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  1.  Superb Skyrim


    Holy mother of god this game is the Mutts Nutts.
    Awesome graphics/detail and characters.
    A massive amount of people,monsters etc.
    Superb quest and story.
    Anyone that played Elder Scrolls knew how big that game was.
    well this isnt any smaller.
    only been on this 2hours and already im waving bye bye to seeing any sunlight and fresh air for a while.

    Phenom 955 Black edition@3.2ghz
    8Gig Ram
    Ati Radeon 6870
    and ure rewarded with Ultra settings and detail

    Cant tell you anymore as im missing the game already......

  2.  BF3


    Ive booked a week off work for this game and today i have been playing it and am so glad i have.
    Like Bad Company 2 this is the game that makes hours dissapear, as well as a social like-it really is that good.

    Amd Phenom X4 955 Black Edition
    8Gig Ram
    Ati radeon 6870
    and the result is Ultra Settings with AA and AF on full.

    there is no one out there that cant have heard of this so if you havent ,GET IT - ITS MINT

  3.  DEUS EX


    Phenom X4 955 Black edition
    6870 Ati
    8gig ram

    All settings on MAX-smooth,

    this game is whats its all about,
    not been a decent game out for ages and this games fills a gap extremely well.
    a definate buy

  4.  Awesome Nero


    This is not really my type of music but after i heard You & Me on Mtv and they heard Guilt and promises i was sold.

    Very talanted Duo and Alana Watson provides the vocals on many of the songs and has an awesome voice.

    One of the best albums i think ive bought this year.
    5 out of 5 for me

  5.  Duke ( Hail to the king) Nukem


    Well im afraid i havent been sold with this game.

    In my opinion no game can ever live up to the hype of 12yrs development.

    For me i think the graphics are dated,the gameplay is not up to standard.
    all duke fans will be happy as you have the good old style humour,swearing and bad language which is humorous.

    Anyone new to this and dont remember the original will not see past all the old duke style game etc and will just accept this as a decent (ish) Shooter with some driving elements thrown in to the mix.
    but for me when you have the likes of Rage coming in september+the awesome bulletstorm thats out which are vastly superior in graphics,Gaming engine,fluidity and gameplay i feel this game is 3 stars for me.
    bulletstorm is a great game and for a tenner less.
    but that is a mindless carnage game with not much slowdown in action of hundreds of ways to kill enemies.

  6.  The Witcher


    After finally getting over the fact that after you put your serial code in and waiting for it to connect to the tinterweb for it to download a file to play i was away and playing (shame the Servers were offline or maxed out for 2days so could not even play it)
    Well anyway finally after that all went smooth and i now found myself to be playing a very graphically impressive game,with a decent story and some great gameplay.

    Anyone reading this will have experienced,fable,the witcher or at least dragon age etc so any fans of any of them should be very happy inthere element here.

    for 24.99 you get a nice 2 discs game,a dvd and soundtrack,some cut outs of gerald and a map and instruction book and game book as well as a cursed coin (my wife can have that i think)

    Only been playing for 5hours and am finding it to be extremely enjoyable,difficulty is spot on with me picking the next one up from easy and still thats taxing,as your going to have to parry as some of the enemy have towershields so its a matter of block,roll and heavy hit them from behind of the side etc.

    On a negative side the keys cannot be re-difined so you have to use W,S,D,A to move,E-block-Space-roll-Q-use magic as well as a few others,i would have prefered arrow keys

    and when you turn gerald around,he stays in focus for you but the entire scenary gets blurred so that can be disorientating and confusing.

    All in all this is one game that needs to be in any RPG fans collection


    1.Do as many side quests as you can and use youtube walkthrough if u get stuck as you need as much experience as you can as ure going to hit a brick wall if you dont have much health or vigor.
    2.spend experience ( in my opinion ) on 200% dodge and vitality on the sword upgrade path,sign path your going to need to upgrade the Quen sign as this acts as a shield and electrifies the enemy and this sign is vital when you meet the Draug leader in the ghost world as it is WELL HARD on normal level.
    pick up anything and everything to sell and use.
    meditate and make postions and bombs with the ingredients and plants you pick up as well as coating your sword with oil.
    add armour to your jackets and runes to your swords.
    all in all a game that you dont want to end.
    currently starting chapter 3.

