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  1.  Brilliant Fun


    As with any sims game I find myself totally hooked. This is a fine game and a superb way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the sims. A great new feature is the ability to buy a car and drive into town with it and having a relaxing fish on the beach while the sun rises. There is countless things to do in this game and countless time (you can set your sims lifespan to 936 days !!). Any sims fan would be mad not to buy it and anyone whos never played the sims this is a great game to start with.

  2.  Epic


    Firs things first. To run this game you will need a very powerful computer. Secondly before you play the game you will want to download the latest nvidia graphics drivers (they're free) from the nvidia website. Now you are all set. This game is vast and hugely enjoyable. Playable regions include a larger and far more accurate Europe. The Eastern Americas (North and South) and all of India. It may not sound like a lot but believe me the regions are bigger and far more detailed. Naval battles are truly incredible. The water is so lifelike its breathtaking. The campaign can be very confusing at first especially with no campaign tutorial but after a good few turns you should have it figured out (the advisor help works well if you care for that sort of thing). Probably my favorite new feature is the ability to promote any captain from any land unit to general. This is extremely handy when conquering far off lands as you don't need to worry if your general dies so much. Overall the game is fantastic as long as you have a computer that can handle it and you download the latest nvidia drivers. Now sit back and watch as your nation conquers the known world.

  3.  Rockstar Does it Again.


    Once again Rockstar have performed. Red Dead Redemption is a huge, beatiful open world experience with never a dull moment. From hunting armadillos to bloody shootouts Red Dead has it all. Just some of the various side missions include poker, blackjack, horseshoe, nightguard, bounty hunter, hunter etc etc etc. On top of that why not go and take a few shots of whisky at your local saloon. Just don't try riding your horse after it. You also have random encounters with people in the wilderness ranging from tracking down cannibals to picking rare flowers. Of course let's not forget the deep and immersive main story which rockstar never seem to falter on. Gameplay is smooth once you get used to it which only takes a short while. With a handy weapons wheel (think mass effect 2) Theres no more scrolling through endless lists of weapons. And yes gameplay is slightly similar to grand theft auto but let me be clear this game is not a grand theft auto of the old west. It can't be compared to other games as it stands in a league all of its own. I haven't tried multiplayer yet but I'm sure that will keep me just as enthralled as the story mode. My final words are if you do not have this game then do yourself a favour and order it now. Guaranteed a good 100+ hours at least in single player never mind multiplayer.

  4.  ME 2


    First of congratulations are due to bioware. Making sequels is never easy. Especially when the first game was great. However they have pulled it off and greatly improved where ME1 left off. Combat has seen a total revamp. A gears of war style system has been implemented with squad powers deciding the fate of a battle. Choices literally can mean life or death for ur crew and even yourself. Choose your path very carefully as u may regret rushing through to complete the story. The game has taken its morality based decisions to new levels of complexity with difficult and emotionally challenging topics being brought up. To sum up a great ride and right up there for game of the year award.

  5.  Bioshock 2


    Well anyone that has played the first game knows theres no way the sequel was ever going to be as good as the first. bishock was an all time great. However 2K has done a good job. The combat has been revamped with a ridiculous amount of plasmids and tonics, faster paced action, and much tougher enemies. The addition of online multiplayer allows u to travel back to rapture as it was before the fall and experience its grandeur. Ive only tried deathmatch mode so far in which its all out war every man for himself with the possibilty of becoming a big daddy if ur lucky enough to find the suit that appears at a random location during the match. Overall its definetly worth the money and bioshock fans will enjoy stepping back. However I advise u to buy the first game before playing if u havent already as its one u dnt want to miss out on !

  6.  Great offer


    Great offer just about to order just now. Not only do u get the best console out there (elite) but you also what looks to be the game of the decade. Must have.

  7.  FN4


    based on the demo i would say this looks to be a brilliant game.
    I loved FN3 but felt it was too short with not enough pro boxers. However with the singings of Tyson, Hatton and many more pros this game looks set to be a classic.

  8.  Brilliant


    I ask one question why hasn't this film won an oscar if it hasn't ???
    I studied the first world war and this is the closest dramatical film to it ever. This film will make you weep, make you laugh and make you roar. I have never encountered such an emotional film in my life I cannot believe it has had such little press :O !!

  9.  Brilliant


    The game is much improved on gears 1 which is remarkable as I didnt think they could have made gears 1 any better. New features such as human shield etc. make the game so much more enjoyable. One of my favourite parts about gears 2 is that you get a lot more of the history and what happened before the war. Another great thing is the scale of battles in a certain mission I was stunned to see literally hundreds of locust appear out of an emergence hole. A must buy for all gamers.

  10.  Amazing Deal


    Sadly for me I payed 280 for a 20gb premium console with 2 crappy games. But luckily for you you have the 120gb elite console (the biggest memory on any of the platforms) with two of the best games of the year. Dont be a fool and buy this deal before it runs out !!!