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  1.  Extremely Disappointing....


    If you are a fan of wrestling like I am, then you will know how brilliant The Rock was. I can happily say that if it wasn't for the Rock, I would not be a fan today. When I saw this was coming out I immediately ordered it from Silvervision thinking it was going to be great. The minute it came through the post I shoved it into the DVD player and eagerly anticipated what was to come. Within ten minutes I nearly switched it off. As soon as it came on you get treated to the most appalling commentating known to man. The Rock is not present on the DVD to talk about it at all !!!!!! ( the only time you see him is in the matches) and neither are other wrestlers who talk about him. If you have ever ordered a Wrestler DVD before, this should come as standard. I have a few, Eddie Guerrero, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair and on each one of these you hear from the wrestlers about their lives and how their wrestling career started, and you hear from other wrestlers who comment on how they have been inspired/ been friends with that star. YOU WILL FIND NONE OF THIS ON THIS DVD. Another thing that bothers me is the selection of matches. There are a few crackers in there like Booker T vs. Rock at SummerSlam 01 or Rock vs. Austin at WrestleMania 19. However there is a lot of junk to go through. There are FIVE Rock vs. HHH matches and 3 Rock vs. Mankind matches (not including the tag Rock and Sock connection bouts). Now if I really wanted to watch Triple H, the great wrestler that he is, I would buy his DVD. You are even treated to a larger amount of HHH at the beginning on the first DVD when we see a lot of DX! AND I THOUGHT IT WAS THE ROCKS DVD (I must of been mistaken) The title should of been The ROCK - The Peoples Champ, and HHH the Leech.
    It was obvious that those in power rushed it and didn't bother. People talk about politics in wrestling all the time and clearly is it evident here. Agreed The Rock (or Dwayne Johnson as he now likes to be known) did leave for the life of the movies and this didn't go down well with many. Hence the crappy commentating and Triple H being forced down everyone's neck. But one thing is for sure, Fans will not forget him, His charisma and charm are still missed and desperately needed today. When WWE made this compilation, they should have thought about what he done for them (and how much money he made for them through merchandise and PPV's) and made what would have been an amazing DVD.
    Part of me would tell you to buy this DVD so Mr McMahon and Co would see how many people are still Fans of The Great One. The other part of me wants to tell you to save your money. Apart from a couple of good matches and the great promos of The Rock which come on the extras on disc 3, there is not a lot here. I feel cheated.