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  1.  Photocopy 2


    This is pretty much a verbatim copy of the original from 2009. I liked the original and still have it on my hard drive for the occasional rampage of destruction, when the mood takes me. The only problem with it was the repetition, so it was only interesting in small doses. Although the free form, free running nature of the game means you spend more time bounding from roof tops, sliding down building faces and leaving an impact crater when you touch down than actually following the story. Which is a shame, because the story in the original and here is great. The web of intrigue and conspiracy is very well told in the flash back mind meld style.

    The main difference between the two are the graphics, the original was pretty bland really while this one looks lovely, if you forgive the ubiquitous distance fog.

    If you liked the first game then you find much to enjoy. Well, if it aint broke then dont fix it, they didnt.

  2.  Not GTA!


    The expectations of this game are the problem, not the game. Dont expect a GTA clone, Rockstar never said it was so why expect it?

    This game has a slower pace, sombre and thoughtful, and that is its strength. It is more like real police work, it is not all car chases and gun fights. It is joining the dots between the clues, using your brain and character judgement. It is very different from anything that has gone before, and that must be applauded.

    The absolute stand out feature is the facial animation and the way it is used in game, it has to be seen to really appreciate it (still screen shots dont do it justice). Characters facial twitches and manner can give them away or convince you of their sincerity. It is a stroke of genius really, it is like watching a real person (which you are really, the technology is called performance capture and recreates every nuance of the actors performance).

    If you are looking for something intelligent and challenging, unlike anything you have experienced before then check this out. If you are looking for a GTA clone you will be disappointed.

  3.  The Sky's the Limit


    Bethesda seem to be the masters at taking over my life, they have got under my skin and into my subconscious time and time again. The mighty TES IV: Oblivion, the jaw dropping Fallout 3 and Vegas, the disappointing but none the less enthralling RAGE also had their touch. They do something that just pulls you in, gets a firm hold and keeps you there - for months!! Now Skyrim has topped the lot. A stunningly beautiful world, packed with detail and content. Branching quest lines, an enthralling main story and some very well written characters populate the huge land.

    You are the Dragonborn, the saviour, the one who will rid the world of the Dragons and their leader Alduin. Along the way you will make the acquaintance of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the College of Winter Hold and a myriad of others. Each one of these organisations has there own branching story lines and intriguing tales to tell. Add to this a breathtaking number of side quests, character development and exploration and you are set for the adventure of you life.

  4.  Sniper Delight


    I should be outraged, I should be incensed, I should be sickened and shocked by the gratuitous violence. I should be turning away from the graphic (and slow motion) detail as the 7.62x54mmR round enters the frontal lobe, just above a shattering eye socket, sending a shock wave across the cerebral cortex. Then, as the round erupts from just below the medulla oblongata, the occipital plates splinter sending bone shrapnel across the courtyard. I should turn it off and write an alarmist letter to my MP about the violence in video games and how it's corrupting my tiny mind. I should... but you know what? I'm not, what I am doing is taking another shot.

    This game is the best sniper (sim) out there. Turn on the ballistics, turn off the help... and this feels like one hardcore game.

    I may one day lose what's left of my tiny mind and decide to take a Dragunov SVD to the top of the town hall and pop a hole in the head of the MP that should have stopped me from playing this game. Until then I'll see it for what it is... a game.

  5.  Flat Out Speed: A Burning Need (In a Split Second)


    This is arcade racing by numbers. Basically it has taken notes from every decent arcade racer of the past few years and tried to meld them all together. It does achieve its goals and raps them up in some quite nice eye candy. If you liked NFS: The Run or Hot Pursuit 2010, Burnout Paradise City, any of the Flat Outs or the much overlooked Split Second then you will certainly find something here to please. It is also about time the Ridge Racer franchise wasn't left only to Sony. A welcome addition to the PC platform.

  6.  Angry Birds Should Come with a Warning!


    Here is my warning to you. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! If you value your family- your social life and love life- you need to stay away. It is the unrelenting addiction you see. Everything becomes a second priority. I didnt eat for twelve days and my family had forgotten who I was. They called the police when I emerged dishevelled from my room and threw a parrot at the pork chops. IT TAKES OVER YOUR LIFE.

