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  1.  Stalker Clear Sky


    You may not know what your getting into buying this,
    1St of all i have an ati 4850 can at least say that i have everything on max and the game is awesome looking.

    However there is more bugs in it than africa.

    1St one im having problems with is my own camp.

    I got to the trader,tell him what i want to but and sell and soon as the mouse curser goes onto the trade button it crashes,and the xengine lets send a report bug back to the company that made this game pops up.
    So basically i dont trade with him

    2Nd is one of the areas where u have to secure the paths at the far right of the map and wait for help.
    Well i have killed all the men that where there and have waited over an hour ,whilst i had my tea and still nothing.
    I dont even know who the help is or where they are coming from but i have heard that wherever they are,if they come engaged with a beast or other men they fight and then stay there.great.
    One forum said he had to find the guys,talk to them and shoot him in the foot just to get them moveing.

    Well i have loaded my last saves 3 times and took all different approaches and can say im sick of this as i still dont know which men or where they are coming from.

    Bring on far cry 2 i say.

    And all this is with the latest patch installed

  2.  Vexille


    what can be said about this film except WOW,stunning,breathtaking etc etc etc.
    All Animation CGI fans of Sky High,Spirits Within and FF Advent children will have thought not much could visually be as impressive,especially Advent Children.
    Well Im afaid there is and this is it.

    You wont regret buying this for your collection.

  3.  The Deaths of Ian stone


    This is one great film,not many predictable films like this and its very unique.
    Bascially it all begins with Ian Stone,an ice hockey player.
    something happens in his life to make him keep reliving the same moment from 5.03pm.
    now u may be thinking groundhog day and boring but is more complex.
    Harvesters.............beings that exist in another plane that live amongst us used to feed on just our fear,now they know they can get a 100% fear by killing us,the move from there plane to ours in that dark from that is the same as those kung fun twins in matrix reloaded when they changed and went through stuff.

    The harvesters realise that ian somehow managed to kill one of them,something never been done before so they hunt him down relentlessly,but find they cant kill him,they can only kill him as such so that he wakes up at the same time in a different life forgetfull of the events...Except..he does not forget..............
    I myself found this to be a great film that is so not like most of the been there seen them films.

  4.  Stargate Continuum


    Any fans of the stargates and atlantis's are going to buy this no matter what coz there is not 1 epsiode or film thats ever been boring or rubbish.
    And this is no exception.
    ITS GOOD&u will enjoy it.
    A good film for any Sci-Fi collection

  5.  battlefield 2142


    One on the best games you can ever hope to play online.
    The feeling of achievment as your kills and events with each kit and weapon all hell you progress to an higher rank & let you gain a vital unlock to give u another weapon or piece of kit to help you or your allies,from being a medic helping ure downed allies gain health and bring them back from death to the engineer, helping repair the titans guns,allies vehicles & AA & ground emplacements.
    and thats just 2 of the kits.
    The game frontlines was visually impressive and a good game but you only got ure unlocks for that round which was a major flaw in the game.
    This game gives you a great satisfaction from using a sniper rifle to go to the top of a tower or highpoint, using the A.P.mines to guard ure entry point so no one can climb up to you,snipering a few head kills and then engaging ure personal cloak to move to a new location.
    Or getting a allie to man the nose cannon and missiles on the Gunship whilst you hover behind a hill letting him pick off some tanks and gun down the fleeing personal.

    I have had this game like most other people for well over a year and the thrill of wanting to play it and gain the new stuff never leaves you.

    Plenty of maps to keep u happy and with the northern strike add on and the new 1.50 2 more map patch they know they have a big winner on there hands.
    Its hard to imagine how you can improve a game hits all the right spots.
    Big congrats to the ppl that made this DICE and EA are lucky they are the publisher os such an immense game.

    Top marks from me

  6.  All the boys love mandy lane


    ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is it over yet?
    im gonna go with trevor22 on his review.

    i personally found this film slower than a snail in a gale,

    It was just to boring and long winded to be going anywhere.
    it is written well, and has a great twist at the end,but its waiting for it.
    not the usuall hack and slash kinda teenage horror though, the deaths are just plain old boring.shot and stabbed etc.

    I just think your best off keeping hold off ure money till someone puts in on playtrade for 99p

  7.  Mass Effect


    I have only been playing this game for 3hrs at the time of writing this but its SWEET.
    Looks Great,Plays nicely and has alot of story depth by the looks of things.
    After 1st customizing your male/female you can change there whole appearance from the there hair to even hey lip gloss and eye shadow,hope thats not the case for the male.
    then select your background,IE where you were born,brought up and your class of player.
    Its then off to the game and then things get really good.
    anyone liking an RPG with a Shooter with a Space eliment then this will keep you more than happy and the reviews speak for themselves.

  8.  Dairy of the Dead


    After i watched cloverfields cam corder effort i thought i would give this a chance so got to see it.
    Glad i did, very enjoyable if you like these sort of films,
    if you do then i would definatly recommend Doomsday.

  9.  Doomsday


    Just watched this film and was more than impressed.
    Its a kind of mix between Mad max and 28 days,weeks later.
    Rhona Mitra is looking fine when shes dealing out the gore to the mohican nutters,Full of action,shooting,decapitations,slaughter,Gore.
    This film is now high on my list of fave films and welcome to stay there.
    Get to see this as soon as you can, if ure easily pleased like me then you will be sorted.

  10.  Turistas


    Ye its ok,
    some idiot in brazil capturing tourists and hacking them up on an op table to sell there organs.

    Screenpaly is good and it does have suspense.
    it is a good film, just nothing that we havent seen before.
    get it for a fiver if poss, if not dont bother