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  1.  Good...But missing something.


    After absolutely loving the last game, I had high hopes for the sequel. This is still a brilliant game, but unfortunately like another reviewer mentioned, you are forced into large scale fights to get through the game. The stealth options are still there, but on many occasions 7 ore more enemies stand guarding the entrance to the next section. Part of the appeal of the last game was sneaking around and the satisfaction of being unseen. Although the city is very impressive, it lacks some of the claustrophobic feel of the Asylum. There are various side quests and the like, but the actual campaign mode is over very quickly. Also, bear in mind that if you buy this game second hand, you won't be able to play as catwoman - which the game reminds you about constantly if you haven't got. You feel punished for not buying the game new on a regular occasion, the DLC is 800 points extra from memory. Still a good game, but I'd suggest waiting until the cost of the new game drops to around the 15-20 mark.

  2.  Truly fantastic game.. Even for a 29 year old!


    Was lucky to get this on a recent trip to the US, so kept me busy on a long haul flight. It looked like a kids game, but it's so much more than that. There's literally hundreds of levels, granted some are really tough. The real addiction to this game comes from your own imagination..Pretty much everything can appear in your game world. If you can spell it, you can interact with it. Items have also been programmed to interact with other things, which sometimes leads to hilarious situations. Once you have completed the levels, which may take you until next year...you can do them again, but without using the same items you used the first time around. Yes it'll drive you crazy, but it will also enthrall you. To be honest my fiance was quite happy just playing around on the title screen for hours to see what she could do. It all got rather twisted when she had two tramps, Jesus and a Pony at a Church wedding. Buy this game now... You will not be dissapointed!

  3.  The Demo is Excellent


    Not really in the habit of reviewing Xbox live demos, but I highly recommend you download it right now and give it a go. Graphically it's beautiful and the game play is an absolute dream. I was impressed with Eidos ramping up their tomb raider engine last year and you can see a lot of work has gone into tweaking it for Batman. The demo is very dark and shows how the full game will pan out in a very atmospheric Asylum. The combat is very fluid and some additional features, for example hitting the RB button to view grapple points and enemies is very well executed. The sound is also incredible on the demo and I have not noticed surround sound as good since fable 2. Having the Joker speak to you from behind you is really weird! Looking forward to the actual game later this month, my only concern could be if the game is as short as Tomb Raider Underworld... It was far too short. We'll have to see!

  4.  Very Impressve!


    I'll keep this simple: Only buy this game if your on Xbox live, it's an absolutely incredible expreience playing against real people fighting for their lives. If your not on live, you may be rather dissapointed.

  5.  Now I'm excited!!


    Being an avid Resident Evil fan since the playstation 1 days. (that makes me feel old). I am happy to see that the mysterious, heart jumping moments are still here in Resident Evil 5. Granted, the controls may seem a little odd to people who haven't completed every resident evil game, but it'll become second nature after an hour or two. Maybe, the slightly claustrophobic controls make the game scarier, as you can't escape that easy. Graphically the demo looks great, although I haven't been blown away as much as I was with Gears of war 2. But it's only a demo. The on line co-op is superb, I just hope more people use their headset . It makes a vast difference. Can't wait until next month, well done Capcom, lets hope its another RE4 success! (PS...If you want to reach fever pitch before next month, picj up Resident Evil Degeneration on DVD. Excellent movie in true RE style.

  6.  Incredible online


    Rather repetitive single player mode. But excellent online play, which is worth every penny. Truly awesome.

  7.  Very Impressive!


    Got this game today and I can honestly say I'm really impressed with it. I mainly got it for my girlfriend to play, but it's great against each other and even more fun on co-operative mode. The videos are all full screen with minimal loading times between songs and the microphones are fantastic quality, they are very robust and can go up to 10 metres wirelessly. A fantastic party game with additional tracks available for download already at less than £2 a go. Getting this game won't dissapoint! PS. If you check out the lips website, it has tips on adjusting the mic's volume settings.

  8.  Give it time..


    Like anyone else who grew up with Banjo on the N64, you'll find Banjo a little weird when you start playing it. But after I'd played it for a few hours it'll suck you in. Yes, making vehicles sounds rubbish and you won't want to bother at the beginning. But once you realise how insane you can go and that you have a huge amount of input the way you can play it becomes ridiculously enjoyable! A lot of old references and lots of humour. Give this game a go and make sure you give it a good 3 hours before you cast judgement. Welcome back Banjo.

  9.  Demo On Live... It's Tomb Raider, but not as you know it!


    Think the puzzles and jumping from Tomb Raider Anniversary. Now add incredible next gen graphics, next gen surround sound and incredible atmosphere. Here's Underworld! The demo has arrived on XBOX Live and is immense. Can't wait until the game release in November. We've just come back from Cambodia and it looks just like the demo... Well done Eidos! Download it now and drool.

  10.  Its lik GTA, but in a school...No really!


    Bought mainly to let me recall the sheer genius of Rockstar before their GTA IV release. Expecting a mediocre school bullying game I can honestly say that even after 3 days worth of play, it still makes me laugh out loud and every mission is as varied and imaginative as ever. A truly fantastic game, well worth £30. Not a full 5 stars, as these will probably be saved for GTA IV. Not long to go guys n girls!