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  1.  Placebo Best album yet


    Great cd.Couldn't recommend highly enough.Brilliant.
    Placebo at thier best.Should be album of thr year

  2.  Buffy Rocks!!


    Personally, i love all buffy the vampire slayer series! I couldnt pick the best series as they are all so amazing! (Although tbh series 1 is the least entertaining but still brillaint!) i don't know what the person in the comment below is talking about because there are many outstanding episode in this series! And they arent just the last couple of episodes! Infact tabula rasa, smashed, and of course once more with feeling are my favourite episodes in the series! Wrecked, bargaining parts 1 and 2, gone, seeing red and grave are a close second! There is not one bad episode in this series!

    Spike will make you laugh out loud as always! He is definatly the funniest (and sexiest! :P) character! Although all the main characters will make you laugh!

    Buy buffy and you wont be disappointed!

  3.  Brilliant!


    I personally love the pirates of the caribbean trilogy so this is a a must buy! The film is awesomely brilliant as is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Dont Listen to the fools below this film is as brillaint as the first!

  4.  Jared Leto is simply amazing!


    One of my favourite albums ever! 30 seconds to mars are a amazing band and this album show it! and their 1st album proves it too! i can't wait to see them live!

    if you buy this album and you wont be disppointed!

    30 seconds to mars......YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!! :P

  5.  Love It!!


    you can't help but love desperate housewives! and this series won't let you down! Each episode is filled with entertainment at its best!

    The cliffhangers in the last episode make you want to see more!

    cant wait for he 4th series! a muust buy!

  6.  Best TV Show EVER!


    i absolutly love desperate housewives! i was addicted right after watching the very first episode!! the plot is very addictive and will keep you hooked all the way through!! and each and every character is amazing in their own way

    this boxset is a must have!

  7.  Love It!


    This film is one of best films of all time!

    Jack Sparrow is an amazing character! i would go as far to say the best fictional film character ever!

    when i watched this film years ago i loved every minute of it and i still do!


  8.  WOW


    I love this film just as much as the first two and its ecven better on blu-ray!

  9.  Awesome


    Great ending to a great trilogy! Jack Sparrow is just as hilarious and entertaining as always! and the end has left a question mark to a forth film in the future

    all 3 films are my favourite films of all time

    there are some bad review but just ignore those ones believe me they are talking rubbish! lol