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  1.  Shockingly Bad


    I write film reviews so I really should be able to write something better than this but I'm not even going to bother! Between Sigourney and Bruce I thought we'd have a better end product than this... it's the most predictable, cliched joke of a film I've seen in a long, long time. Avoid at all costs - it's chronic!

  2.  Incredibly funny, touching, and stylish


    Although I'd been looking forward to True Grit for a long time, I had no idea to expect such a sharp humour even amidst the western setting. The script is truly very funny and well paced, keeping the genre punchy and energetic. Standout performances from all involved; most definitely worth watching, and one worth buying for the DVD shelf. A Coen brothers keeper.

  3.  Truly brilliant - the best thing on television.


    What a fabulous DVD set this is for what was the best thing to come on television in 2010. This boxset looks great on the shelf and features all seven episodes of Downton Abbey season one.

    Witty, sharp, beautifully filmed and acted by Britain's finest talents, this boxset will keep you on the edge of your seat on Sunday evening for hours.

  4.  Slow overall but when it's fun, it's really fun.


    The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was an awesome movie so we decided to buy the game on an impulse. Sadly it's not as dark or as exciting as the film, rather a watered down play by play of many of the key scenes, but with menial and repetitive tasks randomly inserted.

    The variety of spells you acquire throughout the game is great; for a fan it's fun casting the expelliarmus spell or some of the more exciting charms, and kids will love it but for an adult consumer it fails to utilise any of the gritty drama or more adult themes present in the later films.

    This will entertain you on rainy days but maybe wait for the price to drop a little.

  5.  Even better than season 1. I didn't know that was possible!


    Dollhouse is an utterly brilliant show. After season one did a great job of introducing us to Echo and all of the other characters, season two has come back with a massive kick and really shaken the show up.

    The premise is a house full of programable human beings who have agreed to be 'actives'; have their memory wiped for a five year period in exchange for millions of dollars at the end of their contract, and utter relinquishment of their human rights for five years.

    Is it a sensitive issue? Yes. Is it sci-fi? Yes it is. Is it a thought provoking, juicy, classic Whedon show reminiscent of his Buffy the Vampire Slayer days? Yes it bloody well is!

    But this show and you will absolutely not regret it. Enjoy!

  6.  Another Mendes Masterpiece


    Sam Mendes has created yet another piece of art. If you appreciate American Beauty and Road to Perdition for their superb acting, vivid and poignant use of colour, and incredible directing to tell the simplest of suburban family stories then Revolutionary Road is for you.

    Winslet and DiCaprio shine as the leads, and Kathy Bates gives an utterly brilliant performance in her supporting role. This movie is an absolute must for anyone who truly appreciates cinema.

  7.  Should I Be Laughing?


    When I was asked to watch this movie, I was dubious about saying yes. I'd like to think I'm pretty intelligent, and also pretty politically correct, so the idea of a slapstick Johnny Knoxville flick about special needs turned my politically correct stomach. But I gave it a chance, and I soon found myself crying with laughter. Please, please give this film a chance. This is a comedy, but the subject matter is covered in such a tasteful way, an obvious choice from the writers. You find yourself smiling with the characters and really wanting them to succeed and be happy. It's a hilarious, moving film with a fantastic sound track and incredibly funny, perfectly timed comedy acting. I haven't laughed this much at a movie in a long time.

  8.  Complex, Heavy and Beautiful


    This movie deserves your time, patience and concentration if you sit down and watch it. Anything less than that, and I think the incredible visuals, complex stories and beautiful theme will fly over your head. Be prepared for some heavy viewing; Aranofsky's quirky and deep film really warms your heart and breaks it at the same time, much of which is down to the needle sharp acting and intensely beautiful soundtrack, courtesy of Clint Mansell. But if you're in the mood for watching a film that will potentially make you view life and love on a somewhat more spiritual, and possibly other worldy level, The Fountain will really open your eyes.