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  1.  My Bloody Valentine


    "There's nothing sweeter that watching a film that knows exactly what it is. At no point does this film pretend to be anything but a mindless slasher film straight out of your DVD collection. The film is jammed with great kills, loads of gore and plenty of laughs and is sure to keep the hardcore horror nut entertained for most of its 101 minute running time.

    Anyone that has seen the 1981 version should enjoy this one as its alot better to watch & anyone not having seen that then i would highly recommend this as well as the midnight meat train.

  2.  Kings Bounty


    Had not even heard of this till i saw it on plays coming soon releases.
    I read some reviews and was impressed enough to fork out the £25 to get it.
    Money well spent in my opinion.
    The game is Very addictive and just soaks up your free time.
    The game is very well polished on the graphic scale and sound affects are pretty good.
    The game is the usual story based main game with loads of side quests to earn leadership allowing more armys to control and gold to buy ure army.
    So along the game are varies towns and islands etc with locals and castle owners wanting your help etc.
    this all leads to gold and various powerups and skills.
    You have 5 slots to allow armies from spiders,Wolves,bears,snakes,soldiers,archers,mages,paladins,hyenas and those are just the ones i have so far from about 15hours gaming.
    I just love this game as you are left with that urge to play,play play when ure not on it and that is something missing with most of todays games.
    so ure basically trotting around the towns,swamps,foresets etc on horseback which allows you to see the various enemy and how many units they are controlling allowing you to actually choose to engage or avoid,choosing engage then moves the view to a kind of chess board where you take turns to move ure units to attack and kill.

    All in all i would have no hesitation in recommending this game to any one loving the games like The Witcher and any Rpg with that slightly different element.

    5 Stars for me.


    Have now been playing for 2 weeks and enjoy saying that im still wanting and having the urge to play this all the time.

    I am now level 20 and have just got to the area from using the book of the dead and the enemy are still harder than me,forcing me to go back to other islands and places and kick more ass for more XP.

    The help i can offer is spend ure rune stones wisely when upgrading might,magic and the other one.

    I would highly recommend buything the upgrade that allows the 2 reserve spots to be used in ure team so that you can swap between units when ure coming to a battle,saves time in having half ure team wiped out and then having to travel back to tjhe recruitment area where u hired them,also save stuff like,sprouts and spiders eggs,griffen eggs etc so u can use them and have additional units in ure team.
    Also you may noticed smiley faces below ure team face icons,this is morale,low,neutral etc.If u mix classs like have and elfs,griffens,bears,cannoneers and then demons the moreal will drop to possibl critial,some races do not like others and morale will drop and ure team will not kick ass as much,so you will need to use the runes you collect etc and buy the upgrade that allows mixed races to have not negative effect on others.s

    And the the main thing is not all quests can be completed early on in the game as u just wont be strong enough so will need to return,
    and most of all dont be in a rush to just go with the story as this game just about forces you to do side quests etc as the enemies are just overpowinging and impossibe, so all in all, do side quests all the time to gain those runes to spend as well as money, do battles when u know u can wim to gain Xp& Leadership as the more u have the more units you can command..

    G.luck and have fun

  3.  Against the Dark


    Agree with most of the other reviews.

    Ure better off with 30 days of night or 28 weeks later etc.
    S.seagal has had his time and is now passed his prime.

    2 Men and 2 women are zombie slayers,the 2 women dont say a word through the film.
    95% Percent of the film is just them patrolling a hospital cleaning it ouf and theres a few civillians inside trying to get out,yawn.

    Im even boring my self.
    Do not buy unless its less than a fiver

  4.  Mum & Dad


    IF you have £9 to waste then ill give u my paypal address, if not then buy this and watch your money float away in to a film that surely has a budget about the same as you spent buying it.
    spent most of my time using the faithfull fast forward.

    I cant even be bothered to say anything else besides ( TAT)

  5.  Stepbrothers


    I watched this in bed with my headphones and unfortunatly woke my wife up with my constant laughing, resulting in the bed shaking.
    Will Ferrell is class at not acting his age and his s.bro is equally as funny.
    If you have watched Elf and found the humour on your level then you will be more than happy.

