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  1.  excellant shooting game


    This is really a great shooting game.
    In single player mode there are three types of game. arcade, where you just try beating your last score, surival mode and trek, which is the same but split into 4 stages.
    You unlock the levels as you progress, and there are a surprising amount of levels to unlock, at least 20.
    The level of graphics are good, if let down a bit sometimes by the draw distance. Sound is excellant , very atmospheric in the dark woods sections.music is kept to a minimum which adds to the game.
    The story mode is fine and keeps you busy. Thelevels are not long but as you have to use the scope to find object it makes them feel longer as you cannot just run through them, or you will miss vital pick ups.
    There is a multiplayer mode which again is great fun and can be played with the wii zapper, and is split the same as the single player modes.
    Now the gun itself. This is why i have not given the game 5 stars. Dont get me wrong, the gun is great , the pump action reload is suberb. I just found that you have to remove the stock completley or otherwise you will have problems looking through the sight.Also it is quite heavy and after a while i found that it can become quite painful! The scope mode is a great additional. when you press the a button you go onto hunter mode and the screen goes all mulicoloured and you have to use the scope to look for the arrows.
    You can choose classic mode from the menu which just makes the screen go black and white instead and makes it easier, but less fun then using the scope.
    I would recommend this game as it keeps you playing trying to beat your score and unlock new levles. also a great price as the gun is very well made

  2.  good family fun


    Out of all the mat games in this series , this is the best one yet. The game can be played with up to 6 people who all go on an adventure together, either playing the games together , or splitting up. The graphics are good and clear , and the games have great variation and change as they get harder. You can also play the games on there own in free play mode.
    very funny gameplay when yuou have 4 people competing on one mat in a running type game.
    I did have one of the previous ones and was a bit disapointed, however this has restored my faith in the genre.

  3.  not too bad


    i do agree with some of the previosu comments. Thegame is a cross between mario party and monopoly. Graphics are nnioce and clear and the gameplay is quick. Only played a few of the mini games and they are what you expect , some good some not so. Original pac man is there which is addictive along with a galaxian type game and dig dug.. to sum up this game is worth the asking price, no more. it is good for kids , can be a bit easy for adults, but then again most games like this usually are.

    Having played this for a longer time i have awarded it 4 stars. Have played all the mini games and am surprised how good some of them are and the graphics are really good on some of them. easily palayable over and over again, 5 maps to play on, which ok the game mode is the same, but you can vary lenght of game and computers skill level

  4.  great vaule


    Even though this game american, it doesn't really spoil the game. as previous reveiw stated, only a few of the clues are odd, most do make sense. Graphics not outstanding but they serve there purpose. you cannot really go wrong for a fiver! good game for the whole family

  5.  slight improvement


    I did but the first one and that was ok. this is a slight improvement. Most of the games do keep you coming back for more. The on-line score tracking is good as you try to get the best score. The prizes are the same as the last game so no difference there which is a bit of a shame. graphics are about the same, just good enough. couldn't tell much difference though using motion plus. for a tenner this is worth getting. controls work better then the last one and all games were responsive

  6.  outstanding


    this is what party games should be like.forget all the other mini games out there, this is the bext.
    there ares any games for the whole family to enjoy and great variations and use of the remotes. one game where you hide the remotes is a great laugh, considering you get a wii remote free this is makes it great vaule.
    i can honestly so that there is not one bad game on the whole disc and you really dont mind playing them again and agaib.
    i cannot recommend this game enough. well done nintendo this is how it shoud be done. buy it now

  7.  not much improvement


    this is the same game as fifa 10 . controls are the same, and graphics and sound are the same, not much improvement. only difference is now when you shoot the action slows down for a more dramatic effect. also free kicks are easier, as you just have to flick remote at right time to hit a goodshot. the only dpwnside are penalties. you have no control on where the ball is going, same as free kicks , just a case of flicking remote at right time. you also do not control keeper. new game modes are good though.

  8.  good mix of games


    as party games go this isn't bad, not the best , but also notthe worst. there are 11 types of games, with varioius tweaks to them , i.e difficulty level goes up. graphics are nice and clear and controls work well. works fine in single player too

  9.  fun racer game


    this is a great little racing game for the money. The destruction derby element is well implemented and fun in multi player mode. single player story mode also good and keeps you at ot to unlock everything. quite a good numbe of tracks and the different game modes keeps you interested.

  10.  getting there


    not much difference between this and previous hero games apart from i find the music better on this one. i think activsion should release more tracks like this and steer away from bands and records we have never of. if you have the other hero games then i would recommend this also.