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  1.  Good picture - cheap design


    Very very good picture. Very sharp. BUT the frame is plain and cheap looking, the stand falls off when you pick it up (not sure if mine is broken or its just a bad design) and the plug is nowhere near long enough so I can only put it on low tables, units

  2.  Worth it for Tumble alone


    Tumble is one of the best PS Move titles available so even at 15 quid this would be must have. The controls are very very precise as you move a collection of blocks jenga style in a collection of varied puzzles. All 3 games on the disc are available on PSN. Lemmings exactly as you would expect and Endochrome is also a decent puzzler. Well worth the asking price.

  3.  Brilliant collection if you dont already have them


    This is a collection of the already available move sports games from PSN. All are excellent games and cost about 7 pounds each so your getting a bargain. Top Darts is a great darts game made especially for move. Controls are fantastic and worth the asking price alone. Hustle Kings is an excellent pool game and bowling is a pretty decent game , although not as much fun as the wii bowling. A great deal at the asking price.

  4.  Nice ending but shocking movie. Very low budget.


    I love Xmas, I love nearly every Xmas film. Even the bad ones are ok cos its Xmas and it makes you feel good.
    But this is appalling. Frfeeman is good, as always. But noone else can act. The kids are the least talented bunch I think I've ever had the misfortune to see. It looks like they filmed it with the first school they came to. And they are not even cute. The story is non existant and very very sketchy and there are no laughs. BUT the ending is good. The nativity makes it just watchable. Awful film, not even good HD.

  5.  Ruined online. Gutted.


    Now I know everybody is having the defending debate and the truth of the matter is that it makes FIFA 12 a less accessable and overall a less realistic game. Put the work in and you will improve, that goes without saying. BUT the problems run far deeper than the tactical defending. My record online is 10-1-1 so its not that i cant play it. Its just that wins feel cheap. They feel like your winning because players can defend and your scoring because of their deficiences rather than your good play. This is because the passing, through balls, shooting are nowhere near as tight as last years game. Your player will regularly pass to the wrong man , shooting seems to be less accurate and cross field passes feel less controlled. Shooting also seems to take longer. The quick fluid attacking of FIFA 11 seems to be lost. This leads to a less realistic game , especially when defenders are running all over the shop not being able to tackle anyone. So games are more comical and you dont cross because you know that by doing a trick their defender will run off the pitch. THATS NOT REALISTIC. It also favours people who take the mickey and do tricks all the time. normally you'd just tackle them - AS IN A REAL GAME. But in FIFA 12 its almost impossible.
    Another bad online feature is that you cant see the opponents connection quality. And whereas the same star feature is welcome it means that international teams play club teams and sometimes you may even play the same team.
    You can turn off the defending in one player but it still feels a little laggy. I've played for about 10 hours and am on the verge of going back to FIFA 11.
    Well and truly gutted.
    Bought PES 12 it was so bad. MISTAKE. Thats 10 times worse.
    Keep playing FIFA 11

  6.  NOT AS GOOD AS THE DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I bought this as I was extremely disappointed with this year's FIFA. I used to love PES back in the day but to be honest the last few have been unplayable. I thought the demo played well so I took a chance. Its MADBAD. For some reason the last few PESs have persisted in making the player run through porridge with the ball. Its ok when you build up a bit of pace but when you stroll with the ball it feels sticky and the animation is jerky and unfluid. AND the online is absolutely laughable. I played one and won 4-2 with 6 goalkeeping mistakes in the match leading to 4 open goals. Absolute garbage. I've been ripped off. Its Watchdog bad. I wish fanboys would get off their highhorses and just honestly review these games. This is once again an absolute joke. If you disagree, buy a PS2 and any PES from about 10 years ago and see how football is meant to be played.

  7.  King of all boring films.Not even good enough to give away.


    Dont ignore the one star review. He is the only person who must not be related to the director or any of the actors, Not everyone will enjoy this. THATS A FACT. And I dont know anyone I dislike enough to recommend it to. Its mad bad. Its soooooooooo slow.It is a very very bad version of Body Snatchers but they are all so lifeless before anyway so you wouldnt even notice. Definately the king of all boring films. Do yourself a favour have a kip, set your alarm for 56 minutes as the end is just bearable. Its so bad that I wont even give it to someone I think they's set a lynch mob on me.

  8.  Modern day classic


    As many people have quite rightly said,Its very Poltergeist-like. In fact its almost an update. It also shows you dont need gore or 18 rated effects to make a scary movie. Its the scariest and best horror I've seen in ages. Its simple, eerie, well acted, full of excellent jumpy bits and most of all you really care for the characters. Definately couldve been Poltergeist 4. And its made me want to revist those movies. Excellent stuff and the perfec t Halloween movie. A modern classic.



    Firstly the quality is fantastic. Really bright , crisp & vibrant colours all make this a great blu ray. Then comes the film......I think mainly due to the colours and slapstick humour my son, just 3, has watched this over and over and over again. He loves it. But whereas Space Chimps 1 was watchable for us, this is less so. There's no story, some scenes last ages, for example the evil alien seems to be pointing a wii remote at the scientists for the majority of the film, the humour is very very strange and random pointless dancing to very very weird music makes this possibly makes this very odd. Strange but keeps littlun quiet for 70 minutes so its a 5/5 from me.

  10.  Rogan Josh!


    I was put off this movie by a lot of negative reviews but ended up really enjoying it. Seth's character is perfect for the role and sparks up a great partnership with sidekick Kato. Its yet another look at people who want to be superheroes. But this time Seth , a la Batman, has the money to create weapons and supercars. The action is good, fighting good, its funny and has you wanting more. A nice surprise.