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  1.  funny,touching,warm,poignent,fantastic!


    An absolutely brilliant tv series that hasn't dated at all.A comedy drama written in the days when it didn't take a team of 15 writers to write sub standard unfunny viewing.Dealing with the trials and tribulations of a team of army surgeons during the korean war MASH is a rare thing in that it can make you laugh 1 minute and tug at the heart strings the next. The writing is excellent throughout as is the cast.if your deciding on a complete box set make sure this is it.

  2.  Insane,barking mad,brilliant!


    A sick sick film!But brilliant for it! Chev Chelios is back from the dead and getting the heart literaly ripped out.A replacement artificial heart is given instead which requires constant electrical charges through means of increasingly mental situations. Clearly inspired by games such as the GTA series the movie moves at a hell of a pace you barely have time to breath.Great fun from start to finish it will have you grinning and wincing in equal measure throughout.Just one more thing...if you have a Sony or Panasonic player you may need a USB stick or an SD card as the disc automatically logs onto BD live and needs external memory to store the downloads.If you have a PS3 you won't have any problems as the consoles hard drive will take care of this.If you don't have any of these you won't be able to watch this at all.I only found this out by contacting the distributor Lionsgate and being told this.It should be stated clearly on the packaging!

  3.  Fights that defy belief!


    Plot wise typically thin and an excuse to string the action scenes together...but what action! Gravity defying,bone crunching and brutal. The fights with intensity not seen since the days of Bruce Lee. Some scenes will require you to push the rewind button just so you can see it again cos they really do need to be seen to be believed. Ong Bak destined to be come a classic as the years go on.Warrior king which received some critism which I find unjustified as to me is just as enjoyable.sit back and watch and if your jaw doesn't drop you've clearly purchased the wrong type of movies!

  4.  Deserves its reputation as a classic!


    Jackie Chan,Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao have never been better than in this fantastic piece of entertainment.Chan as the coastguard turned cop,Hung as the rogue and Biao as a cop who come together to fight a common enemy..Pirates.Outrageous stunts including the infamous clock tower fall that always looks painful on every viewing.Slapstick comedy such as the bicycle chase through alleyways and bruising fights such as the trios fight with the pirate boss make this an essential purchase no self respecting Chan fan should be without!

  5.  Indiachana Jones!


    This is probably one of Chan's finest films! Great stunts,fights and chases throughout the film.Clearly inspired by the Indy flicks but by no means a bad thing! Infinately watchable and with the added bonus of being the full version not seen on the imperial video release.Another Chan classic!

  6.  A tense cracking thriller!


    A great cast headed by Walter Matthau as the transit cop at logger heads with Robert Shaw as the leader of a group who have taken a subway train and its passengers hostage.I haven't seen the remake and to be honest know it simply won't measure up to this version.This is a sharp,tense and witty thriller that is difficult to better!

  7.  One of Douglas' finest!


    A great film given a nice HD transfer.The neons of japan coming through a treat! I've found when recommending this movie to people that it seems to be one that many aren't aware of. Michael Douglas is NYPD detective Nick Conklin sent to japan with Andy Garcia to escort a Yakuza prisoner.When he escapes its upto Douglas and Garcia along with Japanese Police inspector Ken Takakura to recapture him.A great cast and story make this an essential purchase and worth the upgrade from DVD.Good extras too!

  8.  Still can't get it right!


    I saw the trailer to this when it first came out and thought they'd finally got it right! 2 of cinema's most iconic monsters in a movie for adults! On finally watching it what a fricking disappointment! You can't see what is happening! Theres that much rain and so little light in the action scenes you cannot follow what is going on! As for the human characters..acting so wooden you could build a shed with them.A list of unknown actors none of whom you care if they live or die.Its simple what needs to be done for this kind of film...avoid it and just watch the Alien series and the predator series.

  9.  The closest yet to the source material!


    Finally an adaption of the marvel character that captures what the punisher is...sadistic,mean and violent! Ditching the premise of the set up as seen in the previous movie and wisely opting for more gun fights,gore and mayhem Ray Stevenson sets about putting the world to rights the only way he knows how.Stevenson successfully manages to fill the boots of the punisher whilst Jigsaw played by Dominic West is on excellent OTT form.If you loved the Punisher Max books then this is for you with plenty of gore and violence that you would come to expect from such a character.There has been plenty of scathing reviews of this movie but lets be honest a film of this kind was never meant to be an oscar contender.Switch your brain off and enjoy it for what it is!

  10.  The best film of 2009!


    A simply fantastic film with Eastwood as ever excellent. At 78 Eastwood still is able to show that he is not to be messed with, growling and snarling the way only Eastwood can! If this is his last starring role then its a fitting film to end with.Now go see it!