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  1.  good online... bad off line


    A good game if you like to play online... as there are tournaments galore, seasons, 1vs1...you name it they got it e.g. ultimate team. I like this game when you play against friends, the new touch and motions are better, but not a vast difference from fifa12, now the but. offline there is nothing great, manager mode, player mode but no player manager!!!!! I loved this on fifa 12 the count down on transfer day closing... there are skills training whilst waiting loading but something is missing. Maybe, i say maybe the return of pes13

  2.  A quality game for a quality price!!!


    There are some niggles with the game e.g. telling the tanks to shoot something, but the game has great strengths graphics are superb and the environment is vast lots of different scenarios. I can't see why the single game cannot be compared to COD4, as some aspects it is better. I think it just doesn't give as much leaway as you can be shot dead in an instant. A must buy!!! just be patient

  3.  Its cheap...and fun!


    Right this is not high graphics like COD...but it ain't bad. I have been looking for a fun game, just to tick me over until the big gun games come out., and this did the trick. You need to work out your tactics with the teams and becomes fun and it isn't over difficult and to behonest I was dissapointed that I finished it. Just give it a try and honestly you won't be disappointed..Enjoy!!!

  4.  I like this game, just starts slow!!


    Ok, you have to travel far sometimes to get one mission to the other, but the environment is great to look at..honestly it is!.
    It is an all out shooter, but you have to be abit strategic on how complete missions. I love you can set fire to everything to burn out your enemies, the only down fall the vehicules are not that great and varied, but it is a shooter which gives you a challenge. It is a must buy...and I paid top bucks for this when it first came out...and wasn't disapointed, so just be patient and you will be rewarded.

  5.  If you are a fan of prince of persia serie...ahh not good


    It is great to look at, but has lost that speed and movement jumping here to there...with the ducking and diving, defeating the soldiers. Well...they have taken that away by making you having to press the buttons at the right time or be defeated, which works with god of war, not POP. Also they have made the controls more simple (normally good) but has made it too simple, unfortunately it is now...boring

  6.  An enjoyable game, at the right price!


    Good game, graphics do impress, but it has lost its...creepiness compared to the previous epic. It took me a while to get into it, but was well worth it. The only down full, the end of level badies lol, once you work how to defeat them, it is literally over in seconds. You will enjoy and won't be disapointed.

  7.  Don't be put of by only 3 stars!!!


    This game is fun, the graphics are not bad (kept the feeling of the previous james bond games). The first impression wasn't great but play on and it draws you in, but it does finish abit short... and sudden, but worth the money!

  8.  The best driving game to date!


    I have played and completed! and it was not a disappointment, just takes time to get use to the controls (slightly sensetive). The graphics are second to none, but there is only one thing you can complain about is the repetetive tracks, but the control of every vehicule is different. This gives level difficulty which keeps you coming back, a must, especially at a low price!!!

  9. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

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     A Great Game


    I enjoy this game for it's 1950's theme, for being unsual and a great visual game, but it is missing easy flow which may give you some hesistation to go back . It doesn't make you wonder what you are leading upto, just suspense what is around the corner. I enjoyed it and a great original game and nothing out there like it.

  10.  It could be better! but...


    The game has to have one of the worst begginngs of any game. Then first thoughts were how rubbish the game was when i first starting playing it. I don't like to waste money so kept on going...to find out that the game turns out to be not so bad, the game play improves unfortunately the graphics are not that great, but it became very enjoyable. Why couldn't start the game on how it finishes off? Works out to be enjoyable shoot em up, if you like resistance fall of man, something to consider.