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  1.  A work in progress


    Can't help but feeling this game isn't the finished article, I'd expect more from the next installment in the Wii series. If your thinking of buying it I'll give a quick rundown of the game:

    There are 5 match modes (thats about 5% of the number of modes you'll find in this game in every other console format):
    * single
    *hardcore (the only weapon i've been able to use in this match so far is a chair ?)
    *triple threat
    *K.O. Match. (Seriously don't see what purpose this match type serves whatsoever, would it have killed them to put in a fatal 4 way instead?)

    The only thing in this game I'll give credit to is the watered down career mode known as "Main Event" mode, unlike on the 360 version which I have also played, it's just plain & simple: work your way up the ladder, challenge opponents, get title shots (although for some daft reason if you win a title every defence for that title is at the same PPV arena, i.e. if you win the tag titles at backlash every title defence will be at the backlash arena), build your character's stats (you can also play as the ECW roster on this version which for some reason you can't do on the 360) and it goes on as on for as long as you want. I can honestly say the career mode is far more playable on this than on the 360, no need to worry about making pointless public appearances coupled with chronic injuries, its just what gaming should be: Fun.

    There is the obvious create a superstar mode which, like everything else in this game, is a watered down version of the 360/PS3 versions, but is good enough for what you need it for.

    The game also has all the same unlockable arenas & characters as the other versions of SD! vs RAW '08.

    All in all I'd say this game is good for what it is: a work in progress. I reckon it lays down a good foundation for what will no doubt be a good title to own on the Wii in years to come, I'm sure performing taunts with the WiiMote is more enough to keep younger wrestling fans entertained for months(it kept me entertained for a couple of hours at least and I turn 21 in 2 weeks lol) but seasoned gamers will be put off by the lack of game modes.

    I know I'll probably be trading it in with TNA IMPACT hits the shelves early next year but if you want to play a pro wrestling game on the Wii this year, this is your only option.