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  1.  Rubbish!!!


    ok, normally these games are a bit of fun on the wii but they have missed the mark on this one totally! It's absoltuely rubbish, you dont do anything with the wii remote apart from drive a shopping trolley around every level collecting things. its so samey!!? I would only suggest you bought this if you are 5 or under. if you are over 5 you will soon want to chuck the remote through the screen!

  2.  Do Your Research!


    All i can say is read up alot about this game on the eidos forums, alot of people seem to have glitches but not the ones you can ignore, ones which actually stop u from completing the game. I have encountered one of these glitches (e.g bridge not set in the up position) which means i have to start the entire game again. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay not so much - it just doesnt feel like the old tomb raider. Very annoyed that i have to restart, i hope eidos release a patch to sort out this problem.

  3.  Good!


    I couldn't help but think he was trying to read my mind or something when i was reading this...Absolutely amazing book, teaches you to open your mind and learn suggestiveness. Lots of good techniques for you to learn for example, the pendulam ( unconcious movements), hypnotising and some magic tricks. It also teaches you how to tell if someone is lying and how to remember lists and lists of things including a whole deck of cards.
    If your a fan of Derren Brown on C4 and wonder how he does some of his amazing tricks then this is the book for you to read. Everything he teaches you will stick with you for life. Brilliant eye opener.

  4.  It's Ok


    I was so excited about getting this phone but when i did it was a slight letdown. The vibrant awesome purple colour attracted me and the external hidden screen is amazing but thats about the only positive exciting new thing.
    The keypad is so flat, its really awkward to type a txt message, i keep hitting 2 buttons at once (and no i don't have fat fingers).
    The phone generally feels slow when you are sifting through the menus but i guess it has alot of imformation and gadgets to carry.
    Another problem i personally had was that the external keyLOCK works for about 5 minutes when you first get the phone and then stops working altogether? i thought it must have been a one off faulty phone so i took it back and got another one. The SAME thing happened!! (i didnt buy it from play.com)
    This phone is brilliant for gadgets - that's what attracted me in the first place but i can't help but feel that they rushed to finish the other features after working so hard on the external screen display. If you want this phone for quick txting or business work or anything i wouldnt recommend but it's OK for gadget and style lovers.

  5.  oh dear indeed


    I cannot describe how dissapointed i was when i played this after waiting so long to buy it. It's shockingly bad. The graphics are awful, there about 5 years old, the story line is all over the place, it doesnt feel well made at all. The AI is absolutely rubbish, when your shooting towards them your bullets randomly hit them but they get you every time. This game had such potential but it didn't deliver at all. I'm trading it in tomorrow as i'm so dissapointed, i feel like they've ripped me off!

  6.  Really really amazing!


    This was the first proper game i bought on the wii and it is absolutely amazing. the storyline is immense and keeps you hooked - it gives you a reason to actually wanting to complete your objectives. The video graphics are mindblowing - i really didnt think the wii could be this good. The gameplay graphics are good 8/10 but that isnt what the wii was designed for which you should keep in mind.
    The controls are a little difficult to learn but once you have mastered them in the very long and very intense training level you are well on your way. They make good use of the wii and the nunchuk which keeps you hooked to the game. Like a previous post said, this has got to be the most underated game - i cant believe its only £19.99 - the same as shop prices. If you are looking for an action game to play which tests the wii remotes this is definately it!