  6.  COD 5


    Im finding this game to be very enjoyable.
    It has superb graphics and fast gameplay.
    Good detail and animations.
    As a fan of the other cods like most people was extremely sceptical that treyarch was taking the development as there reputations is not very good, but i think they have done a superb job.
    Have not played online yet but the in solo i would recommend that you put the diff level up a notch, as im finding most games now dont seem to be lasting long before you have completed them

  7.  Top Gun Hoodie


    Agree with all other comments
    Very nice,very warm and comfy,your not going to want to take it off
    And a killer price.

  8.  Dead Space


    I have to say i thought this game would be good, i didnt expect it to be excellent, with the likes of Far Cry 2 taking my attention i installed this thinking i would be on it for a hour and back to Fc2.
    This game is just amazing.
    If you have ure pc somewhere that will not disturb others then get the room dark and crank up the sounds and u will be blown away.
    The entire ship has superb sound affects to the hull creaking and far away screams of pain an agony., turn a corner and see a barrel just come rolling down the corrider,turn another and see a silhoutte or a creature ripping someone to bits.
    all these atmopsheric parts of the game are just the start.
    The graphics,puzzles and gameplay will leave you wanting more,u wont get off this for a while after your up and running.
    The zero gravity is a superb element to the game.
    walking down a corrider gun ready,eerie sounds and making u looking behind you,turn and see an injured scientist begging for help and BANG an alien comes through the wall,latches on to his head and swallows half his body,stands him up then u see the thing morph into an even ulgier looking thing as more arms come out of it and a head hangs down,you back up,the thing see's you are proceeds to walk towards you and then a meteor comes through the ship,the alien gets sucked out,Ure suit makes a loud PPsshhhh sounds as the valve lets air into your suit and your Gravity boots lock onto the floor, the sound all changes and the ships computer warns you off Zero pressure..

    feel like im writing a book now,
    JUST BUY IT, and wave g.bye to your days and social life, IF u have one.
    Athlon X2 5600+ Ati Radeon 4850 = All settings on max,1400x900=no slowdown and one Goregous game.

  9.  Far Cry 2


    Wow & Omg are what you will be thinking when you get this thing up and running.
    As with most games its packed with securRom and you need the internet to get it to activate it etc.
    I have been on this game solid since thursday night and its easily the game of the decade let alone year.

    The attention to detial and graphics are like you have not seen before.
    the wind blows the trees and grass different directions,flame throw it and the fire spreads in that direction.
    When you get shot to hell your heal by carving the bullets out of ure limbs and snapping your arm back into place and if u really get hit bad and u have a buddy, he will come and pick you up whilst still shooting at the enemy and help you to safety.Excellent.

    The game is very Big and with those everglade hovercrafts,jeeps,cars etc you get around much quicker.
    side missions are a plenty with helping ure buddies or doing missions for people to gain diamonds to buy more stable and better weapons as the ones u pick up are rusty and jam easily and frequent (not for the men that were using them a min ago tho)

    Amd X2 5600+ & an Ati Radeon 4850 will see this game run with ease on Ultra settings at 1400X900

    Overall this game should not be missed and will be number one for a long time.

  10.  Brothers In Arms 3


    £25 + a free T-shirt,Bargain straight away.
    Anyone that loves the B.I.Arms story and previous games will no way be dissapointed.
    controls and commands are the same with an added dig in function so you can get behind ultimate cover and not just hide behind a wall,as long as u dont hide behind anything wooden as the enemy AI will shred that and you as well.

    Like the other 2 games you run in on ure own and leave your men to shoot away and your as good as dead,The game calls for tactics.Get ure team to supress them whilst you and ure man flank them.
    The graphics are smoothly polished and are a lot better than the last game as you can imagine.
    In a nut shell if you dont have the other 2 games and like call of dutys but with some tactics then i would have no hesitation in recommending this,
    Anyone with a nice Ati Radeon 4850 or 4870 will have guessed this game will run perfect on Max settings at 1440X700.

    Be warned.
    The back of the box says internet connection required for activation
    and also WinXp Users need Service Pack 3 and Vista SP1.