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  1.  Fabulous


    Great series - brilliant one-liners, laugh out loud funny & Sofia Vergara........waaaaaaa!

  2.  WOW!


    Wow. What a great film. I bought this off the back of reading a glowing review in Empire magazine and I was not disappointed when I watched it last night. A really strong story with great acting and fight scenes. You really feel for the main characters as they battle against the problems that life throws at them. The ending is excellent as well.

    I have already started to pass the word around my friends about this film and strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good, solid dramas with some excellent martial arts scenes thrown in.


  3.  Colourful language in a great film!


    I missed this in the cinema, so I was very excited when the BluRay arrived a couple of days ago.

    I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. The acting is phenomenal, as is the colourful language! I have not heard such fantastic swearing in a long long time! I am a huge James Gandolfini fan and was curious to see him in this film and he is great.

    The story slightly meanders towards the end but it is still a great fun film to watch.

    The BluRay quality is good though I did notice a few indoor scenes where the picture was fuzzy. Other than that, the quality is good and the sound is great.

    Well worth purchasing.

  4.  Above average comedy.


    Watched this last night and enjoyed it a great deal. Great idea for a story and there are several laugh out loud moments. There is also a heart to this comedy and a few nice moments throughout. The acting is good and all the characters are likeable in their own way.

    BluRay quality is very good, nice clear picture and excellent sound. I haven't watched the extras yet, so I cannot comment on them.

    Overall a good, fun and enjoyable film that I am already recommending to my friends.

  5.  Michael Chiklis rules!!!!!!!!!


    I recently bought this BluRay, not for Shia LaBeouf but for Michael Chiklis who is better know for his role as Vic Mackey in the US tv series The Shield. Chiklis is fantastic in this movie and although he only appears in around 20% of the film he really stands out and gives a great performance. It was strange to see him play a different character after so many seasons of The Shield, but I was overjoyed to see him in a big Hollywood action movie, albeit in a supporting role. I really hope that he is given the chance to make more big movies and move on from the role of Vic Mackey now that The Shield has finished.

    The movie itself is a solid action film with a pretty implausible storyline, but it's a fun couple of hours and the action scenes are well shot. This is a definitely better than Disturbia, which LaBeouf and the director D.J. Caruso last made together.

    On the negative side, I am getting quite tired of Shia LaBeouf now. He is a great actor but is becoming guilty of playing the same role over and over again. He could easily have walked straight off the Transformers movies and into this one. I hope that he tries to play different roles in the next year or so and before the inevitable Transformers 3.

    Billy Bob Thornton is worth a mention as well as he plays a great character and is excellent throughout the film.

    Overall, a good piece of entertainment that you can switch off your brain, relax and enjoy.

    Look out for Michael Chiklis! He is fantastic! ;-)))

  6.  Great BluRay.......terrible film!


    I finally sat down and watched this last night after owning this BluRay for several months. I cannot criticise the quality of the BluRay, from the packaging to the picture and sound quality.

    BUT, the film is absolute rubbish. The storyline doesn't make any sense, the acting is terrible and after just 10 minutes I was yawning. The only 'actor' to come out of this film with any credibility is the monkey! The rest of the actors should be ashamed.

    If the studio makes a 4th film in the series then I hope it about Captain Jack in a new adventure. No more rubbish Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly.......Oh, and be sure to include a storyline for the monkey too!

  7.  Good fun!


    I watched this last night and really enjoyed it.

    The Blu-ray transfer is very good, picture quality is excellent.

    The film itself is good fun and I laughed out loud on several occasions. Simon Pegg is excellent as always and is very believable in his role. Jeff Bridges is great too and I loved the little chuckle he has to himself at the awards ceremony at the end of the film. Gillian Anderson smolders in her small role and Megan Fox is excellent too. Kirsten Dunst can be quite irritating in films, but here she plays her character really well and her relationship with Simon Pegg is believable.

    As well as being funny, there are some very nice touching scenes and the ending is heartwarming.

    Overall, the film was better than I expected and is a light, happy and funny film that I thoroughly recommend to all.

  8.  Incredibly Moving


    Just finished this book last night. An amazing read and incredibly moving story. The story is told in a diary form by a young woman called May Dodd. The trials and tribulations that she goes through from start to finish are incredible and the account of the Cheyenne people really brings home how they were a better race of people than the white people of those times. The Cheyenne people had dignity and respect, whereas the white people were interested in money and destroying anything in it's path to achieve wealth.

    I have also read Jim Fergus' other book, 'The Last Apache Girl' and I really enjoyed that too. This guy really knows how to write a good book!

    Fully recommended.

  9.  Wonderful


    This is a wonderful film, filled with great performances and great music. Edinburgh looks wonderful and the cinematography makes maximum use of the beautiful city. Sophia Myles is truly stunning in this film and I think she is destined to become one of the UK's finest actresses. And who would have thought that Billy Elliott would grow up to put lipstick circles around his nipples and wear a dead badger on his head! Great performance from Jamie Bell.

    Overall a great film that won't be to everyone's taste but is well worth the time and effort.

    Thoroughly recommended.

  10.  Amazing


    This is an amazing story and easily the best book I have read for a long time. The characters are vividly drawn and there is a lot of humour despite the serious situations that arise. The Last Apache Girl herself is a beautiful character, torn between the traditions of her people and the white eyed people. The love story is particularly moving and the ending a real heartbreaker.

    There is a considerable amount of violence in the book as well. Mostly in the descriptions of the manner in which the Apache's kill. But the violence is never glorified, and is a central part of the story and the Apache way.

    I didn't want the book to finish and when it did, my mind wondered what happened to some of these unforgettable characters.

    There is far more I could say about this book but I don't want to spoil it for anybody.

    Go on, treat yourself.