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  1.  Amazing!


    Simply my favourite shooter to date. The online multiplayer is where BF3 has focused it's attention and it clearly shows with the maps being outstanding, well ballanced and a challenge for either team. It's easy to pick up and play as theres many different ways to earn points but definetly not easy to master. Can be a little 'buggy' at times but never to the point of frustration.
    The campaign looks amazing but the story isn't anything new but fills the 'offline' section of the game just fine. The co op is rather poor though with it being more of a chore because you have to get certain co op score to unlock more multiplayer weapons.
    But all these little issues can't even start to put a downer on what the multiplayer has to offer, balanced in every way, good weapons, great vehicles (which are not over powered or too hard to beat), maps look and play fantastic, and the effort gone into making BF3 different and an improvement from the last is spot on (unlike a certain other shooter). Should win game of the year 100% and if it dosn't i'll be left feeling a bit sick.

  2.  Misunderstood and truly fantastic


    It seems like the poor ratings of this film are due to people expecting this to be an action packed superhero film, but they fail to look past the lack of action. Watchmen is an amazing break from the norm on the usual superhero no brainers with a more thriller style take on the superhero world. The actions rare, but makes up for it in quality. I just wish people could have seen past the superhero theme and given this the rating it deserved.

  3.  Based on the first few hours


    At first it seems like something to please the zombie killing fans and others using up a bit of time waiting for the bigger releases in october and november, but this gets a bit boring fairly quick. 3 hours of play and i seem to spend most of my time beating zombies with a plank of wood and then spending all my money repairing my planks of wood and kitchen knifes. I'm going to grit my teeth for now and hope the story progresses but for those with little patience i can't see them being too happy with this pretty dull (but good looking) game.

  4.  Visuals alone are worth 5 stars


    Firstly, Killzone takes the ps3 to it's full potential with what i'd say is the best looking console game to date. At times on multiplayer i just stop to admire the background scenary only to be by one of the brutal melees.
    The campaign seems a little short to others but after looking at how much they have packed this game with, it couldnt be possible to put alot (if any) more in. To me the campaign is a good length which kept me entertained throughout.
    The mutiplayer is one of those that takes a while to get used to for those Call of Duty fans as your character moves like he's actually loaded up with the armour and weapons he's carrying. Once you get past the slightly sluggish feel to it, you'll learn to love it with the different classes all very unique and make you want to use them all throughout a match. Theres plenty of maps with some more available on DLC but most players tend to vote for the more popular ones inbetween matches, so it dosnt always seem like a great variety after a while. What it lacks in perks and weapon attachments it makes up for in general quality, giving it a well balanced and fun multiplayer to spend hours on end playing.
    This is the best Killzone yet and something the ps3 should be proud of exceptional effort gone into the visuals with a very good multiplayer (if given the chance).

  5.  A music game with terrible music!!??


    Its a very good idea, but i really don't get the music on this. It could be so much more fun with various dance musics rather than some sort of stale hip hop/pop genre that seems to have a very american feel to it. I'd consider taking another look at the dj hero series when the people behind the game actually sort out a decent track listing with the much loved dubstep, drum n bass and house genres included as most british music fans would expect from a dj game. Good idea, but sounds like your dad picked the tracks.

  6.  Not Bad At All.


    I was going to get this on release but after all the poor reviews i thought i'd wait for the price to go down. But what on earth was i thinking? The multi player is very good, a sort of cross between cod and battlefield which in my view is a great combination. The maps are big but somehow your not endlessly wondering for someone to shoot at. The sort of kill streak system suits every player as points are built up over the match which i think puts a stop to the campers you get in cod as points arnt awarded through kills in a row but general good play. The vehicles add a nice touch as theres not too over powered and can easilly be taken out with a bit of team work. The weapon selection isn't as vast as alot of online shooters but theres pleanty of options for that bit of character individuality. In general the mutiplayer is fun, not yet up there with big boys but has alot of potential. The developers have really used their heads to make this a shooter for all kinds of gaming abilites which i love and other developers should really take note of how they done this. Just to top it off i love the sound of the weapons, there some of the best i've heard of any fps.
    The campaign is ok, nothing really ground breaking but it seems like the multiplayer was the main focus of Homefront. Lets face it, multiplayer is where the companies earnt the extra dough with dlc and the gamers like the lastability of them so i never expect too much from campaigns these days.

