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  1.  Howard the Duck


    Its boring. Its not a great story. Girl goes a bit mental and does a dance. Thats about it. Portman is lifeless and wooden. I really dont understand the hype around this film and promised myself to watch it as so many people had given good reviews. There isnt one redeeming feature. Poor. Very very poor.

  2.  Great songs poor execution


    If you only own a wii this is a competent karoake/dance game. If you own either a PS3 or Xbox the singing element of this game comes nowhere near as good as the singing in Rock band, Guitar hero, Singstar or Lips. The main thing is that the sound quality is poor in comparison to all these games.Its tinny and poor quality. Its still decent as the songs are a great choice of modern hits. And if you only own a wii its a decent buy but unfortunately I have been spoilt by the quality of Singstar.

  3.  you'll love it for 10 minutes......then sell it


    I initially enjoyed this more than the new res evil 3ds game. The controls are tight and the graphics are excellent. But its a bonus game. There's nothing the keep you interested. It should be free with a magazine. Its about as deep as a conversation with Frankie Cocozza. Dont buy it.

  4.  What would you do.....?


    Great movie. Gave it a go for 3 quid and it was a really really pleasant surprise. His daughter is dying and needs a lung transplant so he goes to Mexico to find a solution. Dark, dirty, shocking, seedy and horrific. How far would you go to save your daughter's life. Excellent movie

  5.  SHUMACHER!!!!


    Once more Shumacher has made a complete hash of a very good and promising idea. The trailer looks great but the film is a jumbled mess. There is little to no explaination as to what is going on. The plot is at best confused. The 'baddy' is excellent but he is underused and it just doesnt keep you interested. After the unforgivable mess he made of Batman I will avoid Shumacher films in future. He takes great ideas and makes them as bad as they possibly could be.

  6.  Fraggle Hunter


    Very disappointing. OK acting and it builds up ok but it doesnt grip you like Cloverfield and the plot is pretty thin. Interesting but some of the trolls look like they should be in a CBBC programme. The end is decent but its a lot of money to pay for 10 minutes.

  7.  brit shocker


    terrible movie. bad acting anf funny script for all the wrong reasons. all very strange and no excitement. really disappointed with this as the trailer looked great.

  8.  sinister, scary & souless


    very strange. creepy throughout. the animation is good but they all look like lifeless zombies. very very eerie. even the north pole is creepy. more like the setting for an xmas horror. at the end i expected father xmas to come out and put them all in cages for being bad kids or summat. weird stuff and not xmassy. and i dont think one of the kids smile throughout. they certainly dont look happy. fantastic effects on the train though.

  9.  Excellent kids party game


    Ok this is no Call of Duty or Batman Arkham City but if you have kids and ps move its a cracking little party game at a nice price. Its a different game to the wii carnival games but still very similar. Ie lots of throwing, bowling, shooting etc. If you like the wii games the you will enjoy this and its all in HD. Its brighter and has better graphics, the wii game is a little more varied and more mini games but this has much tighter controls. If you have kids and ps move this is a must have. .

  10.  awful!!!!!!!!!


    more about hooligans and bad footage than football. poor action and a complete waste of money. the poorest blu ray of all time