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  1.  Infuriating!


    This is a brilliant game. Seriously I loved it... so why did I trade it in after owning it for a week? Luck. This game is far too heavily based on luck for someone like me who likes to be able to show of their skill when in a game.

    Graphically it is very lacking and the sound effects don't help it out. But it's a puzzle game so I can let this slide.

    Brilliant deep game but way to annoying for me.

  2.  Finally


    I have had this game for some time now as I bought it from the US.

    Its UK release has been long overdue as I have been able to enjoy this fantastic game for several months now.

    Graphically it is one of the best titles on the DS. Shadowed only by 2D games such as Lunar Knights.

    Gameplay wise it is a traditional RPG slog. With much more grinding than I have ever needed in another game. The jobs system although not particularly new was first introduced to me in this game and I love it. Although some jobs are insanely over powered (I recommend everyone has a monk in their team).

    The plot is somewhat lacking but there is enough of it to keep me playing until the end. But it's no Pheonix Wright.

    The music is pitiful compared with other FF titles. Listening to this alongside the FFIX soundtrack actually hurts my brain.

    I gave it 4/5 because something deep inside of me loves traditional RPGs and this is easily one of the top DS games. Sadly when compared with other platforms it loses ground.