  7.  Nearly There!


    I was a pro evo fan from very first release but have taken the past three years out after converting to fifa due to the dire past releases. I thought i'd give this a go as fifa has grew very repetative with 2011 being the same (if not worse) than 2009 and 2010.
    At first it comes across as fifa on a terrible budget with the players looking very grainy around the edges and still no liscenced teams. But it's the general faults with the game that let it down.
    The computer makes some terrible fouls which should be a sending off but don't even get given at all when i get a yellow for attemping a diving header, really annoying. The players on your team are constantly offside and are very slow to make runs. There is no advantage system or option for quick free kicks which fifa had a long time ago. The shooting system isn't very good at all either, one tap can send the ball into orbit so there never feels like you hve alot of control over shooting. the same goes for crossing, one tap can send it to the other side of the pitch. I don't get on with the tackling system either, it hasnt made defending anymore interesting and sometimes makes me feel a little helpless. There are a few more minor mistakes but my last complaint is the commentators. Jon Champion isn't too bad (even though some of his comments are a bit retarded) but who on earth is Jim Beglin? He's useless anyway.
    But now onto the good points. i love the passing system, you have complete freedom of passing which adds to the realism and enjoyment. The game options are good too with the champions league being done very well and my personal favourite the master league. The master league beats fifa's career mode hands down even though there is room for alot of improvement. If anything in this game was done as good as its champions league it would beat fifa easy.
    What it all comes down to is the fact that pro evo seems to be on a budget or simply rushed, so if the funding and effort that went into fifa went on this, it would be the number one football game ever. I just hope for alot more effort for the next one and i'll be hooked once again.

  8. Brink



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     Another Average Shooter


    They promised all this advanced customization, SMART movement system, original new shooter blah blah blah. The customization is all very well but it's far too easy to unlock everything and you can add all the usual attachments to your gun and you can change your characters clothing and body size. Nothing out of the ordinary there. The much boasted SMART movement system isn't exactly ground breaking either. Basically you run at stuff and it jumps over the object for you or pull yourself up onto a ledge, nothing more to explain there.
    The ideas there for something pretty good but it seems a bit cut short to me with no real lastability as i've put it down after finishing the campaign and about an hour or two of online play.
    I like what they've done with the visuals and control system but thats not enough to challenge the likes of COD, MAG and Battlefield. The genre of the online shooter is in need of something new, this still isn't it.

  9.  Best Fighting Game ever!


    Beat'em ups have never been a type of game thats managed to grip my attention for long periods of time but i've always been a fan of the Mortal Kombat series and as there has been very little decent releases. I picked it up expecting an upto date version of the old MK and this is exactly that, which is simply genius.
    Theres everything that made the old MK's great and the addition of a story mode has taken it to another level. The story mode is original and keeps you glued, challenge tower haves you pulling your hair out while still enjoying it, all the characters are in there plus a few new ones (not exactly new but cyber sub zero and human cyrax ect), stages are creapy and gory, fatalities are nice and gory (even though sometimes coming across a bit cartoony to me, which is my only minor issue), and there seems to be pleanty of unlockables with DLC to come.
    I can't wait until i can try online when Sony finally sort there act out. Best fighting game ever, nothing comes close to it. Can't wait for next one which the story mode i this one has paved the way for.

  10.  Lazy


    This has the potential to be very good but what the hell are the developers thinking?! The graphics are so bad it makes it difficult to see things (even though the sky looks good), your squad are just plain stupid (my whole squad walked infront of a moving truck and stand still in the line of fire), fire fights don't have any element of excitment, missions so far are dull and the characters movement feels very wooden. I havn't seen such a rush job on a game in a long time, they cannot justify a 40 pound price tag on an average ps2 game, it' just a mess. They've tried to create a war simulator but without being done properly and cutting so many corners it's just plain terrible. whoever gave this game the go ahead for release needs sacking and they shouldn't have let Stevie Wonder test it either. Sooner or later someones going to create the perfect war simulator and people will look back and laugh at this poor excuse for a ps3 game, right after they've got over the fact they've been robbed of 40 quid.