toy story films or the incredibles.

    Its not my opinion that counts anyhow and its really aimed at children in general but i wanted to give an adult point of view also.

    Worth Getting on DVD if you have kids. Before I had my son i already owned the toy story's and the incredibles on dvd....that's the difference.

  9.  Flash But Poor Sound Quality!


    When looking to buy mp3/media players i look for 2 things
    1:Storage Size (30gb 40gb etc...)
    2:Sound Quality (most important)
    I Bought One of these over a year ago (black colour), i sold it after 2 months, the Zen is a flash bit of kit (not as good looking as an ipod video), i was looking for a high storage media player so i can have most of my music collection on it, im a big fan of music and do ask that sound quality is good, this play videos really well, the picture is out of this world and it has some nice features, i would say the touch pad is sometimes over sensitive and you can end up selecting the wrong option or song, i would give the sound quality 2/5 as it is that bad, i ask of a little bass but instead i hear farting in my ears and there is no depth and sometimes can sound distorted, not even a £35 quid pair of sony earphones could stop the problem, if your fussy about sound then avoid this item at all costs, if you dont know anything about sound then see if you can compare the sound of the creative zen to a sony product, the quality of sony or even an ipod is far better than this.
    If the sound was any better on this thing then i would of kept this item but instead i sold it and bought a sony.