  7.  Bulletstorm


    An awesome looking and graphically gorgeous and intent game.
    anyone knowing the likes or serious sam 1 and 2 will no that the storyline is pretty much non existant but that in no way spoils or lowers the game.

    The amount of kills,ways of killing,carnage and destuction combined with the intensity of the game will keep you placed on ure chair for a long time.

    varieties of kills = Kill points.
    kill points = currency so to speak to spend on upgrading weapons,clip sizes,add on etc.
    also getting the lasso electro whip glove will allow you to grap and pull enemies out of cover towards you,then kicking them over a cliff=Vertigo kill= 250points
    or shoot them on the legs to trip them,as the stand kick them in to a giant cactus= prickly kill=200points
    loads of different ways to kill.
    my fav is fire the sniper rifle,as the bullet near slow mo gets activated,then the enemie try to run and dive for cover,whilst shouting obcenities at you,then move mouse to alter path of bullet towards head=no head=head kill

    good trailers on youtube to watch and see for yourself.

    for me this is a no serious,fun game of utter killing and carnage and plenty of varied enemies.giant level bosses,and huge man eating plants.

    Phenom X2 955 Quad
    4gig ddr3
    ati 4850
    and maxed out on all settings at 1920x1080 HD and no slowdown or glitches

  8.  Bad Company 2


    Had this the day it came round and thought i had already wrote a review.
    initially this game was plagued with the online punkbuster countermeasure kicking people off after a minute.
    3/4 weeks after that it was sorted due to a patch.

    Single player this game is extremely good and will make every Fps lover feeling very satisfied.

    online it really takes off from being extremely good to Awesome.
    will take a good couple of months to get every unlock for each of the four classes and when you have every weapon you will still have loads more to achieve from badges,pins to your rank as well as the fun of hiding in the undergrowth and trees with the camo gear on and the mighty M95 sniper rifle or gol magnum sniper to going straight in with the assault kit with grenade launchers that can even fire smoke cannisters to hide u whilst enemy snipers try to get there mark on you.
    this list is endless and as you can see with the results its not going to dissapoint worth every penny of the 30notes and now its even half that..lol

  9.  Black Ops


    HI all.

    Got the game the day it came out,im afraid i just expected it to run and be ok as bad company 2 runs on max settings and is an awesome game.
    Amd Athlon X2 5600@3.ghz ,4Gig Ram,Ati 4850
    Well like i said i just presumed it would be fine as i have yet to encounter a game that is unplayable.

    Well like most people i have learnt the long hard way,installed the game and even on the menu screen we are talking choppy to stuttering Fmv.
    i ended up lowering the res to 800X600 and put every single detail on low and off.HA.made it a tad better but by the time i was playing, i got shot before the my man even moved to the right..

    looked at the box, MIN yes MIN specs are Core2Duo E6600 or Phenom X3 8750.
    Well luckily before i got this i had ordered a Am3 ASRock Mobo,Phenom X4 955 and 4Gig DDR3
    today i have just install said components and Am pleased to say the game runs perfect even with the same Antec TrueBlue 480W Psu & the Ati 4850.
    The game is extremely depended on the CPU more than The GPU hence the min spec an ATI 1950Pro or Nvidia 6600.
    Have not played more than 15mins but from what i saw it is in Awesome looking game and is up my FPS street.
    i can guess that multiplayer is gonna be a different story so will wait and see.
    all of you with under those Cpu specs will ive no doubt encounter problems, and its even cheaper to buy the game and an Xbox360 than it is to upgrade to this level unless you have an already decent motherboard allowing the cpu upgrade path.

    Games for PS3 & Xbox are made around the consoles capability.
    as you know games are just made to the best they can possibly be for PC's and its up to you to keep up.

  10.  Veho 360


    Pretty decent for the price.
    not brilliant but it does what it says in the tin.
    decent bass and all round sound,perfect for an mp3 player and if your laptop does not have subwoofer and just has basic tinny speakers then this will kick them in to touch with its clear sound.
    please note that the 3.5mm jack lead is less than 1.5inch so when u plug it into your laptop it will just reach to sit on the keypad.- that part is a great shame.

    all in all worth less than a tenner.