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  1.  Enjoyable


    In a nutshell I bought this as I am a massive fan of The Walking Dead, this game is EXACTLY the same as Dead Island, albeit with Daryl and Merle added from the show. And that's it.

  2.  Brilliant


    I watched this last night, and from start to finish a very enjoyable film! I loved the original one and kept comparing it to it, they did a fantastic job, and Colin Farrell is perfect for the part!! Watch out for Chris Sarandons cameo when he crashes into the back of the car!!

  3.  Superb!


    What more do you want for 8.99? I would buy this however ive already got 3 of the films seperately!! Alien and Alien 2 are undoubtable the best films here, Alien 3 was awful, Alien 4 wasnt much better!! The newer films are enjoyable only if you a fan of the genre. A must buy if you dont own these films!

  4.  Powerful!


    This is one of the most powerful, heart wrenching movies ive ever seen, totally superb, acting flawless, especially Ralph as the German! I saw one review from cow someone or other say this was terrible?? Obviously wouldnt know a piece of class that this is if it bit him on his derriere!!

  5.  A Tenner!!!


    Bought this for a tenner! Steel tin box set, and its BAND OF BROTHERS!! Truly amazing piece of drama!! Watched it 3 times from start to finish and still want more!! I spent a tenner on a curry last night that I threw up!! Sez it all!

  6.  Superb


    I bought this after I bought another one last year thinking oh right yeah wont be able to control it, be all over the place!! HOW WRONG WAS I? It is ace!! You press forward, guess what it goes forward, up, down, you name it!! I was landing this baby on my brother head on Xmas day!!! Perfectly!! Trust me everyone reading this, you will not be dissapointed!! I have ordered 2 of these to have dogfights with our kid!! AS he saw it and bought it off me as soon as he had a go!!!

  7.  Amazing!


    I have been playing Just Cause 2 and I didnt think anything would take me away from this, until my mate told me about this game! Its AWESOME!! There is seemingly nothing you cannot do! Go anywhere, kill anyone, the choice is yours, total freedom, the graphics are great I dont know why people are moaning about them! Just a total fun, great, blast of a game! Never thought I'd say this but 40 quid well spent!!



    I cannot believe my eyes! BIGTRAK coming back!!! WOW I had 2 of these i had them battling with my little brother!! Talk about retro! What an amazing toy this used to be, only concern is, I hope its not a cheap and tacky remake, but true to the original design. Ordered one just now!

  9.  Cheap!


    Cheapest I've found anywhere!! Well done Play for yet another bargain!!

  10.  Loved it!


    I loved this film, funny in parts but not that funny that you think is this a comedy, just bits to make you smile, acting is superb from every cast member, Christoph Walzh is amazing to watch, what an actor! Best scene for me was in the basement where they have the shootout! It is a long film but it doesnt seem like its that long, I think an interest in War films is very advantagious and if you dont mind subtitles its a must buy! Great Film!