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  1.  Excellent British Comedy


    I avoided this show for quite a while until I saw a couple of episodes as part of in-flight entertainment in 2010 and immediately became hooked.

    Outnumbered is a part scripted, part improvised awarding winning show about the lives of two parents (Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis) and their three children as they go about their daily lives. Guy Jenkins and Andy Hamilton (the directors) have said that the scenes with the children are improvised to give the show a sense of realism. This is something that has made this show so popular....it rings true to life! Thne way the family interact, what the children and adults do, it all seems very realistic.

    The acting is top notch and the children really do steal the show. This is great and is really worth watching. I am sure that it will become a flag ship show and will remain popular amoung audiences for years to come.

  2.  Wonderful classic TV


    I remember watching this show when it first aired on the BBC when I was about 10/11 and being comletely captivated by the storyline about Father Clifford (Stephen Tompkinson) and Assumpta Fitzgerald (Dervla Kirwan).

    This show is about the people who live in the fictional village of Ballykissangel anf is generally quite light hearted with ongoing storylines and stand alone episodes. It is a light drama with some comedy and has very little swearing and no raunching scenes. This show became one of the "most popular comedy-dramas ever" in the 90's.

    This boxset is good value for money (15.99) as it contains the first three series, which in my opinion are the best. There are no special features or anything like that and the picture quality of some of the early episodes leaves a bit to be desired, but the BBC have not digitally remarsted them so it's to be expected. It does say on the DVD that "due to the archive nature of the footage sound and picture quality may vary ocassionally", but I don't think that its a real issue.

    In series three the episode "The Waiting Game" which is about a lottery winner is not on the disc. The BBC have stated that it is "regretably not avaliable at this time", but bearing in mind that the episode is now 12 years old it really should be on DVD. This implies that although statistics show this was one of the most popular shows the BBC ever produced, they are not overly fussed with the DVD.

    There are a total of 7 series of Ballykissangel, but I don't think the show was ever the same after Stephen Tompkinson and Dervla Kirwan left at the end of series 3. If you want to watch the origional cast and the storylines that made this show so popular then this is an excellent boxset.

  3.  Highly recomended


    This is the first ever excerise dvd i have ever brought. Im one of these people who starts doing excersises but gets bored easily...you cant get bored with this dvd. Although the dance section (BPM) is a lil quick if your not a dancer, its a really good dvd. I agree with others that the toning section is quite short---but it is hard work nonetheless. Its such a quick moving dvd you wouldnt know it lasted an hour.

    I woke up today with really painfull legs and stomach, which is clearly a good sign.

    The dvd is made even better by the three intensity levels. You can change at any time....as being fairly new to excerisie it toggled between the lead girl and low intensity....but believe me you still work up a sweat and feel the burn.

    Highly recomended.....if you want to loose weight while not realising...get this dvd.

  4.  Great fun


    I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook (i have them in the car while i drive to uni (1.5hr each way)).

    It is really enjoyable, and wonderfully read by tony robinson, the only problem I had was understanding the scottish accents of the picties....but this is just through my ignornace and consntration on the road, it doesn't detere from how wonderful the story is.

  5.  Amazing


    This book is truely amazing.

    What the people in the book have to say is so important, and they've all be through so much, yet there is barely any resentment in their words.

    This book is incredably moving, and quite simply made me cry out of sadness, respect and admiration for all these incredable people.

    Max Arthur has the oral histories of not inly the British, obut some French and German to.

    We should NEVER forget the Great War and we should NEVER forget what these amazing people have to say.