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  1.  Guy on front cover hiding his embarrassed face


    I have played all call of duty games and this game sucks i literally brought and sold within the hour. What were you guys thinking? multiplayer was shocking never had a bad experience with any cod before this.

  2.  Rubbish


    Worst game I've ever played got to third level and binned it games garbage

  3.  would be 0 star if was the option


    agree with other review game is trash graphics are a joke aswell as being a boring game anyways DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!

  4.  future of gaming!!


    had 3 games with my kinect and i didn't play any other game the same night!! also a really good workout :) feel tired after awhile.

    fighting moves are as you would do in real life and experienced no lagg at all as the other reviewer did! maybe positioning of kinect bar.

    only gave a 4 star as the range of fighters when u start is limited so keep fighting same 6 till you move on!

  5.  claptons best for real


    wicked tracks for any real clapton fan a must buy :P

  6.  one word ACE


    played demo last night, was hooked for hours, plenty of different moves and all the original voices etc as expected. gameplay fast and exciting a welcome change from boxing games as im a major ufc fan.

  7. Dogz


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £23.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     dog ruff!


    game is awful, graphics terrible, gameplay the same. all dogs wearing silly jewellery and cowboy hats etc. brought this for the girlfriend and see wasnt amused either. story line was so bad game went on and off within 10 mins spent longer choosing what dog to have. this is nothing like nintendogs as was expected

  8.  Quality Lessons *Track Listing Wrong*


    the track listing is actually wrong, it does not have "tears in heaven" on this dvd. instead it has "Bad Love" which i was really happy about as is one of the best Eric Clapton songs of all time. the lessons are very good, although sometimes a bit fast.

    note: i would not advise this dvd for a novice guitar player the songs contain alot of advanced techniques.

    well worth the money.

  9.  horrible guitar controller


    looks really cool and has 2 options where you attach your strap so its more comfortable. the major problem with this is that now and again the green or orange button doesnt work and says that its now pressed down when it is, also on the long notes it dpesnt hold the note. gets through batteries so fast aswell, i have both controllers and i would reccommend that you get the xplorer pad as its much more reliable and its wired so no running out of power half way through a song.

  10.  omg dont waste your money


    thought game would be amazing due to the marketing. after waiting over ten mins to start the game due to heavy cutscenes you then find yourpart of a confusing story line to do with genetics! all i was after was a stealthy action game. you have to come out of what can only be described as the matrix and then walk around this hospital type setting to only go to bed then start next level. after completing the first few assassins you then find that you have nothing to do but walk the stree to try find a person to offer info on your mission if you help them but this can be time consuming ans boring.

    my advice is to scrap this game and buy cod4 or something with real action and shelf life