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  1.  Better than Black Ops


    This game is receiving many negative comments, which it doesn't deserve! The campaign is great and graphics are great too. It might be slightly short but then you have Multiplayer. A huge 24 player online match, fast pacing and huge maps. It might not have so many guns and maps as black ops but it is a change and is a very good fps game, my favourite this year!

  2.  Amazing!!


    The graphics are great, the missions are fun but do get repetitive, the ability to drive any vehicle from cars to military planes is really fun, huge open world and many fun races and hours of fun!

  3.  Great phone


    I have had this phone for nearly a year now and its superb! I wanted a touch phone with a keypad not a qwerty keyboard, a good camera, and wi-fi and 3G. This has them all. The touch screen is very responsive till today, the 5mp camera is excellent with many in-built effects and the screen is big enough to actually use wi-fi. For the pirce it is at it is well worth it.

  4.  great console


    With such a large HDD which can store loads of games and downloadable content, a Blu-Ray player, great graphics, media player, internet browser and built in chat who wouldn't want to own a PS3? it is an amazing console, and the controllers are really good as they are wireless. i currently have three games (just cause 2, gt5 and moh) and i have only used around 22gb! also the design
    is sleek and very modern!

  5.  Great racing game!!


    Many people complain about the menus and how they take forever to start. Once you install the game a prompt comes up which lets you install all the tracks and menus and once done, everything is much faster. Mine only takes up to 30 seconds max! Moving onto the actual game, this is a must buy for any car racing fan. they are over 1000 cars, some are taken from previous versions and are not as detaiiled as they latest ones, the tracks are great and so is the ability to create your own track. Graphics are simply amazing, including all the rain, cars, tracks, etc.. Many ways of tuning your cars and one may spend hours just doing this. There are races, liscenses, special events and 16 player online lobbies. One new feature is the kart racing which is really fun! Another interesting feature is the photo mode, where one can capture extremely beautiful photos of their cars in races at beautiful angles! There is also damage within the game (light and heavy) but you have to work your way up to unlock this. There are tons of unlockable content and hours of fun!

  6.  Good game


    Being a 007 fan i bought this game, and i do not regret it. The graphics are good and the story is well planned out. Multiplayer is also enjoyable, but i would have wanted a split screen feature like that of goldeneye. On the whole, not a bad game but not amazing.

  7.  WOW!!


    Having played cod all my life, i decided to give moh a shot, and i'm glad i did! the campaign is different to that of cod but somehow, i prefer the campaign of moh to cod. It is challenging, very good graphics and story line. Also, Tier 1 gives a bit more adrenaline to the game as you have to play the levels and beat certian times. the multiplayer is superb with a huge 24 players per match and large maps (much larger than those of cod).

    Buy this game, especially for the price right now!

  8.  great game


    the main aim is to cause chaos, which never gets boring! the missions are great and the ability to free roam in such a huge map is simply superb! as you get money and advance in the game you can buy weapons & vehicles from the black market. you can drive cars, buses, boats, planes, bikes, etc. the only negative thing is the aiming but it isn't that bad. the grappling hook and parachute are also great fun! for the price right now its a must buy!

  9.  Simply amazing!


    The wii remote is actually very accurate and fun to use, along with the limited addition golden gun and the wii zapper. The single player mode is very good, even though it isnt that long. the best thing is the online mode. graphics are very good for a wii game and tere are loads of guns and attachments to unlock. the only let down is the leveling up system as usually a kill is 5xp and 10xp for a headshot, and to go to the next level you need more than 1000 xp, even more tha 5000 as you level up! but otherwise, great fun!

  10.  Worth buying!!


    Im a fan of the SIms, and the Sims 2 was an improvement but this is amazing. Graphics are rly gd and the build/buy modes have improved. the game would be much better if u add on expansion packs though. takes a bit of time to load but on the whole, dont think twice about buying it. its worth the money.