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  1.  Not to be confused with World War Z the Book


    Overall World War Z isn't a bad action film. It's very enjoyable. However, it is important to know that World War Z the movie and World War Z the book have absolutely nothing in common, except that there are zombies.

    So if you're expecting this to be a movie of Max Brook's incredible book (which I do very highly recommend you read), you will be very disappointed.

    That said, there are some great scenes in this movie, which scared my girlfriend and had us on the edge of our seats. Towards the end however, it feels like they simply ran out of budget or had major creative differences and ended up shoe-horning something in to simply end the film.

    Brad Pitt, as always, is excellent throughout. But by the end of the film the only thing you're left wondering is why he took this role.

  2. Frozen



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     Comically Bad


    If you've ever been skiing (or snowboarding) you will express constant irritation at how stupid the three characters in this movie are. They ignore all common sense and safety guidelines with dire consequences.

    The characters themselves are very good however and the dialogue is snappy and superbly engaging...in the first half.
    Then the film descends into wailing and screaming.

    Ironically it's the horror part of the movie which just doesn't sell.

  3. Ink



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     Low Budget Brilliance!


    I bought this film based on the three 5-star reviews on Play.com and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It's not gory and the whole thing is done on a shoe string budget. But the filming, direction, musical score, acting and what special effects there are, have been used so very well to make a truly engrossing tale of despair, hope and redemption.

    Only 1 thing didn't quite make sense at the end, but I still shed a tear. A manly tear!

    It's not a horror film really, although the 'incubus' are really disturbing. And it's not a film that explains everything. You need to pay attention and have a little bit of imagination to fill in some blanks.

    I think you'd be a little disappointed if you paid full whack for this, but for a fiver you'd be mad not to pick this up.

  4.  Exceptional Space Adventures


    The animation's okay and the artwork varies from awesome to mediocre, but Outlaw Star is one of the finest examples of an anime series done well.

    There's none of this emo teenage moping we get in modern anime. Instead we have action, adventure, solid pace and sharp conversation from charismatic characters in a colourful (yet gritty) space age future.

    Outlaw Star may be a little cheesy in places, but it doesn't pull its punches. There's only 1 or 2 episodes which could be consider 'filler'. The start is strong, the middle has some excellent episodes and the finale brings it all to a satisfying close with plenty of action.

    An uplifting, no nonsense series that deserves a place in any anime fan's collection.

  5.  Better than I thought!


    I picked this up on the cheap because it looked pretty good -and it didn't disappoint!

    For a low budget film the effects are done well, the creature believable and the acting top notch.

    Some real jump out of your seat moments and even one moment when your jaw hits the floor in horror and disbelief.

    Well worth a watch and well worth owning. At this price it's horrifying if you don't buy it!

  6.  Atmospheric


    Pandoum is slow to start, but oozes atmosphere, tension and fear of the unknown. Then all hell breaks loose and it's a non stop roller coaster ride of horrifying new revelations and twists that keep you guessing right up until the end. Buy it!

  7.  Don't Buy On Impulse


    I picked this up on the strength of the single Ready For The Floor. Hadn't listened to their previous album.

    The single is excellent, but the rest of the tunes felt generally jumbled and chaotic.

    If you're looking to buy this based purely on their current single, then I'd give this a miss.
    Luckily my girlfriend is a Hot Chip fan, so I gave this to her.

    Want something funky? Buy New Order's Singles Collection instead!