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  1.  Brilliant and Mind Bending


    First off it looked like just another average modern day horror and even half way through didnt seem like anything new. I wont go into what happens as you need to watch this without knowing what to expect to really appreciate it. When it finishes you'll be thinking about it for a long time with my main question being 'why?' .
    If you want to watch something new and far from simple then i couldnt recommend this highly enough.

  2.  Genius!


    the first bioshock was amazing but the second somehow manages to match it, maybe even beat it. whoever thought of the story lines for the bioshock series is a genius. i'd be shocked if these games arnt made into a film soon, done right it'll be massive.
    the game has you glued for aslong as you can possibly play for, this is the game to beat this year.

  3. MAG



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     Online Gaming At It's Best


    You'd expect MAG to be similar to Modern Warfare but its a complete breath of fresh air. I was looking forward to this as COD was starting to become a bit dull after months of endless playing as MAG seemed to take it to a whole new scale.
    But the game couldnt be any more different if it tried, its a full on war when COD is just a gun and run shooter. Tactics are actually needed to win and theres a feel of a full scale war throughout the half hour or so a match lasts. It dosnt have the weapon or map selection that COD has but the maps are on a much larger scale but MAG you can customise your character and still upgrade weapons, skills and get new clothing.
    The gameplay has a slow slugish feel to it compaired to others but that gives it the more realistic feel to it that beats anything out hands down. Its not perfect but then MW2 definetly wasnt ,its had the same effect as MW1 being completely original.
    Its the first game in a long time thats kept me glued until the early hours. A must buy.

  4.  Just What We Needed, But Not Everything We Wanted.


    I've had to hold back my review since this first came out as i was slightly set down. The first modern warfare had the element of realism even it was fiction but im sure many will agree modern warfare 2 is way too far fetched making the campaign mode slighly laughable. The campaign failed for me to have that well known call of duty epic opening missions to really give that initial smack in the face wow factor and with the story going from one way over the top extream to another, it just had nothing on the mw1. The term 'more is less' is definetly definetly the case here, i'd sack the writers on this one.
    The co-op is a interesting twist, it's failed to interest me ad keep me playing but its a good extra. It's certainly no 'nazi zombies' but its a good little extra, but im not sure it'll be good idea to continue with it in future installments. i saw it as more taken away from the main attraction, the much loved and long lasting multiplayer.
    First off i loved to amount of extras there was for the weapons and it seemed to be pleanty of maps. After a very short time it came clear there was alot of past favourite guns missing and many of the new ones you just wouldnt pick over the old and the maps became either too big or just boring. Maybe in future infinity ward should listen a bit more to what the fans want, like a larger selection of weapons and maps to cater for every different players tastes. To some i might sound greedy, but in a game that takes so much time to complete, variation is everything.
    I hope the next modern warfare goes back to the drawing board and does away the joke 'invasion of america' and the fictional 'task force 141'. Bring back the modern warfare the fans love and give those want to be hollywood writers the boot. Now other developers have been set the standard of first person shooters being modern warfare, its only a matter of time before they better the modern warfare series unless they sort it out. A very good game but with all the cock ups, it'll never be the ground breaker mw1 was.

  5.  Good quality entertainment


    A perfect start to a possable whole new terminator saga. they've done a good job in creating the world of which the terminators rule in my opinion as its what i expected but not quite what i hoped for. john connor (bale) is definetly not the main character for me in this as marcus wright (worthington) is the character you want to know more about and keeps you guessing for a while. the only let down was the machines arnt as ruthless as you'd expect from the first terminator film and maybe with a much darker, scarier world ruled by the machines this could have been what all the die hard terminator fans always wanted. definetly worth watching but i dont think bale is quite the actor to be the main character of any film (hence the dark knight, with ledger/joker) so maybe a new connor might be the right move for the next installment.

  6.  Not for the easilly offended


    Fantastic stuff, one of his best. Watched it in Reading had a sore face by the end. Very sick, offensive but hilarious stuff. Loved it.

  7. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     EA sports are laughing at us


    My first impressions of this was its exactly the same as 09 but thought i'd play a bit more and give a chance and what a mistake that was. My favourite mode was always the manager mode as i liked creating my own team but nearly nothing had changed for the good but pleanty for worse.
    Im not sure if it was only me but after winning the premiership and cups with q.p.r i was still finding it stupidly hard to sign players with my negotiator fully upgraded and offering nearly double their value and wages therefore taking the whole point out of the manager mode for me. in fifa 09 the signings where fairly easy but this is just one extreme to another. then i came across another problem, when playing the european matches i'd have to forefit several games as it claimed i didnt have a full squad leaving me with the right hump. but to top all that off its nearly identical to the previous fifa, its a simple rip off for the money.
    i can understand why some people might rate this so highly but i'd say they havnt played 09 and if they had they wouldnt be happy either. after loving fifa 08 and 09 i've almost instantly traded this one in feeling like i've been slapped round face and robbed of £40 with EA sports dossers sitting there laughing at me and thousands of others for simply editing 09 and chucking in a few pointless new things and charging full price for it. its plain cheeky and i've been mugged.

  8.  Is it meant to be funny?


    the budget for this film must have been nearly nothing, the acting is so terrible i thought they just picked up random people off the streets. the films just an absolute budgeted mess with the only plus side being the good shootouts but the actors cant even act like they've been shot.

  9.  Good but not quite perfect


    firstly i love the looks of the asylum and the characters look spot on as is the story line. the makers have paid alot of attention to detail and really made this a dark and slightly scary game which in my view gives it the brilliant atmosphire that makes the game so appealing. i love the stealth mode but my main problems are the general combat. i was puzzled by the way alot of reviews have said how good the combat system is but theres simple one attack button, one counter and one stun. its a simple button tapper when it comes to the combat and saying the A.I is poor is a very big understatment. also i dont think there will be alot of replayablility in this either but these are the only floors in a quality story and top notch looking game.



    This has got to be the worst and cheeseist acting i've ever seen, i was in stitches watching the UFC's biggest stars make there first attempts at actual acting. I got up until the first fight outside the club (about 5-10 mins) and had to turn it off, i could almost feel the cheese comming out the tv. terrible film making at its best, dont even bother unless you fancy a giggle or see it at a car boot for a pound.