    So money well spent.

  7.  Batman: Hardware Centric


    This is an exceptionally good game, but there is a problem- it is massively demanding. I could spout off about how awesome my hardware is and how that makes me a better person because I can play this at full detail but I wont. I understand that a lot of PC gamers dont have the kind of hardware required to run this at full detail. So be warned- if you dont have the latest multi GPU and multi core CPU you are going to have to turn quite a lot of stuff off.

    As far as the game is concerned though- it is pretty flawless. Arkham Asylum was an absolute triumph and set the bar for all licensed games of the future (so many rely on the identity of the license rather than the game play). This has taken that bar and raised it so high you will need some of Mr Waynes alter egos gadgets to see it- never mind reach it. At the price of 25 pound it is a steal.

  8.  Holy DICE! A new religion is born!


    Nothing - I repeat - NOTHING on the market can compete with this. It has is all sewn up - sewn up after blowing a gaping whole in it! Every aspect of the game is of a standard few games could even aspire to.

    Graphically it lays waste to all comers - even the religiously defended Crysis 1
    Single player (while short) delivers impact and drama to rival anything the COD franchise has ever given us.
    Multiplayer? Well this is it! THIS IS IT! There isnt anything that comes close. It even blows its predecessor Bad Company 2 out of the water. The modes are familiar but the size and scope of the brilliantly designed maps are something extraordinary.

    If you are a fan of the series then you probably already have it - if you are a fan of the genre you should order it now and even if your not - buy this an you will be.

  9.  Warhammer 40K: Space BAD ASS!


    This may not set the bar too high with regards to graphics but it does have a certain charm and the brilliant sense of scale. Where this does set a high standard though is the action- art direction and character portrayal. On the surface it is a linear hack n slash but once you get into it it is a brilliant RPG lite- hack n slash- shoot em up- stomp em in the face er em up!

    You instantly like the character you play because he is an honorable- noble and respected BAD ASS MO FO!!! As soon as you take control you feel powerful- stomping around in you heavy armor and laying waste to everything in you path- and I do mean waste! The blood and gore defines the phrase -ultra violence-. At points swarms of Orks are turned into clouds of exploding blood and guts. Your character and weapons are upgradable and with each upgrade the satisfaction quota goes up- you become more and more formidable. That is not to say you are indestructible though- the difficulty balance is just right. Every now and then a beefier bad guy is thrown into the hoard and they are well equipped to tear you a new one! Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by sheer number too.

    The main characters are well designed with the usual gothic finesse of the Warhammer trade mark. The Orks are almost cartoon caricatures- with bright green faces and comedy voice acting. Overall this is a really fun action based game that is a welcome change from the usual RPG/RTS heavy titles from the franchise.

  10.  Out-RAGE


    I've changed my mind, in a previous review I gave this game only three stars. This was based on first impressions and because of quite a few technical issues I was experiencing. Now I have tweaked the configuration myself and given the game more time to develop. I now think it's one of the best games I've played for some time.

    Graphically it's a little weird, after the tweaks it's one of the best looking games to date (including Crysis 1 and 2) but also one of the ugliest... it's the way it manages textures, when they are right it's exceptionally pretty, when it's it's wrong it's a muddy smudged mess. But like I said, after a few tweaks these moments are rare.

    If you're an ID shooter fan you may find some aspects a little jarring... this is an RPG shooter with racing! The shooting elements are fast, furious and intense. Although you are up against the same old enemy types time and time again, bar a few interesting boss types. The RPG side is very "lite", consisting of weapon upgrades, vehicle upgrades, a few side missions and in game games. The racing becomes an essential part, as your means of transports for mission to mission and town to town is vehicular. The races provide upgrades to this vehicle, essential for getting to the mission in one piece.

    Overall this is a great addition to the ID legacy, it may not change the way we play games as some of their previous titles have, but it's a damn good addition to the genre. What genre that is? I'm not quite sure.