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  1.  Stylish (Although smaller than it looks)


    I bought this as part of a package deal so mine was half price. It takes fifteen minutes max to assemble, it's that simple. Once built it looks extremely stylish albeit a little small. My only qualm would be paying full price which is why I have given it four stars and not five.

  2.  Wonderful!


    This television is excellent for it's price. My friend fortunately bought it for 370 and I unfortunately bought it for 450, but i do not have any regrets because I beleive this television is worth 450. It has a lovely picture in Standard Definition(SD) which is refreshing because my sisters tele(LG 37") looks awful in SD. As for the HD, it is downright stunning. My PS3 games look immense.

    Other bonuses are the freeview and sound. The software is so much better than my digibox and it is just more functional and user friendly. The sound, I expected it to be 'tinny' for some unknown reason but thankfully it wasn't. Even with the volume on low it still booms out nice and clear.

    Overall this tele is near flawless for it's price. If you are after a good, large, HD tele which doesn't have to be 1080p then this is the one I would recommend.

  3.  Splendid Addition


    This is a lovely little iPod accessory. Packs a punch for something small, however there is very little bass, but that is to be expected due to it's size and price. If like me you feel you have a need for this then I would recommend it. Who knows might even make a good Christmas present...
    Not sure on what iPods it works but mine is a 120gig classic.

  4.  Advice for batteries.


    Camera is fantastic and the videos are also excellent. These qualities are not in question. However, the battery situation is.

    I bought a sony "fast charger" (off play.com for about 12 pounds) which came with four AA 2500mah Ni-MH batteries and thankfully they work a treat. They also only take four hours to charge. I took approximately 250 pictures the other day, whilst messing about with the options and whatnot in between shots before they eventually died on me. Compare this to the Duracell batteries I first put in when I first used it and it is an immense difference. Those rechargeable batteries allayed all my fears.

    For those who have bought the camera, i hope that helps. For those thinking of buying this camera do not be put off. The camera is immense and it is only an extra twelve pounds for the batteries and charger.

  5.  Excellent


    Excellent iconic image of Willem Defoe in Oliver Stone's brilliant film Platoon. Looks majestic on an empty wall.

  6.  Watch it again.


    When I watched this film in the cinema for the first time, I like alot of other people I know, was disappointed with how the film ended, especially considering the brilliance that had occurred prior to the last twenty minutes, which actually felt longer than the previous one hundred. However when I watched this for a second time on DVD, I felt an appreciation for the final scenes and especially for Tommy Lee Jones and his character. All of a sudden the film had a meaning. Just by watching it for a second time, you simply understand the things you didn't the first time around.

  7.  Excellent.


    I bought these to go running with and they are excellent in comparison to my iPods earphones. At a penny under five pound you can't ask for anymore really. The extra bass is evident and both the wire for the left ear and the right ear are of equal length thankfully so none of that business where you have to loop a headphone round your neck. The product also came with the usual protective thing that covers the earphones like you get with most earphones these days. If you expect more for five pounds then don't buy these, but me personally, I think they're great.

  8.  Fantastic! Superb. (Insert more superlatives here)


    I am absolutely stunned with this product. The best value for money TV/PC monitor at the moment.

    Ordered Monday morning, delivered Tuesday lunchtime. Absolutely astonished with that.

    Setup was less than 10 minutes. Plug and Play.
    No blacklight bleed, No dead pixels.
    I use speakers but the sound is fine without them.
    Nice, easy to use remote control (with batteries)

    If you have a PC and Console (PS3 or Xbox360) in the same room, this is the tele to have if you are worrying about finances.

  9.  Simple, cheap and effective.


    Bought this for my PS3, works a treat. HD uses digital signals so a cheap one is exactly the same as an expensive one. At 10 pound i was happy with this. Probably could have got a cheaper cable had I shopped around but wasnt worth it for a few quid. First cable I came across much cheaper than high street, quick delivery, thank you PLAY.

  10.  Excellent, all round.


    Ordered this product on Saturday evening and it arrived on Tuesday morning, which was pleasently surprising. It was also fully packaged for those concerned about other reviews. The player itself does the job, it comes with Nero software, you cannot ask for any more really. Lovely stuff.