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  1.  Marmite


    After sitting through 2 hours of this film, and mourning the time that I would never be able to claim back, I presumed most people would feel the same. Looking at the below reviews, I guess I was wrong, this is obviously one of those "Marmite films", you love it or hate it!
    I fall very neatly into the hate it catergory, for a few simple reasons. The script is dreadful. The characters are poorly developed and in most cases, badly acted. The dialogue is stale and whilst the plot made sense (I was neither confused or intrigued!), it didn't really seem to have any meaning or message, unlike the first few M. Night Shyamalan films. Oh and did I forget to mention the magical eagle, grass covered wolf (or Scrunt) and, of course, the evil monkeys! Even some of the actors looked like they wanted to stop filming, look at Shyamalan and say "REALLY?!"
    Everytime I see a new M. Night Shyamalan film, I always feel I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and start with a clean slate, because Sixth Sense was so good, but it is as if every film he does gets worse, and (hopefully) this is the icing on the cake, although I fear it may not be!

    Obviously there are some people out there who really like this film, so don't just take my word for it, but by all means wait til its in the bargain bucket (which it will be!!) If you liked The Village (don't get me started!) then I'm sure you'll like this!

    End of rant!

  2.  Whoever marketed this film should be ashamed!!


    I felt compelled to right this review, because of all of the undeserved negative reviews this film has received. Although undeserved, these reviews are completely understandable, as the film I expected to receive, was nothing like the film I ended up watching. I was expexcting your average American horror, scary devil child, flips out and systematically kills his family, in all sorts of imaginable gory ways, lots of blood and a few jumps! Looking at the cover, who could blame me? To my supirse, the film actually turned out to be a fantastic thriller, about a well off, young family, welcoming their new arrival, Baby Lily, into their home. The story focuses around the mother's post natal depression and the father's paranoia, that all stem from their son Joshua's (The original and much more appropriate title for the film) jealousy towards his new sibbling. Joshua, far from being "The Devil's Child", is an intelligent, troubled young boy, who manipulates the adults around him, as he tries to push his sister out of the frame. I was expecting a poor imitation of the Omen when i bought this film, but it more similar to Rosemary's Baby, focusing on the characters, and their, often flawed, relationships with eachother. If you want scares, blood and guts, dont waste your money, there is none of that in this film! If you want a creepy, atmospheric thriller, with brilliant performances from Sam Rockwell and Vera Famiga, this film is definatley worth a look, although I would wait for the price to come down a bit!

  3. Leon



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     Edge of your seat action and heartbreaking emotion


    One of Luc Besson's best films. One of Gary Oldman's best roles, Jean Reno's best film. And Natalie Portman's best film (even though she was about 12ish). If you haven't seen this film, i suggest you pull a sickie, and go and rent/buy this because you are seriously missing out!

  4.  Best Leo DiCap' performance to date...


    I saw this film on TV and fell in love with it. Johnny Depp, as always is superb, but its Leonardo DiCaprio who steals the show, one of his first film roles, he manages to pull off Arnie, Gilbert (Depp's) younger mentally challenged brother brilliantly, even though he was only about 16 (I'm guessing!) at the time.

    An uplifting, yet heartrenching film! Watch it!

  5.  Short and Sweet


    This is, in my opinion, one of the best new zombie films there is. Ok, so they zombie thing has been over done, as has the hand held camera thing, but for some reason, you forget that when watching this. The acting is superb, and i found myself forgetting that this is actually a film, and not footage recovered from a disaster!
    Consistently good throughout, with a fantastic climax, this film is well worth a look!

  6.  Crosses every line imaginable!


    One of the funniest stand up shows I have seen in a long time, Frankie Boyle over steps every boundry possible, with hilarious consequences.

  7.  A little disapointing!


    I was really looking forward to this film, ben stiller and jack black!! While there are some very funny moments, and a lot of parody, it just didn't live up to expectations. Robert downey jr. Was funnier than stiller and black put together, and carries the film for a lot of the time!

    I would however reccomend this film to anyone, for one reason only! Tom cruise (i never thought i would be saying this!) is absolutely hilarious! I actually thought my lungs were going to collapse in the "dance" scene. The look on matthew mcconaughey's face will stay with me forever. Funniest scene of 2008, hands down!

  8.  Superb!


    Absolutely brilliant! Have had to knock a film off my top 10 list to put this in there. This film is wet-yourself funny one minute and tragic the next.

    I have forced at lease 7 people to watch this, including my mother, my 16 year old sister (who wont watch anything other than Mama Mia and Corssroads!) and my boss and they all loved it!

    A suspringly good performance from Elijah Wood, but Eugene Hutz steals the show! Cannot wait for Liev Schreibers next "behind the camera" film now!!

    Give it a go, you will not be disapointed!
    (and watch out for the nod to Casablanca at the end!)

  9.  Slater is unrecogniseable


    The entire film hangs on slaters performance, and you will not be disapointed. An amazing performance from Slater, Cuthbert is not too bad either! The tension in the film is built up superbly, as the intial "improvements" in Slater's life begin to spiral out of control. Some quirky visual effects give the film an original feel, as you delve into the mind of Bob Maconel, and witness his allientation from society.


  10.  Up there with Se7en!


    I think it's a shame that this film has been dubbed "one of the most violent films ever made" as it does not live up to this title, nor does it need to.
    Unlike many of the "gore fests" that rely purely on shock value, than an actual storyline or acting, that seem to be poruing out of hollywood these days, WAZ is an intelligent thriller (not horror) that will have you guessing til the very end.
    If blood and guts is what you want, buy Story of Ricky, if you want a great thriller, buy WAZ!

    (and by the way, all the gore is in the deleted scenes, if you need a fix at the end of the film!)