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  1.  excellent protector with easy application and good antiglare


    Apart from the anti glare effect which as with all protectors I have bought over the years adding a shimmer to the whites.
    I am delighted with both the quality and easy fit properties of the protector. The lack of sticky glue meant that the static effect allowed me to peel back where there was a bit of dust and clean. Also the inclusion of a quality cloth and two tacky pads meant that initial cleaning is excellent.
    Air bubbles easily moved under the included card.
    All in all as good as any premium cover I have bought for previous devices and to top it all a good anti glare effect.
    The protector seems to have a top coat that makes it smooth under touch VERY HAPPY and would recommend to family and friends.

  2.  Also has Super street fighter 4 on disc


    I have to admit that I skipped super street fighter 4, only owning Street fight 4 (non-super edition).
    So I was delighted when I booted up this game to find on the main menu an option to toggle between super street fighter 4 and the arcade edition. So two games for the price of one (I appreciate that the games are all but identical).
    As for game play and graphics both are top notch and already covered several times as the two previous versions have always been reviewed well.

  3.  Excellent value bundle.


    Already had a good newer logitech wireless mouse so thought I'd get this keyboard with a spare mouse, as the price is excellent.

    Two minor problems..
    1) Keyboard and mouse will not work with the newer smaller Transmitter already in my USB, not a problem but I am now using two transmitters as prefer the newer sleeker mouse.
    2) There are no lights to indicate it Cap's lock, etc is on.. This is a small issue when entering case sensitive passwords but not a biggie. Probably missing to help extend Keyboard life.

    Overall, very happy as an excellent keyboard and mouse and wireless to boot.
    Would recommend to anyone, however, if you have existing Logitech wireless equipment you might still need another USB slot.

  4.  Excellent product and really good value.


    I paid under a pound (for two) but for the prices listed for this item it is an excellent product.

    This product is really good quality and the protector is very rigid not flexing much. I find that after fitted the screen seem more responsive and my finger seems to flow over the surface easier.

    Application instructions-

    Firstly as with all screen protectors cleanliness is the most important first process. I repeatedly cleaned the screen with windolene and other glass cleaners until I was confident I could not get the screen any cleaner. I then blew off all dust as this will cause the protector to bubble as the film rides over any contaminant.

    Then carefully peel off tab 1 which removes the film from one side of the protector this is then laid flat onto the ipod touch and left to settle - DO NOT make contact with this sticky side as it will collect finger grease prints and dust!!
    I then rubbed the protector with my finger/credit card. Once happy I removed the final 2 tab which removed the scratch protector from the protector.
    I can not see the protector now it is applied and am very happy.


    Fitted in 5 minutes after extreme cleaning, easy to fit and makes experience after fitting better as screen feels more fluid and slippery.

  5.  Quality solid wireless mouse.


    This mouse has a really good build quality and is big enough for any PC users palm.
    The range of the wireless receiver is more than adequate for my needs.
    The mouse is really responsive, and seems to function on the bare desk and also worked on the back of my other hand so seems to have a good optical pickup.
    I can not review the battery life yet as I haven't had this mouse long enough to satisfy me of a definitive review but so far the batteries are lasting very well.

    There is no need to install any software although optional extra software is available for download the mouse and it's receiver works straight out of the box.

  6.  Excellent BIG poster. Big enough for any Bedroom door.


    This poster is great, both in terms of size and novelty fun factor.
    This will very easily cover the back of any room door.
    I was that tickled by this poster I ordered a spare as a Xmas present for my gaming brother.
    The paper and print quality is very high.

    To summarise an excellent poster that is big enough to cover the back of any door.

  7.  EXCELLENT VISITORS controller or good spare


    This controller is basically identical to the new dual shock controllers only due to legal copyright laws the rumble was not fitted to these earlier models.
    Later this was added look up dual shock, however, this controller is lighter and slightly longer battery life due to the missing Rumble devices. IT DOES HOWEVER, have all the other features and is cheaper for a second controller because who cares if your friend doesn't have the Rumble.
    Six axis, etc. has not been changed on the newer controllers so a cheaper option if you need to save a few pounds.
    I only gave it a four as the new dual shock has RUMBLE so this looses 1 star.
    Still an excellent controller and Sony again make a good D-pad for fighting games. I would definitely buy a second hand one of these over any 3rd party new controllers.

  8.  Excellent skin that really personalises the controller


    Bought these as they were reduced to 1.99 and have to say for that they rock. Fitting excellently and smoothly a perfect fit, none of the buttons or joysticks are compromised.
    Giving a fresh look to the controller.

    This is a solid plastic cover not a thin stick on skin so is really sturdy and will protect and controller.

  9.  poor quality for the price


    Luckily I bought this transmitter when on sale and still feel it was not worth the money.
    The auto scan seems to struggle to find free frequencies instead latching onto frequencies just off strong radio stations like Radio1.
    I live in Devon and there is plenty of free airspace but this transmitter always missed them.
    Also the output is lacking in strength and quality I would look else where for the money.

  10.  Excellent way to polish up your controller


    I bought these controllers (360 as well) as they are reduced to 1.99..
    They fit beautifully and smoothly giving a very nice finish.
    This isn't one of those stick on vinyl skins but a proper plastic clip on cover.
    I did find that due to the PS3 having less pronounced buttons that the buttons are a little more discrete than on the 360 faceplate (making the buttons flush to the skin) but this doesn't seem to interfere with game play.

    Note, thought that if the buttons are an issue for you you will suffer slightly more with one of these attached.

    The skin itself doesn't interfere of hinder any of the controls and makes me wise for more and varied options.

    I only gave 4 stars as this product is simply a repaint for the controller and doesn't really offer anything.