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  1.  Good but just not or me.


    Firstly it's a good game, but there is something about it that i just didn't take to. I'm a big FPS fan and have tried them all but as much as i tried to like this it just didn't keep me glued, i think this is due to the amount of shooters coming out lately with very little variety.
    The graphics are very nicely done and the single player is very good but the multiplayer was what let me down. I'm not a dedicated call of duty fan so im not comparing crysis to it but there was simply nothing new. Nothing about it made me want to sit there for hours but i can see why people have highly rated it with it being a nice chage from black ops ect.
    For those who love their FPS's, don't expect anything about this to blow you away but it's a nice little breath of fresh air from the rest.

  2.  Fantastic!


    Really easy to pick up and play, looks great, simple controls.
    I think the cheaper price tag is about right though as theres no real lastability in this and won't keep anyone glued for hours on end. I havn't heard of half the characters and would like to see alot more from the Street Fighter and X Men series as DLC.

  3.  Would be the best Call of Duty yet, BUT!


    The online connection problems have left it unplayable for me. I have good wireless signal but it still disconnects every other match and lags constantly. Since christmas it's only got worse and with no patches seeming to solve this problem. Alot of mates who are on xbox have not had much of a problem, only the ps3 owners. With the DLC map packs being released a month before on xbox and ps3 suffering terrible connection problems, it shows that those on ps3 are just not valued. I feel ripped off.
    Its a real shame as the online modes are an improvement on modern warfare 2 and the single player story mode was really good. I don't feel happy that i've payed £45 on release for what is now half a game.

  4.  Good at first, but soon gets boring and seems rushed.


    This is an edited review as i gave it four stars through first few hours of playing. But it's true colours soon show as its gets more and more repetative. Characters are cheesy and annoying, races don't vary much, graphics arn't nothing special. First off you get the impression theres going to be loads of cars but this is not the case, theres so many manufacturers left out. No, Renault, Mitsuibshi, Honda, Lambo, Noble, BMW, Vauxhall and many more.
    The two islands (Ibiza & Hawaii) have no wow factor about them at all with them seeming very lifeless and empty. The environment isn't good at all, nothing is destrucable. To be stopped dead in your tracks while doing 200mph in a super car by a small bush or thin wooden fench is just plain silly and annoying.
    I don't care what anyone says, this game has been rushed alot. Either that or the developers lost interest. With a few more months of effort this could have been very good but right now i just can't see how the RRP of £40 can be justified. Maybe there is ALOT of DLC planned with more cars and race modes which are definetly needed. I think most of these reviews are based on first impressions as this game has bored me after just a week. I'm going back to Gran Turismo which isn't perfect but better than this.

  5.  Pure Quality


    Thought it would just be another 3 star action film being directed by Ben Affleck but this hasnt recieved the credit it should have. Every actor and actress played the parts perfectly, story done very nicely and the shoot-outs are pretty much on par with the likes of Heat.
    A perfect action film and i look forward to seeing more films directed by Affleck.

  6.  LUV IT!


    this is a top album, every track is spot on. theres a good mix of dub step in this too to suit everyone.

  7.  Nothing new here, EA have failed again


    Well to put it simply, its another battlefield bad company game but with many faults. The medal of honor series was always on par with call of duty until modern warfare so why EA had to take this path i dont know. To me it was a bad choice as rather than making something different its just copied another game therefore it seems a rip off, Bad company 2 was a very good game but this is just a lazy copy. The story mode is very short and never seemed to keep me glued and generally felt very average from the very start. Its a very good looking game with great looking maps and scenery but also has many online multiplayer faults. Theres a short pause every time you get killed, grenade throwing sometimes freezes for a second, lots of lag, theres various parts of the map that look like you can walk through but cant. The maps arnt all that well thought out either, you can spawn and be dead within two steps either from snipers on the other side of the map or campers sitting in your teams spawing areas which can leave you pulling your hair out. And with all these faults (and im sure theres more i havnt thought of) there is just no flow to the online play.
    This is a typical EA money maker imo, alot of corners were cut. I'll give it two stars though for the fact that the battlefield games are quality and the ideas for a good game are there but i hope the next installment will be greatly improved and make the medal of honor series unique rather than a bad company 2 spin off.

  8.  The Expendables Without the Big Names


    Good entertainment but its as cheesey as The Expendables and similar in many ways just without the big name actors. It's the usual few men who take on a small army kind of thing. Nothing new here and pretty much a brainless action film with just the one minor twist. But who dosnt love a film like that? I sat through the whole film without a break and enjoyed it at the time but its just one of those films i wont go talking about tomorow and i'll soon forget about it. A good way to entertain yourself for an hour and a half (if you like these kind of films) but no more.

  9. Blur



    4 New from  £19.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.17

     Addictive Racing


    Took me one race to get to grips with it, simply just pick up and play. It really is mario kart for grown ups plus top notch cars, brilliant tracks and addictive online gameplay with lots of leveling up to do. After a week of constant playing, some downloadable content wouldnt go a miss though as i dont think it'll be a long lasting game. But then its going to keep me very busy until Gran Turismo finally decides to come along.

  10.  Quality


    Very good film, simple. World cinema is definetly threatening the glitzy let downs that come out of hollywood lately with this being a film that couldnt possibly be missed. A very brutal love story also dealing with the issues of the mexican gangs and immigrants desperate to cross over to the states. Not to be missed.