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  1.  A next gen experience


    THis is one of those games which grabs you by the scruff of the neck and screams in your face, some pretty decent scares in here, but just now and again I found my self stopping...especially in the bit where the ship has had its sides ripped off and just staring in wonder out at the planet and outer space...this is what next gen is about, I haven't done that since Crysis...and I own a beast of a PC.

    Buy buy buy!

  2.  An experience every gamer should have


    Stunning, absolute quality. After growing up on SOFII and Unreal Tournament, I doubted any game would catch the 'essense' of being a FPS/online shooter as those could. This is the first game in years that made me want to complete achievements to get extra weapons etc.

    If you buy one game this year, this should be it :)

  3.  Dreadful - Missed oppurtunity


    What a criminal waste of a good idea. Graphics look similar to an Xbox 1 game. Controls are mistimed and out of cue, the dialogue is pathetic, I don't know who did the voice scripting and directing, but they need to find a job in a different industry as it is god awful in this game. The characters sounds like underage college frat boys which leads to any cut scenes being incredibly annoying.

    I was really looking forward to this, but the alarm bells should have started ringing when this missed all the magazines dated reviews, which pretty much means its going to be a howler...and guess what this is a howler. They should have stuck with a HD version of time splitters, this may have gottem them use to programming on the PS3 before putting out this tripe.


  4.  Beefcake......BEEFCAKE


    I'll try and keep this as short as possible. One New Year I decided enough was enough, the beer belly and inactivity had pushed me to become fairly depressed and looking for an all in one answer that I could act on...almost for someone to do it all for me(I was still in lazy mode)

    I read the book cover to cover the day it arrived and immediately decided to follow the principles that this lays down both mentally and physically. Your looking at what could be a life changing experience ...............IF YOU LET IT. May no odds this is all about hard work and eating right. Even if you don't follow the plan to a 'T' some of the lessons you will learnn in this book about nutrition and exercise, you will carry with you all your life.

    After a few weeks of ramping up your exercise and metabolism, you will start to see parts of your body you thought were clinically classed as dead, you just have to stick with it, learn to ignore the bathroom scales for the rest of your life and just get on with it, your body will reward you in ways you had not thought possible.

    An enjoyable read and easy to follow exercise plans. Beware though, be preapred to eat six times a day, ramp up your protein intake, buy a set of weights/join a gym, put the weekly DVD back on supermarket shelves and buy yourself some high quality foods.

    I will always be grateful to Mr Phillips for showing me how to get fit and eat right...although the more cycnical side to me says this is a very well presented advertisement for his EAS sports supplements...which it is to be honest....but the lessons I learned from this book outweigh that by far.

    A must read if you want to change you life and body. Hope this helps :)

  5.  Simply awful


    I cannot believe some of the positive reviews of this film. Acting is awful think somewhere between Xena and Hercules with a similar if not less budget. Editing, I could have done as good on Windows Movie Maker and don't get me started on the story line or (this is surely a joke) fight scenes. Avoid at all cost, go for something better like GLadiator or King Arthur.

    Last Legion = Suck

  6.  Stunning, absolutely stunning!


    LIke mentioned before, a no brainer of a movie, some sections in this left me with my jaw on the floor, I run a full HD 1080p projector with full surround and this was breathtaking. Please ignore the comment from another user saying this would be better on BLuRay, there is absolutely no grounds for this, most research has shown that HD DVD has the better picture, and better features by far, this comment was clearly written by a PS3 fanboy!

    Great quality, great picture, great film!