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    WOW! what an amazing film. words just dont do it justice. definately the best out of the 4. a must have for those who don't mind the gore. great plot, amazing acting. for those of u thinking about buying it. just buy it; its money well spent. its a film u can watch over and over without getting bored. best horror i've seen so far!

  2.  wooh hoo!!


    brill movie. the simpsons rule. its amazing how non of them ever age! what an ingenious idea. SPIDER PIG RULES!

  3.  horrory sci fi type film! GR8!


    very impressive story line; well thought out. the main setting of the film reminded me of the 'cave scene' in the x files movie with the primitive men. think thats why i was so impressed with the film. Would defo reccomend it to horror/sci fi fans. Buy it as long as you dont mind jumping out of your seat a few times!

  4.  LOVIN' IT!!


    what a film. absolutely fantastic. full of gore with loads of unexpected things going on. action packed and gory from beginning to end. Robert Carlisle - fantastic acting! buy this film. better than 28 days.

  5.  O.M.G!!! pretty much sums it up!


    disgusting, sick, bloody. definately can see how it inspired hills have eyes. i reckon a bit of the "wrong turn" is thrown in there too. a must ave for gore fest fans!!!

  6.  wow! cross between Boo & The Grudge. FANTASTIC!!!


    absolutely amazing. was really impressed. the film on the whole has the "creepiness" of boo and the twists of the grudge. definately reccomend 2 all horror fans. just make sure your not eating when you see the "MECHANICAL GIRL"

  7.  Great, But Difficult!


    This game is a fantastic first-person shooter, but it's really hard - you die really easily if you are not skilled with the controls. However, once you're used to the game, it's really good fun!

  8.  Disgusting.......Genius!


    absolutely fab film. Defo better than the first! is there going to be a number three thats equally if not more disturbing???! A must have for all horror fans!

  9.  AMAZING!!!


    GTA: SA for the PC offers excellent graphics, superb mods and a great storyline. It has received some excellent comments from many different gaming companies across the globe and is probably 'the' best GTA game there is so far. The best console by far to get GTA: SA is the PC, because you can have some really cool mods for the game, which allow you to mess about with the graphics, change or edit new vehicles, maps, etc... a great buy!! Recommend it to everyone who likes fun! :)