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  1.  A super little printer/scanner/copier. 100% idiot-proof.


    I love this printer. No, it's not super fast and no, you don't have 2,000 different settings but that's why it's so great. I've had mine for years and it prints to a very high quality, scanning is ridiculously easy to do and also very high quality, and equally the copying facility is idiot proof and very good. Mine's also survived moving house about 4 times so they're hardy too.
    This is a great little printer / scanner / copier. I'd highly recommend buying it. And in response to the other review about the ink not lasting very long, I haven't particularly noticed if that's case, but even if so the ink cartridges are absolutley not expensive.

  2. Storm



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     Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.


    This is classic Clive Cussler. I will admit that I wasn't so enthused about a couple of his collaborations which I didn't find as good as his original NUMA titles, but this is back to the same brilliant quality as the classics.
    Kurt Austin is a perfect replacement to Dirk Pitt and Joe for Al(although Dirk does make an appearance for those who can't live without him).
    Buy this book!

  3.  SO incredibly slow - be warned!!


    Great stick in terms of being typically small and ligtweight. BUT, while the other reviews warned about the uploading speed, I didn't expect it to take TEN MINUTES to upload one single movie onto it. Yes, that's right, TEN minutes. It's ridiculous. No, it wasn't a 3 hour movie, it was only a 1.13GB file. And that's after I had tried the first time to upload four movies at the same time only to have it tell me I would be waiting for 5 days!! I will never find out just how many movies I can fit onto this drive as life is too short.
    Unfortuantely, the packaging requires opening with scissors so once it's open you can't return it. Very clever.
    (Needless to say, this has never happened with my little HP flash drive - files flying back and forth all over the place at the same time and it's SO much faster, so before you ask, no, it's not my leptop's fault.)

  4.  An R-rated trailer trash Twilight?


    The best way to describe this book would perhaps be... if you've read the Twilight books, this is the R-rated trailer trash version. No teenage angst, no happy endings, just lots of super messed up adults with plenty of grisly issues and some fairly horrible scenes where not much is left to the imagination.
    That said, it's well written, and will keep you turning the page. If you like the TV series, you'll probably love it.

  5. Flush



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     Another great read.


    Carl Hiaasen's books are perfect holiday reading - not too taxing but great plots that will keep you guessing, and more importantly reading on when you should have turned the light out and gone to sleep hours ago!
    I love the quirky Florida based backdrops, and in this book Shelly, someone you would not want to mess with and would definitely want on your side.

  6.  Fantastic


    This is a thoroughly FANTASTIC album. Wonderfully mellow and original. I would especially recommend the track called "Dice".

  7.  Brilliant


    No silly sound effects or music, just the unabridged books brilliantly narrated by stephen fry. Highly recommended for children and adults alike. Warning: Very easy to loose track of time when listening and be late for work!

  8.  Fabulous


    This book is fabulous. I loved it so much I am now working my way through the rest of the Hiaasen books. An absolute essential for any holiday suitcase.

  9.  A VERY good gift.


    I found this book on a friend's bookshelf and loved it so much after reading it that i bought my own copy.. It's packed with brilliantly hilarious, shocking and fascinating stories. A very popular gift for all ages.

  10.  very good..but


    The only problem i've found is that when i plug it into a USB port it's so wide that it prevents you using the USB ports on either side (above or below aren't a problem though).
    Aside from that it's nice to look at, durable, reliable and very easy to use.