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    The game itself is definatly a must for people that like a bit of Bioshocks atmosphere,Wolfenstiens aliens,and a bit of deadspace and half life.
    The Graphics are very well polished,and the entire game and story are very good.
    Unfortunatly unless its a rpg or rts game then the FPS games are usually too short and easily finished and this one is no different, 2 days to play and complete,suggest putting it on the hard level as on normal you will have a lot of ammo and just have no way problem in tearing thru all that stand in your way.
    BUY THIS for sure but wait till its under 20quid i feel



    In my personal opinion anyone that liked 300 and Gladiator as the other comment says will in no doubt in my mind more than like this.
    The entire 13 parts show a truly superbly written and acted out version on the tale.
    it has all the slow motioned blood and guts spilt in the colosseum, the back stabbing and treachery of the people and dont even get me started with the sex which is in nearly every episode.
    The series is currently recieving great audiences and acclaim here in the uk and has been more than praised in america.
    saddly the season 2 has been postponed as the lead actor Andy Whittfield is getting treatment for a type of cancer, but there is a 6 part prequel on its way next year which he will be in 2 episodes in between treatment.
    anyway this just needs to be bought.trust me

  3.  Lvl 1 Sunglasses


    A decent pair for a tenner.
    i basically wanted a pair for driving to keep the sun from straining my eyes as well as wanting a pair that looked cool.
    No chance of me ever looking cool but the silver one way tint does its job well.
    my only gripe is the pair i got seems a tad tight and the left side presses into the side of my head,may be just the size of my head although i would like to think its a standard.
    all in all nice looking glasses.

  4.  descent 2


    For me this is a great suspense film.
    although predictable like most films it still leaves you glued to the set watching and waiting for the next person to die.
    Being an avid horror film im used to horrific deaths and gore etc but not so much used to bits that just make you jump,and im talking yards not just feet.
    i really enjoyed this film,its more or less the same as the 1st but if u want the same action,shocks and suspense although predictable as the 1st film then i would recommend it.

  5.  Ip Man


    For me this is one of those films that is up there with JetLi's Fist of legend.
    A truly superb film that should keep you glued to the screen.
    any martial art film lover should not go without seeing this.

  6.  AVATAR


    This films needs no introduction.

    Originally started in 1994 Mr Cameron chose to wait for technology to improve before filming this film,in 2006 he started with the script etc and has said if succesfull 2 more will follow.
    Well after what i have seen and all the other people and reviews o here 2 more have to be on there way.
    this film is without a doubt breathtaking as was F.Fantasy Advent Children when that was released.
    I doubt anyones dvd collection will not own this when released.

  7. Risen


    PC Games

    3 New from  £10.99  Free delivery

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    Just a quick review to say that i, as well as others have experienced the well know bug with this game.
    When arriving at the monastary make sure that you fully complete the basic training by defeating Aric.
    Dont want to spoil too much ,but for me i fully completed a quest after that and it was still in the current quests tab and no other line of conversation with the other Npc was available,resulting in having to restart the game.

    Apart from that i have and still am having a great time playing this as much as i did with Oblivion and The Witcher.
    It can be a short game if you follow the main story quests and not do many side quests but you will just find that you wont have much experience and levelling up will take a lot longer.

  8. Hush



    16 New from  £5.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.64



    I would put this film on par with the film Shuttle, that was basically 2men picking people up from the airline (Girls) and taking them to a warehouse where there loaded onto a container for shipment.
    That was human trafficking and this has a very similar story line although you dont get to know exactly why,
    The film itself i found to contain a good level of suspense and it does lure you in and keep you glued to ure seat.
    if you do buy this and enjoy it then Shuttle is a good film to watch as well.

  9.  The Inbetweeners


    Very rude
    Very vulgar
    Very bad swearing.
    But very funny & i do mean very.

    They should make more seasons as this was and is the best thing out there to make you laugh hard to the stage where you will turn into hysterical fool laughing.

    Look at the reviews.we all cant be wrong.
    A crazy price for the amount of laughing your going to be doing.

  10.  Watchmen


    Well regretably i was looking forward to this film as the trailers as you can imagine show the good bits.
    Im afraid that in my personal opinion i was dissapointed.
    As most people have said its 2.5hours of nothing.
    It feels like the film is slow and is going and getting no where..
    Hard to describe why,the effects are amazing and the acting is good, but there is that key element that makes this stand out missing and ure left after an hour wondering whats going on.

    Rent,buy then if u like it.