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  1.  Untouchable


    In the live arena not many can get close to Springsteen & The E Street Band and this Blu confirms that if brilliantly.

    Even at 3 hours in length you dont want it to end. Theres new stuff, old stuff and some songs that dont see the light of day that often.

    I dont know if it was a choice between this concert or the fantastic one at Glastonbury, but i would happily buy both if they do release the Glastonbury show.

    For fans of Springsteen & The E Street Band this is an essential purchase.

    Now if only we could have the complete Live In New York City Madison Square Garden concert released......

  2.  Classic Movie - Very Good Blu


    Having watched this classic movie on Blu, i can report that it is much better than the DvD.

    It looks like the print has had some work done to it as i didnt see a single flash, hair, pop or scratch to the picture for the duration of the film.

    The colours are also sharp, bright and clear and the black levels are nice and deep.

    Yes there is a lot of grain, but it doesnt spoil the image. In fact it gives it a more natural aged look, which after all is expected from a movie of this age.

    The fine detail level is the only slight let down when compared to new releases, but that is a fault of the original print, not the Blu. The overall detail still comes out looking very good, despite looking soft in a few places.

    The only real let down is the almost complete lack of extras.

    All in all if you are a fan of the movie then the Blu is the one to get.

  3.  Good Disaster Movie


    Good old fashioned disaster movie tarted up with the latest cgi.

    If you are the proud owner of a Sony BDPS300 you will need to update your Firmware to 5.20 for the disc to play,

    Otherwise the disc will load to the menu screen but not display any options to actually start the movie!!

  4.  Uncut at last


    Great movie! One of Clints best from his most recent works and finally released uncut in the UK for the first time!!

  5.  Classic stuff


    This is a definate contender for rock album of the year.

    Every track is fantastic, its hard to pick out a track that is better than anything else. The final track also sticks two fingers up to Journey after the way they treated the talent that is Jeff Scott Soto.

    An AOR/Rock classic in every sense, highly recommended.

  6.  Good as ever


    So After a few too many years away we get a new album from Dare, which contains 2 covers and 2 re-recordings of tracks from the fantastic debut.

    Its a shame that there wasnt 12 new tracks on this cd and the covers/re-recordings used as bonus tacks because the new stuff is brilliant!

    Dare have changed over the years, the debut was an aor gem, the 2nd was a kickass rock fest, the 3rd started to introduce the celtic feel, while 4th and 5th pushed it further (the 5th a little too far, to the point of almost beint The Corrs with a bloke singing).

    This 6th album steps ever so slightly back from the celtic feel, its still there, but the aor feel of the debut and 3rd albums are a little more to the foreground.

    The covers are very good and most importantly very different from the originals. The re-recordings not do far removed from the originals and imo not as good, the songs are class but they got it right the first time so the new versions do feel a little pointless.

    Over all no Dare fan will feel let down by this album, but i just cant give it 5/5 because its only 8 new tracks and after 5 years away thats not quite enough to warrent the 5th star.

  7.  One of the very best - ever


    BSG is without a doubt one of the best tv shows of the last 10 years or more.

    It is more politically brave and aware than The West Wing ever was and also written with more levels of detail (and i loved The West Wing). It is also more "real" than Star Trek could ever hope to be. The closest that show got was DS9, which of course Ron Moore was heavily involved with also.

    No other show has dared go near the subject matter that BSG has covered in its run.

    The actors are also top notch. Many were completely unkown to me before the show aired, but now you cannot imagine anyone else in the roles.

    This is the very idea of unmissable television.

    P.S. BSG now needs to be left well alone, the fact that they are considering a Bryan Singer BSG movie that is unrelated to this show is just plain silly and will never be anything more than a pale shadow of the wonderful, twisted creature the tv show is.

  8.  A Question


    Anyone know which version of Underworld is included? I.E. is it the standard or directors cut?

  9.  Amazing Transfer


    Highlander is a minor classic. It was slaughtered on its release and has since gone on to cult status. The dvd releases never did the movie justice, the prints were terrible.

    When the Blu was advertised my expectations were not high, but every now and then a studio does their product justice and this is one of those times.

    Highlander is a prime example of what a studio can do when they put their mind to it.

    This new transfer is brilliant! The colours are so bright and the image is detailed. yes, there is grain, (this was made on the cheap in the 80s so what do you expect) but it never spoils the image.

    This is easily the best release of Highlander. If you are a fan of the movie then there is no choice but to upgrade.

  10.  Fantastic Mouse


    I traded in a Razer Diamondback for this mouse and i have not looked back once.

    This mouse is very well put together, the build quality is excellent, unlike the Razer which had a few annoying rough edges around the buttons which rubbed on my fingers, no such issues which the Sidewinder. It also feels very SOLID when in hand.

    The mouse buttons are perfectly spaced and responsive to the touch, you dont have to bash them into next week to get a response from them.

    The weight system does seem a little bit silly but it does make a differrence and the mouse cable control box is a great idea and really does keep the lead under control.

    I use the mouse on a Razer Destructor mat (best mat ive ever owned, if anyone gets a chance to buy one on the cheap i would recommend it) and most surprising of all is the fact that you can use the Sidewinder as a normal desktop mouse without the pointer flying all over the screen or having to change any of the settings.

    All in all this is the best mouse i have owned. Considering the price i would still say that it is worth every penny.