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  1.  Great entry phone for Android and better value then a desire


    If you are looking for an android phone and new to it, I would strongly recommend this phone. I have also seen the desire which advantages are a bigger HD screen drains battery quicker, Faster processor.

    To be honest the screen on the Wildfire is great I do not have a problem with its quality. Fine for watching youtube videos etc. bit like comparing a upscaled dvd to blueray. There is a difference but the upscaled DVD is still great! processor only really comes in to it when playing those silly games they basicly startup quicker. I didn't really notice much of a difference when using the general interface. hardly any lag

    The desire will be out of power by the end of the day whilst the wildfire will go on for another or upto 3 days dependig on usuage.
    The wildfire will now prompt you to up date to Android 2.2 (same as desire) which is an improvment.

    Ok the desire is abit better but comparing the price 160 to 400 plus I recon your better of with this one.

    My only complaint like the desire or any other smart phone is the signal could be a tad better. Still a 5 star phone.

  2.  No problems for me! best phone i have ever had


    This phone is great the keys are a little flimsey so i can imagine if your a hardcore texter you might break them. For average use no problem. Camera isn't that great. Overall im very happy

  3.  I liked this


    Not sure why the bad reviews. i had no bugs or problems apart from it crashed once! apart from that i really enjoyed the game. great graphics and lots of running about killing enermies all shapes and sizes. What else do you need from a fps game.
    My Pc spec is.. Quad 4 2.4 Ghz 4 GB cosair memory, XFX 8800GT Card



    TYpical Unreal, great fun. i have a Geforce 7900GS and the game crashed befor i could play. Updated to forceware drivers all now fine

  5.  As good as other higher Priced laptops


    Personally I think all laptops are overpriced for what you get, for example I could build a tower PC with better spec for £400 ish. Obviously for space saving reasons
    A laptop may be required or if you need something mobile then a laptop may be your only option!

    Right I am in IT for a career and I have seen a few laptops in my time, Dell, HP, Texas. Toshiba etc. There is some negative vibes and reviews out there for Acer quality and some nasty reviews for this particular laptop,. but equally some good 5 star reviews. One of the main gripes is its appearance. I don't care about this as I want a powerful all round laptop, so was not fussed. I recommend viewing this laptop at PC world then buying from Play.com if you like it. I guess its down to personal opinion but I thought its unique look is fantastic I love the shiny black outer shell and the creamy grey keyboard, nice change to your boring dull black typical laptops. The build quality all round is as good as any other laptop, nothing cheap & tacky here. I really like the Dell XPS high end laptops with their Glossy sharp screens, and I was really happy to see the Acer has one too as good as the Dells, I'm really impressed with it. Just like to point out a similar spec Dell laptop would cost £1000 after adding all the extra bits, there is no way I will spend over £1000 for any laptop. Word of warning there are a few versions of the Acer 5920 out there, this one at play is the best, its HD future proof! Others are not HD.

    This is a powerful machine, and a all rounder, from internet to gaming. Watching movies on DVD is like watching them on Telly but with HD, FANTASTIC!
    Battery life on average is about 3 and a half hours. All the extra hot key button
    Are useful and the wireless network is great much more powerful then my old HP.

    The only thing I can fault is there was no Driver disc or Windows Vista disc in the box. I know you can download drivers from the website. I will be emailing Acer about the Vista disc.

    Overall this is a fantastic buy, but although cheaper then any other with regards to performance, I still feel its a lot of money. But aren't they all!

    I can recommend this highly, and so far I have no regrets whatsoever.

    PS: I forgot to mention the cool webcam feature, HDMI connection for your HD TV for movies, oh and vista chess.