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  1.  Brilliant revenge movie


    This was a fantastic movie. It was raw, gritty and felt very very real. Surely every father's worst nightmare ( I wont give anything away) and boy does he make them pay. You'll find yourself cheering at the screen as he delivers justice. I watched this just after Harry Brown and for me this is a much much better film. The atmpshere just feels right and you feel the main actor's pain. Word of warning - its not for the feint hearted and some of the action is a little much. Classic.

  2.  RIP Die Hard


    For me the series started on the decline from Die Hard 3. Die Hard 1 and 2 were groundbreaking, genre defining and still 2 of the best films of all time - 1 man against all odds. Die Hard 3 brought in an awkward buddy up and silly clues, Die Hard 4 was decent but continued with the unecessary buddy up. It was enjoyable enough but just a generic action film and number 5 is just dull, no atmosphere, no charm, no chemistry, a boring plot, tedious action sequences and surely spells the end of the tired series. Even Bruce Willis looked bored as he forgot to act and just played himself

  3.  Is Christmas over?


    Fantastic animation but possibly the most illjudged Christmas movie ever. The characters , bar Arthur , were all lacking in festive cheer and the spirit of Xmas. Santa doesnt care and his sleigh is but just a distant memory. The new 'idea' of spy elfs is good but directly robbed from a disney cartoon. Not a cartoon to raise the spirits and its quite boring too. Get Elf, The Santa Clause, Miracle on...., Muppet Xmas Carol , Christmas Vacation and get into the true Christmas Spirit.

  4.  Scarily bad


    Very poor plot, script and characters make this a very very poor and unfunny movie. Not in the same league as Shaun of dead, Doghouse or The Cottage. Not exciting, scary or funny. Poor.

  5.  Bring back the 80s


    Tries so hard to be an 80s action flick but fails on every level. Poor story, script, baddies and no exciting action. Guy Pearce tries to save this turkey but even his one liners start to grate. And the effects are even worse than those found in the 80s. Do yourself a favour and get watch ANY other 80s action film

  6.  Ha ha ha. Not as good as this years game


    Fantastic match. Cant believe Fulham managed to beat a United team with no defenders 3-0. Best game ever. Hopefully they release this year's game when we unluckily let in 5 goals, all offside.

  7.  retro tastic


    take me home is a teen party comedy in the same vein as Cant Hardly Wait and Dazed and Confused. It has all the makings of a cult classic. The characters are likeable and the setting and music takes u back to the 80s. Its sweet and immensely likeable. Buy it if you like Empire Records, Mallrats, all the above etc

  8.  Fantastic game with very limited game modes


    When I first loaded this up I picked my club team and tried the different 5 a side modes. Amazing. Brilliant. Real kits, real players. Its bitesize FIFA on a fantastic range of mini pitches and an array of different modes to enjoy. So I tried to play in a league. NO LEAGUES for club teams, just one off games. Thats not good. AND YOU CANT PLAY WITH YOUR CLUB TEAM ONLINE. DISASTER. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? So all these teams in great kits and you cant use them. The World Tour mode makes you create a team and players. Something that looks decent but I really dont have time for. You build your team up with games in a single player. Online is just for you to play your created team against other peoples teams. This is a massive flaw as people who play a lot will have better teams. No more a pick up and play game. Gutted. What couldve been an excellent alternative to FIFA has basically alienated half of its audience!! People have disagreed with this but thats rubbish. This is telling you how it is.MANY people will be annoyed that you cant play club teams online BUT if you have the time to play noon and night and want to play your created team online then you WILL love it. IT SHOULD JUST GIVE YOU THE CHOICE

  9.  Fantastic. Most enjoyable game for years.


    I loved this. I enjoy all the Need for Speed Pursuit games and this is the pinnacle. It plays like a movie and its as exciting and as gripping as some of the best action driving scenes you've ever seen. It grips you and never lets go. The action is immense. You'll find yourself getting closer and closer to the tv , swaying with every turn. The loading times could be better but it gives you a well earned breather. Its a very very small thing to complain about and is about as picky as saying Messi would be a better player if he cut his hair. A proper game. Classic

  10.  Dead rubbish


    Truly awful. bad acting, bad story, bad zombies. They look more like confused tramps. Not exciting and very very dull. A very low budget mess of a movie. I like zombie movies. i dont like this.