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  1.  Blood Angel Poster


    Its a poster.lol BUT its a damn good one.
    Any fans of luis royo or victoria frances should in know way be dissapointed.

    Cris Ortega has some good work out but i can only find this poster and one other of his.

  2.  Assassins Creed


    Well i must be one of the lucky ones then my installation went fine and have played the game for an hour.
    X2 5600+, 2 Gig Ram & 7900GTX OC all settings on max & on crappy Win Vista.All works fine.Cant really comment on the game as i have not played it enough to comment at the time of writing this, But its a gorgeous looking game, and has a lot of potential to my time of game.
    If you like games like The Witcher,Oblivion,Prince of persia, i know there not much like this but i think anyone likeing those types of games will be more than happy with this,if not put it back on play trade :-p


    I have now played this game and am changing my opinion.
    As mentioned the Graphics are awesome, the game has some god features like when you are doing your objectives they dont appear on the map so u have to climb up to various eagle points so scan that part of the city to see if they appear, this is a great idea for about 5/6 times but gets Very tedious.
    the fighting is easy as all u need to do is block and then counter and u can kill that person instantly, at one point i have 23 men on me and 3 health bars, i lay waste to them all by doing that as luckly only 2/3 attack at the same time and blocking and countering soon shuts them up.
    The Fmv is good,as when its viewed you see a computer glitch meaning you can press a key and view the angle.
    good for about 3 times and then you get sick of not being able to skip any.
    i have now knocked a star of my 1st impression review and must admit, that this game was on my list to buy for nearly 6months, and its a let down, dont feel the constant urge to play it like i did with the witcher and oblivion.
    Shame really.
    Hope this has helped a bit more.
    Its a good game for a day or 2 but just soon gets very repetitive and predictable wandering round the city to climb a view point to find your objective to then do it and report back...

  3.  Cloverfield


    I was expecting this to be rubbish after the likes of the blair witch But was suprised as to how much i enjoyed it.
    great suspense,atmosphere and u feel like one of the people there with the shakey cam etc.
    If you can get to see this with out having to buy it then you will enjoy it, not sure as much if you just forked out over £11 though.

  4.  Storm Warning


    Along the same story as wrong turn and hills have eyes etc.
    2 people,wrong place wrong time etc.
    find a old house, take refuge, sick owners come home, death etc from then on.
    its not a bad film and does leave you with that lump in your throat waiting for whats next, which you know anyway.
    Save your money in my opinion and wait for the price to lower.

  5.  Frontlines Fuel of war


    Athlon Xs 5600+ , GForce 7800 GTX OC, 2Gig Ram.
    All settings on max = no slowdown.

    trying to take some glory of BF 2142 this game does in most parts and misses in most also.

    For £25 this game is excellent with the t-shirt,soundtrack etc but anyone wanting this game for offline then your gonna finish it inless than 2days.
    online is different, i got this game on thursday and soon as i installed it there was a patch waiting from me.
    If you look on google you will see there are alot of issues at the moment.games wont connect with the message the server is unreachable and most times you click on a game and select launch and it just clicks and does nothing, so there are about 9 to 15 servers on there at the time of this and about 7 have people in them,god knows how they got in as one time it did just let me in after 4minutes of trying.
    Overall impressive game but there still something about BF2142 thats better, so i am sticking with BF2142.
    12/April.I have now sold this game on playtrade as i doubt i am going to ever play it agian, there is a huge part of this game thats missing with the excitement and fun to be haved with other games of this genre.

  6.  30 Days of night


    any one expecting a typical predictable vampire film will be in for a treat.a great enjoyable gory film that will actually keep your eyes glued to the screen, and its over 1h 45, so will keep you occupied behind the pillow.Im not really into buying Dvd's as its doubtfull they will get watched more than 2/3 times but this is a purchase.

  7.  Hitman


    Yet another computer game made into a film.
    expect this to be rubbish but was very suprised as to how much i enjoyed it.any one easily pleased with action films will not be dissapointed.any real serious film fans will be moaning no doubt :-p

  8.  Universe at war


    I have mixed reviews about this.
    i dont feel myself constantly wanting to play this game like i have done with other Rts games.
    dont get me wrong, a decent pc and all on max and its visually great, just a case with all Rts games now,Been there done that and the playing as the Novus team at the start of the game and there is not many units to build and when you build up the base it all runs on electricty lines that you put up and that allows some units to travel down the lines to get to a place quicker but you end up with you base looking like a mass of Bt telecom poles with glowing lines going off in all directions.
    im giving this 3/5. If you are really in need of a Rts game then its a must, if not get it cheaper used off someone for less than £20

  9.  The Witcher


    Anyone after a decent Rpg then look no further.
    stick every detail on max and you in for a visual treat.
    i dont want to add anything that other people have not already mentioned except on the negative side this is a very heavy loading game.
    every room and location needs to be loaded and you just want to play play play and not have to wait for loading a new scene and then it saves.
    Apart from that then dont miss out.
    Role on Assassins Creed

    I have now completed this game and i can safely say apart from Oblivionl this has to be the best RPG i have never play, ITs BIG and ITS GOOD.

  10.  Crysis


    The long awaited game from Crytek, after missing a few release dates and finally making its debut it had a lot of pressure to live up to and farcry came out of no where and blew us away and this is in no way any less.
    Words can not describe this game enough.
    Welcome back a game that makes u lose your social life and embrace late nights.
    Anyone blessed with a decent spec game is truly going to be wishing this game does not end.

    Well worth the money and well worth waiting for the release to iron out any bugs.
    Crytek are going to go Extremely far if the keep on making games this good.